What are you up to?

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Working on my first paid commission. The guy said to make an orc girl with braided hair and a leather bikini, and a nude filter. Other than that, I have free reign as to what the design will be, and the pose.

Glad I picked up that Sports Illustrated mini calendar a week ago. I wouldn't have had ideas for poses if I didn't. I'm also surprised how fast I did the lineart. Probably because of it being minimal in details. Once I scan it, I need to get to coloring.
Recently just downloaded a base pack off FA. http://www.furaffinity.net/view/21328240/
I've really just been monkeying around with it to try out my skills in coloring and line art editing. Currently, I have two characters I'm making with this. One who may seem very familiar.

Slightly NSFW (although censored)
succumiles VK preview.png
Legion VK preview.png
This isn't finished just yet. Lots of gap filling, and I still have to integrate the outfit (or lack thereof).
[doublepost=1486710733,1486605580][/doublepost]Was just about to go to bed, but got a commission job via Discord. It involves Rem from RE: Zero, and that's all I can say on the matter.
I just got back from my local comic store's monthly game night. Got at least one game of Super Dungeon Arena in, and I played and won a charity game of Munchkin. Winning the game of Munchkin won me a copy of Red X: Facility 342. It seems like a good game... except that it requires a minimum of 7 players. I rarely ever get 4 players for a game, let alone 7. Might have to sell it.