Yiff.Party stealing your Patreon Content

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Katbox Forum Member
This a special service announcement To All Furry Artists (Contributors or Members) of Katbox with Patreons acconts.

I'd been noted by Smacketeer http://www.furaffinity.net/user/smacketeer of the infamous Website yiff.party http://en.wikifur.com/wiki/Yiff.party which has a history of using bots that steals Furry Artwork posted across various sites, including Patreon and submit the stolen art up on their site for free. The Site encourages their subscribers who follow these artists to use their importer and post the stolen art on their website then has the audacity to call it support. Back in 2015 InkedFur called them out on this and threaten them with Legal action.

Affected artists include include NekoCrispy Back-of-the-Book as well Smacketeer If you know any of these other Artists that appear in the list, please inform them of the situation. Sta.sh link https://sta.sh/2y6t8m22x75

This sort of things are clear violations of the Safe Harbor Protection Act, which protects websites from any liability if their members post stolen copyrighted content on their platforms as long the sites subscribe to and apply DMCA laws when reported - this why when YouTube, Google, Twitter, Facebook and D.A. receieve DMCA reports must act fast, otherwise they open themselves to immediate liability. Yiff.Party is NOT PROTECTED by SHP, as they clearly encourage their users to steal copyrighted content by using their importer. You need to look no further than the lawsuit file by Universal against Cox Communication, and Copyright Lawyer and YouTuber Leonard J. French has kept eye on the case.

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