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 UCB 2013 Battle AM Personality!

Discussion in 'Las Lindas Ultimate Character Battle(s) 2013' started by SoulKat, Mar 21, 2014.


Who has the better personality?

Poll closed Mar 26, 2014.
  1. Randal

  2. Alejandra

  1. SoulKat

    SoulKat Katbox Forum Member

    Apr 17, 2007

    Randal vs Alejandra

    Simpler Times.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. Chaos Sepher

    Chaos Sepher Gallery Volunteer

    Mar 2, 2008
    New Jersey
    Definitely giving this one to the one of the nicest puppies ever.
  3. mobiusscarf

    mobiusscarf Katbox Forum Member

    Nov 14, 2013
    This was a tough one, but I ultimately went with Alej, primarily because she's shown more character growth. Randal just doesn't have much in the way of flaws. At least not that we've seen much of yet.
  4. White Tiger

    White Tiger Swiggity swooty. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Global Moderator

    Apr 26, 2007
    Southern California
    Randal's getting my vote. I'm sure Alejandra is a good person, but she seems to cold and blunt for my tastes. Randal, on the other hand, seems to have that right balance; he's friendly most of the time and has backbone when he needs to have it.
  5. Captain Video

    Captain Video Frontier Psychiatrist Staff Member Katbox Comic Writer

    Sep 4, 2009
    Partially Submerged Boat
    Home Page:
    Personal Text:
    "No man can eat fifty Faberge eggs!"
    I feel the same way. Randal is a wonderful guy, but it comes to him naturally. Alejandra had to work for it.

    Also, does anybody find the symmetry interesting? They're both black and white characters wearing orange tops and black pants.
  6. Cobrez

    Cobrez The Guy

    Dec 9, 2013
    Personal Text:
    This text is personal to me
    Randal is well written and just hilarious at times.
  7. Robo

    Robo Official # 1 fan of STEALTH TOWEL SNAP

    Aug 26, 2009
    Walking in the rain
    Personal Text:
    Winter is Coming
    Hmm.....I had to really think about this one.

    Yet again I am picking the most interesting character, more then the one with the "best" personality.

    Randal is a big sweetheart and we've seen hits to a more serious guy with pains in his past but not much. He can also be submissive and a little too weak willed to my taste, just going with the flow and letting things happen. He's an awesome guy, but not a lot there.

    Alej is not a perfect woman. In fact she is heavily flawed, but I find this more appealing. Its been great seeing her character arc in the comic and I'm eager to see more
  8. MrAMP

    MrAMP No. 1 Fun Guy Community Contributor

    Apr 17, 2011
    Personal Text:
    Too much TMI...Too much TMI!!!
    I'm so sorry folks, but I prefer the man in Team Fluff 'n' Puff over Alej every day of the week.

    Randal...heck, do I really need to say anything about Randal? He's probably the most loyal of all the characters of Las Lindas. Granted I'm not that much of a fan of the whole fabulous, it really suits him well, especially with his current lover.

    Alej...has flaws...good flaws at that as it lends itself to more character development; however, she does tend to come off to b**** at times for my taste.
  9. Tenjen

    Tenjen Lynx Ram

    May 19, 2008
    Personal Text:
    half-bah maow's*
    personality rather than niceness.

    i find Alej with more personality than pups here. both in depth and in what i like. She has flaws and is driven and has varied motivations and confilcts and ups and downs and pulls herself up.
  10. Silverweed

    Silverweed Seer rabbit

    Dec 29, 2013
    Home Page:
    Randal is one of the most positive characters of LL; as much as I acknowledge Alej's big growth, I prefer Randal's more coherent personality, though I admit the decision is hard and relies a bit on personal tastes.

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