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The Katbox
Jan 5, 2015
Now I have eightiesness bleeding from my eyes. Outrageous. XD

Got a bit enamoured with an obscure prog-rock group... Well, find of the week, I guess? I keep looking for stuff I like, and it happens that it often is weird stuff like that.

I like the build-ups to the melodic bits where they pile up a bunch of different melodies with surprising instruments and chords. Essentially, give me lots of melodies playing together, and I'm happy. XD
Apr 27, 2014
Personal Text
What doesn't kill you only postpones the inevitable.

One of the most famous Finnish prog rock albums, probably due to DJ Shadow's use of "The Madness Subsides" on one of his very well known songs on Endtroducing,
"Midnight in a Perfect World". I probably out to check out that album one of these days.

Not my most favorite Pekka Pohjola album but I like how well he can sometimes express his Frank Zappa esque music with different moods, in this case excited and melancholic. Really love these two songs though.

I have also been enjoying this song for the sort of gloomy atmosphere :

I'm strangely obsessed by half of this animation, when the first born of the King turns into a mummy, making his 'Ba' (the human headed bird) appear and fly with the 'Shen' (means eternal protection) in it's claws flying to the underworld. Nina Paley really did an amazing job. I feel so sad watching this and I don't know why. The music is beautiful and I love how she animated the Ancient Egyptians, it's just, strangely I don't know why I feel so sad watching/listening this over and over. I think it's gorgeous.

My favorite part is around 3.05 min into the animation, like I wrote above, give it a watch...

"I, I know the way how, I'll melt away now.
I know the way.
I'm feeling bliss now, dissolved to mist, how strangely I go away.
Now I finally know.... "

Full song: https://dukeofukeandhisnoveltyorchestra.bandcamp.com/track/spider-suite (the animation removed the Ambrosia part)