UCB 2013 Battle AN Personality!

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Who has the better personality?

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Katbox Forum Member
Apr 17, 2007

Hope vs Ambar

After sitting here for twenty minutes trying to think of a quote that brings these two together, all I've got is that they're both the kind to sit on a big copy machine inappropriately. Take it or leave it.



Lynx Ram
May 19, 2008
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half-bah maow's*
what we saw of hope the last time and what we know of her, she has a good head on her shoulders and is a good person, but has yet to properly stablise herself due to her youth. Though she's definately on the right track (especially with a little back and forth if that bracelet on her wrist means what i think it means) and in present time an established singer, which isnt easy. She seems to have realised the error of past choices.

Ambar wins out though, if only because she's meant to be older, wiser and more experienced. plus she's been covered more often. we've seen more of her personality, if not the past that made her that way. shes much more interesting.
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Katbox Forum Member
Nov 14, 2013
Not super-clear-cut for me on this one, but I think I find Ambar slightly more interesting because she seems to have a lot more going on.


Official # 1 fan of STEALTH TOWEL SNAP
Aug 26, 2009
Walking in the rain
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Winter is Coming
Pillow Fight: Round 2! :furyAmbar: :furyHope:

I love sweet little Hope, but I went with Ambar. Love her or hate her, Ambar has personality in spades :gleeAmbar:


Fuzzy Old Guy
Sep 2, 2013
Northern Illinois
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"Growing OLD is mandatory, but growing UP is entirely optional."
Had to go with Hope. I love Lady Ambar's character immensely, but this is one where Hope's youth helps her, in my estimation. She's off to a great start and has such amazing potential, personality-wise... I had to ask myself, "Would I want to spend time with a great Lady that IS... or time with a great Lady that IS-YET-TO-BE??" ..... my answer is to look to the future.


Jun 20, 2013
The racetrack
I want to make a joke, but that joke would get me banned, so I'm not going to make the joke.....

Hoppy made a great point as towards what I was thinking as well....


No. 1 Fun Guy
Apr 17, 2011
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Too much TMI...Too much TMI!!!
*Looks at results*
:gleeSnowman: Yes folks....Ambar has plenty of personality...
:happySnowman: Especially in bed...
:amazeSnowman: And with Mora!

:amazeAmbar: :amazeMora:
:furyAmbar: :furyMora:

Okay....back on topic. Yeah, I would definitely pick Ambar over Hope everyday of the week. Don't get me wrong, in the inherent grand schemes of things, both Ambar and Hope do share similar personality traits, specifically enjoying life, optimistic, and gleeful, Ambar just seems more "vibrant" than Hope...sometimes too much to the point where it comes of as being annoying.
Dec 9, 2013
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This text is personal to me
( Oh hey Ambar! Wait Hope is a cool singer I guess... Wait Ambar his infinite knowledge and can blow up minds n shit! Oh, but I like the message of Hopes songs... Well Ambar is a good leader! Shure, but Hope is a girl with a personality I would like to date, and Ambar is very scary woman on the outside. But wait she dated Miles... So... Ambar? Wait, maybe I should take some pity on Hope haveing to date Miles... But she is also a really successful singer, so thats cool. But Ambar is like the girl fursona of me... so...-)

I CAN'T DECIDE!!! I will think it over and get back to everyone.

UPDATE: Did not take to long at all. I went with the hope minority. Because Like @MrAMP said they both have similar personality traits and I love all of them I can think of Ambar being serious off and on. She is a leader witch I imagine has some stress every now and then and is more... sage-like in her speech. Hope can be serious when you need her to be and is just all around enjoyable. I think I summed that up we- *gets assaulted by a angry horde of Ambar lovers*
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Katbox Forum Member
Dec 8, 2010
Kind of hard to tell seeing as we haven't seen what Hope is like in the current main comic story time.

So she could have changed since the Learning Curves comic. In a way, Ambar seems more adoptable to who she's dealing with when you consider her personality. But then from what has been little has been said about Hope in the Las Lindas comic, it sounds like Hope is her mothers daughter.

So which is better the Wisdom to know things for what they are and know how to best fit in to it or the Heart to feel the world and except it for what it is and express ones self on how they feel? In a very real sense I feel from what little is known of Hope in current time, that both are equally of great personality for who they are. But I think I'm going to gamble and go with heart.