Art W0lfmare's Art Thread

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Webcomic artist
Feb 10, 2015
VA, United States
Personal Text
Floof advocate, and enemy of complacency
You..wouldn't mind if I used that pic of her as my new cover foto would you?

I just love her little shy (I could be wrong about this) expression,and the glowing tatoes in the moonlight! But I love her eyes the most!
Go ahead ^^
[doublepost=1491038883,1490339211][/doublepost]@Cervelet Mentioned he'd like to see a taur in my style, so here it is XD

[doublepost=1492725779][/doublepost]More arts!

Birthentines day
Pants thief
Roguish charm

I'll post some more later ^^
[doublepost=1494273759][/doublepost]More sketches from my raffle streams!

Velocilope on the hunt


Data mage Lupa

Warrior in a dress

Civil Flint