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Nov 23, 2016
Hello everyone, I'm Deadtheory. I'm a big fan of graphic novels in general, and found out about some of the comics on here while looking for something new to read on a youtube channel I recently discovered called Webcomic Relief. I thought they were really cool so I figured I might as well make an account here.

I love high/dark fantasy fiction stuff, I'm a fan of anime/manga, and my favourite game genres are RPGs (more western RPGs than JRPGs), action platformers and RTSs. I have been doing a bit of digital art doodling but I don't think that it's quality enough to show.

Idk what else to put into an intro.

Oh and I love orcs. All orcs. Love em.

Hope to meet and talk with some great people on here! :XDTina:

Darth Dies

The Guardian
Feb 25, 2016
Just don't go posting graphic/sadistic stuff here,alright m8?!

Anyway,welcome to the forum! As a fan of fantasy fiction you'll find plenty of those kinds comics here.

I would recomend Uber Quest. Granted it has a rather dark chapter now,but most of it is adventure type,sooo....Have fun!


Fuzzy Old Guy
Sep 2, 2013
Northern Illinois
Personal Text
"Growing OLD is mandatory, but growing UP is entirely optional."
Nice to have another anime/manga fan join in. Unless, that is, you're one of those weird ones that doesn't like Romance genre...

Well, hope you enjoy the KB comics n stuff, at least. *waves*


Katbox Mascot
Apr 24, 2011
Here or There
Hello and welcome to the Katbox! I do hope you enjoy your stay with us here and aren't a stranger! Mind or embrace the crazy that may come! Should you need anything don't hesitate to ask! :gleeMihari:


Artist/Writer - Itsy Bitsy Adventures
The Katbox
Dec 4, 2013
Nova Scotia, Canada
Personal Text
#Artistlife. True fact.

Anime FTW! I'm a fan of the slice of life anime, personally. But I do like me some heart ripping, action packed, shonen! aka Gurren Lagann and the like.

Anyway! Hope you enjoy the Katbox as much as we do! And yes, we are all quite loony in our own special ways. :3


No. 1 Fun Guy
Apr 17, 2011
Personal Text
Too much TMI...Too much TMI!!!
Hey there new fellow. Totally glad to have you here.
I do sincerely hope you stick around and check out the amazing comic discussions over at Artist Alley and view some stellar fan art and fan fictions over at Community Works.