Event UCB 2014 Men's Personality Battle FINALE

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Who has the best personality?

  • Randal

    Votes: 15 75.0%
  • Drake

    Votes: 5 25.0%

  • Total voters
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No. 1 Fun Guy
Apr 17, 2011
Personal Text
Too much TMI...Too much TMI!!!

:amazeRandal: I AM RANDAL!!! HEAR ME BARK!!!
:heartRandal: BARK!!!
:blushRandal: Oh my...that was loud.
:XDRandal: SO sorry, I was just so excited about being here in the finales.

:grinDrake: No worries pup.
:shiftyDrake: I'm not surprised at all that I made it to the finales.
:gleeDrake: After all, I have my "ways" of getting the votes.


Katbox Comic Character
Aug 7, 2011
Heh. Well.

Not sure I care about this one. I'm not exactly known for being personable. So good on you, pup.

And hey... you got a spot in your group for a ninja? :ninjaDrake:


Lynx Ram
May 19, 2008
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half-bah maow's*
Drake has not directly shown depth yet but has indicated it as such during the short time he's been around. we don't know his true internal motivations, details of his history, what made him and what made him do what he's doing now. Though he is unique amongst the cast.

Randal on the other hand. Randal.

hmmm. Its like looking at a Yin Yang sign with these two.

I'll go with Drake, his character seems to have more potential and intricate bits attached to it. A mix of good and bad. Maybe its my interest in anti-hero or anti-villain types. if he's meant to be one that is.


Katbox Forum Member
Nov 14, 2013
I actually expected Drake to win this one, but I guess I shouldn't be surprised that Randal's level-headed and supportive-to-a-fault attitude would win over people's votes.

Chaos Sepher

Gallery Volunteer
Mar 2, 2008
New Jersey
Drake is pretty damn cool and all, and his ego I think is fairly well earned. But I easily give this to Randal, who is truly one of the most likeable guys ever. He is sensitive, fun, but ya get the sense that he can be tough when he needs to especially with his background. The puppy is far more developed as a character and is pretty likeable no matter what. So he earns his place for personality.
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