What are you up to?

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Katbox Forum Member
Sep 21, 2007
We have a "What is your current mood" and "What are you currently listening to" thread, so I figured we might as well go for all three and include a "What are you up to?" thread.

Me? Trying to get the laptop working properly so I can play Deus Ex again. Ever since I took the update yesterday - right after I played DE for the first time in years - its been grinding to a halt or forcing a shut-down about five minutes in to every activation. I am not getting amused by this. It's like the Laptop's taunting me, goading me into anger.


The Katbox
Apr 20, 2007
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But its a good one!
[quote author=Jack McSlay link=topic=5494.msg141264#msg141264 date=1272048062]
Building an arcade machine

Wow, that sounds cool :gleeNekoNekonny:
Post some pictures, will ya? :XDNekoNekonny:

As for me, I'm just wondering about if I should switch jobs or not.
And If I should go to Disney this weekend :heartNekoNekonny:
Putting the finishing touches on a Steam-Punk story I was asked to write for a friend.

Drinking a tylenol, and advil cocktail to dull the pain in my wrist and head after spending three hours typing... How the hell do you artists put up with the constant wrist pain!? I can hardly imagine how much it must hurt after spending three straight days on a piece.

Listening to Steam-Punk music that my sister sent me to get me into the "Mood" for writing the story I mentioned earlier.

And Re-doing another MJOLNR armor texture for Fallout 3, as well as rigging a few weapons (MA5C, Magnum, Shotgun, and Rocket Launcher) for the Underground.

Speaking of, clearing out my inbox on the underground... I liked it better when people had to choose which Admin to PM for approval...

Captain Video

Frontier Psychiatrist
Gallery Volunteer
Sep 4, 2009
Partially Submerged Boat
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"No man can eat fifty Faberge eggs!"
[quote author=Edwin R. Shy link=topic=5494.msg141347#msg141347 date=1272087308]
Just thinking of how to restart my OC`s story while listening to my music

You have an OC? I thought you were the Warden from Superjail.