War for the Codex Deus (ooc/discussion/interest, may push Mature rating)

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He who loves Succubi and Anthros.
The Multiverse...A collection of universes, each ruled by their own pantheon(s) of gods. Each universe created with a set of laws of physics behind each of their realms, to test the resilience and resourcefulness of the lifeforms created by their god(s). Once in a while, an Imperfect (non-Immortal/non-god) proves itself worthy to the god(s) of its native universe. These beings eventually get sent to the universe at the core of the multiverse, Universe Zero. Here lies the power of godhood itself, the Codex Deus. It is said that those that touch it receive the power, immortality and knowledge to become a god. These new gods can then strike out on their own or group up to form a pantheon and create their own universe.

The existence of the Codex Deus is not without problems. In past god-generations, their have been wars to control it or turn it against one group of gods... one which was the Holim-Shadow War, a war that put gods of light against gods of darkness. And then there's the occasional rogue god bent on controlling all of the multiverse. Many gods have been known to send armies of their imperfects to either defend or seize the Codex at times.

The rogue god this time around is known as Vanitus, deity of UA (Universi Alternae) 50. He is a Holim (Light) god said to resent his brother, Jahwehlah, for marrying a Shadow (dark) goddess by the name of Alteirra (said resentment is because of the Holim-Shadow War). This resentment has lead him to attempt to mess with their universe, UA 53...said attempt often starting with impersonating Jahwehlah. With his plans constantly foiled, Vanitus has decided to attempt to steal the Codex and become the core god of the Multiverse.

With the gods of some Universi realizing this, they pick champion Imperfects from their own multitudes of them to help save the Multiverse from Vanitus.


So...anyone interested in this?