Discussion Who made each character?

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Jan 19, 2010
Washington, USA
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Surely I'm not the only one who's drawn Las Lindas fanart and then wasn't sure who to credit for creating the character...

So now, I'm curious. Who created which characters? I know the Crests belong to Chalo. And which characters were made specifically for Las Lindas? Which characters used to be for roleplay or part of an older story?


The Katboss
Apr 17, 2007
Northern Kentucky
I could have sworn there was a list in one of the old threads on here but it wouldn't hurt to make a new one. In the case of pre-LL characters I included the earliest example that I'm aware of:

The Crests
Mora (Obviously pre-LL)
Digit (LL)
Diana (LL I think)
Tootsie (LL )
Alejandra (LL)
Bruce (LL)
Hope (pre-LL was a rival of Vixy for Shin's attention long before LL)
Vixy (see Hope)
Shin (see Hope)
Canela (LL - Idward arc and brought back for DnD)
Messiah (Made for the BB comic)
Era (LL made for Tiare)
Naerie (pre-LL)

Rachael (Pre-LL RP character)
Taffy (And Lux- both pre LL RP character)
Sarah (Pre-LL RP character)
Miles (Pre-LL RP character)
Angel (Made for LC)
Cocoa (Made for DnD)
Tila (Made for DnD)
Tiggs (Made for LC)
Ailana (Made for Obsessions)

Idward (Pre-LL fursona.)
Din&Jin (Made for LL harvest festival arc)
Nina (Pre- LL story character)
Tiare (Pre-LL story character)
Ann (pre-LL story character)
Davin (pre-LL story character)
Pepper Ann/Halite (Made for DnD)
Dischordia (Made for DnD )
Alsadia (Made for bonus comic)
Cirix (Pre-LL)

Joy (Made post LL but I dont think it was specifically for Knighthood)
Ayah (Made for Knighthood)
Randal (LL)
Drake (Made for Knighthood)


Sammy (If I'm not mistaken both were at least partially done by Geoff from Power Rings
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