Yandere Simulator

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Has anyone actually played this?

For those who don't know, Yandere Simulator is a prototype game (currently 10% in development at the time of this post) where you play a girl trying to get her senpai, even if she has to kill everyone in her way.

More or less, the current build is a bug hunting sandbox where you can play around and see what kind of messed up stuff you can do. Kill students? Sure. Walk around naked? If you can figure out how to do it, go for it. Kidnap classmates? Why not? Electrocute your teacher? If you can do it, just do what makes you happy. Spread rumors? Well, I'm not sure it's in this build, but they're working on it.

They're saying the final game will be about you trying to do anything and everything in your power to get rid of your rivals. Killing them is the easiest way, but you got to dispose of the body and make sure no one ties it to you (clean up the scene, dispose of the weapon, etc). But there's also blackmail, making them fall in love with someone else, framing them for a crime... the list goes on.

The main problem is that there is currently no way to beat the game. You play the days, Monday through Friday, but there is no way to win just yet. As said before, they're still working on it, and for the most part, the game is now just a GTA style sandbox to do with as you please, and to test out new features as they come out. And it seems this is what people are enjoying right now, if the numerous Youtube videos are to say anything.

For the morbidly curious, you can find the game, and it's development blog, here.

I myself am still figuring out the controls, but I did find one neat trick. Press the / key to activate the Easter Egg menu. I tried out "Punished Mode" and this is what I got.

Punished mode.png
Yes, that's supposed to be a tribute to Venom Snake (the developer even said he was taking two weeks off on the 1st to play MGS5). It even changes the game music to "Nuclear". Although I'm sure this feature will be removed in a final version.
[DOUBLEPOST=1440657143,1440656409][/DOUBLEPOST]Markiplier's videos of the game.


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Mar 2, 2011
Let's wait until it gets further down development to have a better discussion. Most likely, it will change a lot from either production rush or feature creep. One thing's for sure: The concept is something that interests people. Plus it helps that the maker has the skill and resources to bring it into reality. The guy knows it's got potential so best of luck to him I say.


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May 24, 2012
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I played a really early build of this like once. I need to check it out again soon.

I'm not too hot on the whole idea of yanderes though but I can appreciate some sandbox carnage

Also I think I saw a vid on the creator's YT account one time showing that either the player or the senpai or both could be customized and that senpai could be either a girl or a guy or someth. Which was really cool I really hope they keep that on release.


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Jul 3, 2009
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Yeah I played this for a twitch stream some time ago, I heard about it in cooptional podcast I think. Based on what I've seen from Jack and Mark the game's almost doubled in ability and content since the build that I played (there was no teacher, no choosable classes or skills, no conversation at all, no basement, no extra buildings, just murder and burner) but I had my giggles with that so I'm gonna wait until they hit ... what they're comfortable calling an alpha, at the very least, before I go back for it myself.


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Nov 26, 2012
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Cat boobs ain't a spreadsheet
Same as everyone else, Although I feel a bit too bad for the other students to enjoy it probably. I actually happen to know a few of their names from examining the Wiki.
Here's some of the changes I noticed from earlier videos and my playthrough of it.

  • There's no longer a change of clothes by the incinerator. You now have to go to the new locker room area to get them, and you have to bathe beforehand to get all the blood off you (again, in the locker room).
  • You can dump a bucket from the roof of the building on top of one of your victims. This can either be water, or blood.
  • You can lure a victim by leaving a note in their locker. This is only if you overhear their conversation during lunchtime.
  • You can throw someone off the roof, and make it look like suicide. Even more so if you leave a note (if your language skill is high enough). But this will bring up a large fence around the roof to prevent this in the future.
[DOUBLEPOST=1441238128,1440998781][/DOUBLEPOST]A new build came out yesterday. I have yet to play it, but here's the new features.

[doublepost=1458499570][/doublepost]Been a while since I checked into this, but a new feature is being added to the game. Joining clubs and their benefits to your murderous rampage.

  • Cooking club lets you hand out treats, allowing you to increase your reputation
  • Drama club gives you access to gloves, which prevents fingerprints from getting on weapons, and masks, to hide your identity (although it's suggested that the mask can be removed by victims or sempai in later builds, and masks will be removed after they're used).
  • Occult club means that people won't notice as quickly as before, since they're "weird", and you'll loose your sanity at a slower rate (since lower sanity means you take longer to kill someone, meaning if you're killing witnesses, lower sanity means they have more of a chance to get away).
  • Art club gets you a smock, which let's you get away with being covered in blood, since they'll just think it's red paint.
  • Music club get you access to large music instrument cases, allowing you to carry large weapons or bodies without being noticed.
  • Martial arts club gives you a boost to your physical combat skills (although they're still trying to balance what kind of boost it will give you).
  • Photography club lets you take pictures of students without raising suspicion. Also, the photography club also thinks of themselves as junior detectives, and will try to uncover any killing you do. However, they never think that one of their members could be a killer, so joining them will keep them off your back for a while.
  • The science club are also a bunch of "weirdos", and joining them will also make people notice you slower. You also get access to their cleaning robot, which can clean up blood for you, although it won't always work, so be careful (they also joke about a robot armor, and android students, but who knows if this is true or not).
  • Sports club lets you run faster, and carry sports equipment without being noticed
  • Gardening club lets you carry gardening tools without being noticed (the developer is working on another benefit allowing you to bury dead bodies).
  • Gaming club has no benefits at this time, and he can't think of any.
[doublepost=1458525079][/doublepost]A bit more about Delinquents that were mentioned in the recent video.

[doublepost=1458687426][/doublepost]Markiplier returns to the game.
[doublepost=1458690574][/doublepost]Team Four Star has Vegeta play it.


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May 24, 2012
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I'm a little concerned about feature creep for some reason but otherwise this is pretty interesting so far.

I'm a little preoccupied to check right now but does one of the game mechanics actually involve masturbating to a picture of your senpai or is that something that was only implied??
I'm a little preoccupied to check right now but does one of the game mechanics actually involve masturbating to a picture of your senpai or is that something that was only implied??
No. There is no such option in the game. The only real perverted thing in the game right now is the ability to take panty shots of the female students for Info-Chan (your information broker who can do favors for you if you give her enough panty shot pictures, ranging from hiding weapons to her to delaying the police so you have more time to clean up).

As for violence, it sure doesn't shy away from it. You can toss someone from the roof, dismember bodies, sacrifice students to demons, drive someone to suicide, kindnap and torture students to make them mindless slaves... And the list will go on.


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May 19, 2008
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is the option to go through it peacefully (albeit manipulatively) still in there? ie hooking up rivals with other boys etc etc
is the option to go through it peacefully (albeit manipulatively) still in there? ie hooking up rivals with other boys etc etc
There will be an option to make your rival fall in love with someone else, but it's not been implemented as of yet. Currently, the only non-violent way to deal with your rival is to ruin her reputation via gossip and social media. Granted, if it gets too low, she'll kill herself.
[doublepost=1458859445,1458780150][/doublepost]The developer has a video talking about his final plans for the game, and what he hopes to accomplish.

And his thoughts on the game's final title when it comes out.
[doublepost=1458963077][/doublepost]A little secret mini-game hidden in this.
[doublepost=1460823656][/doublepost]New feature today.
[doublepost=1460945952][/doublepost]Not so much a game video, as just something goofy they put on the official YouTube channel.
[doublepost=1461680252][/doublepost]Anyone who has played the game will understand...
New elimination method. And this one doesn't require bloodshed.
[doublepost=1463417639,1462121093][/doublepost]With the new update running late (it was supposed to be up yesterday, but it's taking a while to implement the new features), the developer has posted some pictures to show the new content he's working on, and will post a new picture each day until the new update is ready.

So we have a new character in the student roster, and a camera set up in Yandere-chan's basement. What twisted stuff are we going to see now?
[doublepost=1463668229][/doublepost]Well, we have word as to why the update is taking so long, as he's trying to implement one of his most complex eliminations yet. Here's the description given on the blog...

  1. Perform a task for a certain student.
  2. Have an important conversation with someone.
  3. Perform a task for a different student.
  4. Perform a kidnapping.
  5. Utilize a new gameplay mechanic in your basement.
  6. Have a text message conversation with someone.
  7. Watch an interactive cut-scene where the player is presented with an important choice.
So yeah, we're going to have a cutscene in the game, and he says it's going to be at least 3 minutes long. The thing is that he's still waiting for the volunteer animator to send it back to him, so we have no ETA at the time. However, he is working on other things to make sure he gets some work done on the game while waiting...

  1. Give teachers a daily routine / schedule.
  2. Allow the player to win a struggle against teachers.
  3. Update severely outdated sections of the game’s interface.
  4. Add the “Custom Soundtrack” feature to Yandere-chan’s phone.
  5. Add the “drop something heavy onto a girl from above” elimination method.
  6. Give Yandere-chan the ability to bury corpses in the Gardening Club’s garden.
  7. Replace some of the game’s less-impressive animations with superior animations that volunteers have already created for me.
Because of the massive amount of content he's putting in, he's calling the next build a "Super Build".
[doublepost=1463935880][/doublepost]A few new disposal methods being hinted at for the next build.

[doublepost=1464637151][/doublepost]The developer has announced that he'll be working on a new school uniform design for the final version of the game.

He stated that this may not be the "final" design, and the classic sailor uniform will still be an option, but this will represent where he wants the character designs to go in the final game (as, if you haven't realized already, the game uses store bought assets as placeholders until the majority of the features are implemented).

The volunteers have also been hard at work with new costumes and models. Here's a new outfit being hinted at for a future build.

And a Jo-Jo inspired easter egg for a later build...

As of now, the new elimination method is ready, and is being polished up for the June 1st release.
[doublepost=1464833571][/doublepost]Another "potentially" non-lethal method to eliminate a rival.
[doublepost=1465178994][/doublepost]The developer is asking if he should add a new mechanic to the game.
[doublepost=1465227976][/doublepost]...And the public response to the idea.
[doublepost=1466227075][/doublepost]The developer is working on putting in some of the content he's got since the start of the year.
[doublepost=1466873388][/doublepost]We got a look at the new inventory system the developer is working on.

Very RE4 in a way, but it's still a ways away from being implemented. Also, since she's opening her skirt to do this, there was the issues of having her flash her panties every time you opened the inventory screen. The developer originally decided on this black outline, but later hit on the idea that Yandere-Chan wears a custom skirt, which you can see the concept for here.

Likes: Merrick Rose
And we have a music video of everyone's favorite annoyance from the feature videos.
[doublepost=1467207514,1466873639][/doublepost]Now stealing that quiz sheet to frame your rival just got harder.
[doublepost=1468453909][/doublepost]The game's official website is now live, along with a game launcher that will auto-update the game on your computer when a new build is available.
[doublepost=1469506405][/doublepost]Here's one Youtuber's views on the idea of killing kittens in the game.
He makes a good point. Sure, it's controversial, but this is being put in for logical reasons, not just for shock value. And again, you don't HAVE to do it (I personally won't, and this guys says he won't either).
[doublepost=1469821003][/doublepost]New development on the blog.

The more time I spent thinking about the “bury a corpse in the garden” gameplay mechanic, the more it began to fall apart…

  • Police wouldn’t stop digging at a dead cat; cops and police dogs are trained to ignore “false positives” like that, since it’s one of the obvious things a criminal would do to throw the cops off their trail.
  • Police dogs are too well-trained to go off and sniff out dead animals when they’re at a crime scene, so the police wouldn’t just say “Aw shucks, the dumb dog got distracted by a cat!”
  • The corpse of a dead cat would be super suspicious all by itself, since there really isn’t any good excuse for the cat corpse to be there.
Of course, there are counter-arguments to all of the above…

  • The police have a very limited amount of time to conduct their investigation, so if they have an excuse to stop investigating something, they take it.
  • The police have an especially unreliable and untrustworthy police dog, and expect him to screw up.
  • That area of the garden is a “pet graveyard” which explains why dead animals would be buried there.
However, I don’t want to add a new feature to the game if it means throwing in a whole bunch of new lore just to explain the existence of the feature.

In the end, this is what I think makes the most sense:

  • The local police simply do not have police dogs. Yandere-chan does not have to worry about police dogs. She didn’t have to worry before this feature was suggested, and she won’t have to worry in the future, either.
  • The police simply cannot locate corpses that have been buried underground. They have no way to detect whether or not a corpse is buried in the ground.
  • After 24 hours, a buried corpse will begin to smell, and it will be discovered, prompting a police investigation and a drop in School Atmosphere.
In other words, I think that the gardening club should be a place to temporarily store corpses while waiting for a better opportunity to dispose of them. For example, you’d store corpses in the gardening club while you’re waiting for the delinquents to move away from the incinerator.

So yeah, burying bodies is only temporary, and it makes more sense this way.
She just can't die, can she?
[doublepost=1471321436][/doublepost]And now the sanity attack system is in place, as well as stealth kills.
Edit: Wrong link was posted. For some reason, the copy URL option didn't work at first. Should be fixed.
[doublepost=1472736876][/doublepost]A new socialization system is in the game, which will be needed for the next elimination method.
[doublepost=1473730480][/doublepost]If you're not above installing mods in your copy of Super Smash Bros, here's an interesting one.
A few challenges to try if you want to make things harder.
[doublepost=1473913960,1473831639][/doublepost]It's coming. The last major elimination method...
[doublepost=1474218515][/doublepost]Looks like the game is going through a few changes come next build.

We also got some hints as to the new content that will be needed for the Matchmaking method.

Matchmaking is up now.
[doublepost=1475118514,1474559693][/doublepost]Now we get a look at the rivals Yandere-Chan has to kill to get Sempai. One will be very familiar to those who've played the game up until now.
[doublepost=1475468375][/doublepost]Yandere-Dev has made a video about what he need to work on before the first real rival is introduced.
[doublepost=1477980210][/doublepost]Apparently, for Halloween, YandereDev made an Undertale parody game. And yes, you can download and play it yourself.

Yandere-Chan also is a cameo character in Crush-Crush, which is a date sim game on Steam right now.

You may have also noticed something. Yandere-Chan now has an official name. She's now called Ayano.
Well, YandereDev recently had to make a rant video because after a year, Twitch still has not given him a reason as to why Yandere Simulator is banned from their site.
[doublepost=1486834839][/doublepost]Well, Twitch finally replied to the Yandere Simulator's ban.
[doublepost=1487263518][/doublepost]Well, Yandere Dev did a video to explain why it's taking so long to develop this game.
The company behind Hello Neighbor has now teamed up with YandereDev to help working on the game.

[doublepost=1491052511][/doublepost]Here's the April 1st video.
[doublepost=1492317696][/doublepost]Yandere Dev talks shop about how he wants to have the character models in the final game, and shows a preview of a new elimination method.
EDIT: Due to a recent "issue" Youtube had with the video, YandereDev had to reupload a new version. And no, this wasn't a Fair Use issue. It was, after all this time, censoring gore. Something that hasn't been an issue so far.
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