Wild Kingdoms: Lore

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Darth Dies

The Guardian
Feb 25, 2016
No Idea why I haven't done this sooner.

So,I've been rping for a while now and my current rp (The Inn of the Lost Heroes) is just a mere scratch at the vast world of "Wild Kingdoms". As I was not present on the first day of it I am rather clueless of its Lore.

So if anyone is willing to "shed some light" I am all ears!


Galactic Traveller
May 16, 2016
Personal Text
Caster Guns & Caster Shells:

Caster weapons, or 'Spellguns' as they are occasionally known, are devices by which those not trained in the usage of magic can fire pre-made spells.

First devised a century ago by noted mages Ark Hadual and Urt Tenrei, the first Caster Gun and shells were a gift for an allegedly red-headed hero whose name has since been lost to the misty unknowns of history. What is known, however, is that the schematics and formulae for creating both weapon and shell passed into the hands of the Royal Archives of Joomla sometime during the early years of the Second Age, where the design was copied by a few master craftsmen and mages.

Over the years since, the designs for the guns themselves have branched and evolved. Though it is believed that no more than fifty Caster guns have ever been made, no two Casters found have been alike, save for those that were part of a pair. Certain elements of the weapon, however, are virtually identical no matter which example you look at; the firing mechanism and ammunition chamber, for example, are the same, meaning every spellgun requires the exact same type of ammunition. The barrel of the weapon is always made by a magic-resistant material, forcing the spell down and out of the gun.

Which brings us to the Caster Shells, which contain the magic that makes Caster guns dangerous. The shells are specially prepared tubes of cylindrical brass, silver, or crimson steel, containing a ritually infused spell; there are eighteen different types of Caster shell known to have been used, and legends have circulated for centuries of two additional, devastatingly powerful shell types. The type of spell contained can be determined by the number inscribed on the bottom of the shell; some shells are also decorated with a colored, engraved design on the side.

Caster Weapons and Shells have never been common: only a select few have ever bothered learning to make them, and most were only made at the behest of adventurers needing magical power but lacking the time or resources to learn spellcraft themselves. Few have heard of them, and fewer still have ever laid eyes on so much as a shell, let alone a spellgun. Nonetheless, Caster Shells are not so uncommon that they cannot be found in the more esoteric shops of the black markets, though most are of the weaker variety.

Since the beginning of the reign of the Immortal Emperor of Joomla (longmayhereign), the presence of Caster Guns and shells has been on the decline in these lands. Though a few brigands may still possess Casters, the fact that the manipulative, cravenly mages who make their ammunition have been hunted virtually to extinction by the valiant Special Guards of the Emperor (longmayhereign) within Joomla's borders means that sooner or later their weapons will be useless as anything other than crude, unwieldy bludgeons. Thus will the usage of these dangerous weapons within Joomla pass into history, leaving our people safer and secure in the knowledge that magic rests solely in the hands of the one living Prime who is worthy of such power, our beloved Emperor (longmayhereign). The barbarians who dwell outside our borders who have chanced possession of such an artifact (no doubt stolen from noble Joomlan adventurers in the distant past) may yet be capable of wielding such weapons, but they pose no more threat to us than their half-trained mages who whisper lies into the ears of their so-called 'kings,' or their half-armored barely trained 'soldiers.'

Possession of either Caster Guns or shells by anyone save the Immortal Emperor himself
(longmayhereign) is forbidden under penalty of death, as with all other mystic artifacts and tomes of magical knowledge. If you find yourself in possession of such a relic by chance or by accident, please turn it over to the nearest office of the Special Guard along with a written and oral explanation of how the item or items in question came into your hands. The Guard will most assuredly not press charges against you for doing no more than your civic duty.
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