UCB 2013 Battle AL Personality!

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Who has the better personality?

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Katbox Forum Member
Nov 14, 2013
I actually find both characters fairly interesting, but I think Tiggs is just generally better-written. Also, cats eat mice :P


Fuzzy Old Guy
Sep 2, 2013
Northern Illinois
Personal Text
"Growing OLD is mandatory, but growing UP is entirely optional."
Argh!... such a tough choice for me on this one!!... so much so, that I couldn't really choose based on personality, so I voted Tiggs cuz she has green eyes.... I'm so weak for green eyes


No. 1 Fun Guy
Apr 17, 2011
Personal Text
Too much TMI...Too much TMI!!!
Well, I imagine that Tiggs has plenty of personality to go around, especially with Vixy. :happySnowman::pointsTiggs::pointsVixy:

Bad pun aside, I have to go with my main girls Tiggs. I know Tootsie has been quite hyper as of late, especially with her business and mad science persona; however, I'm not a huge fan of the constant like

:happyToots: It's like totally like annoying...
:amazeToots: HEY!!!

But Tiggs...Tiggs isn't afraid to be herself or speak her mind.
Apr 26, 2007
Tootsie might be spunky, fun, and just a bit crazy, but that's not enough for me to take her over Tiggs. Tiggs has all the spunkiness and fun that Tootsie does with the bonus of having a heart that matches her height.


Lynx Ram
May 19, 2008
Personal Text
half-bah maow's*
I do actually lke Tootsie's personality over tiggs, much as i like and love tiggs persona