UCB 2013 Battle AH Sex Appeal!

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Who has more sex appeal?

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No. 1 Fun Guy
Apr 17, 2011
Personal Text
Too much TMI...Too much TMI!!!
Ambar...hands down Ambar. :heartAmbar: I mean seriously, do we even need this matchup. XD :dropAmbar: :furyJin: :furyDin:

Don't get me wrong here, I know with Din and Jin you get two of them, but you get twice the headache and twice the personality mesh. There's no problem being a one lady's man...unless your Davin that is.
:amazeAmbar: :amazeAngel: :amazeAnn: :wutTiare:
:heartAmbar: :heartAngel: :pointsAnn: :blushTiare:
Apr 26, 2007
I'm going with Ambar on this one, as well.

Even if the devious duo were life-size, my appeal for them stops at the looks. Ambar has this mixture of confidence, sophistication, and spontaneousness that makes her really attractive.


Fuzzy Old Guy
Sep 2, 2013
Northern Illinois
Personal Text
"Growing OLD is mandatory, but growing UP is entirely optional."
Agreeing with Tiger on this. Also, Ambar has those eyes... those eyes just kill me.


Katbox Forum Member
Nov 14, 2013
Man, the quarterfinals are going to be brutal. Taffy vs. Tiggs, Cocoa vs. Geecku, Tila vs. Ambar, (probably) Sarah vs. Angel... OK, actually that last one will probably go to Angel, but still.

Of course, that means we've got some pretty interesting possibilities for the Finals, too. Cocoa vs. Tila? Tiggs vs. Angel? Geecku vs. Ambar?