Jon Ponikvar Where to Read P&C/P&W During Downtime

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Jul 4, 2012
Personal Text
Half-frozen Sprite is the sweet nectar of life.
Hi guys,

I just thought I would post a quick notice here to let y'all know that despite the downtime on the Katbox's server side, the comics are both going to continue onward on my end! I had put both comics on hold for the past month in order to give the Katbox web staff time to recover while also waiting until I had a better idea of how long the downtime would last. Unfortunately at this point I've had people asking me on several channels whether Peter & Whitney was outright cancelled (apparently missing the news/notifications on the Katbox's issues, they just assumed I had killed the comic outright), so I've moved ahead and created my own dedicated webspace for P&W to match my own P&C site.

So on that note, you can read both comics starting with February's updates at the following locations: - Peter & Company's main site, as it's been since the early 2000's - The new mirror URL for Peter & Whitney.

Both sites use a template that I spent the latter half of 2014 designing and building from scratch -- I'm a graphic/web/multimedia developer by day, so I do this kind of web work for a living. It's super fun! The new P&W space not only hosts the webcomic, but also is the new official home for the Whitney Cosplay Series, including a complete gallery of previous years and the running table of current year's pieces with donation links included.

To view that, check here:

One important note to keep in mind: the Katbox P&W site will still remain the primary home of the comic, and will be linked as the "main home" site in all relevant posts once my comics have had their spaces restored on the Katbox index. This new webspace will simply be a running mirror of the content hosted here (plus the cosplays) so that folks will have a place to keep reading it should any unforeseen future downtime occur.

So yes! Once my sites on the Katbox here come back up, I'll be updating with the latest comics to catch things up. In the meantime, all new pages will resume updating on the above-linked URLs and can be read/commented/shared there.