UCB 2013 Battle AH Personality!

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Who has the better personality?

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Katbox Forum Member
Apr 17, 2007

Taffy vs Ambar

How do you tell when a decision is hard? When "I just vote for the one I'd like to play D&D with." no longer works.

Dec 9, 2013
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This text is personal to me
Taffy. I am biased because taffy is amazing. However I could write multiple paragraphs on her Lovable personality. :gleeTaffy:


King of Kings
Sep 27, 2011
Not your business
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Just believe in me
Ambar for my point of veiw. Lovely girls are just cute for me, but when you got that power sickness controled by the coolness of being not a boss but a leader yo immediatly become someone worth of my complete apreciaton and respect... and of course her way to get the best deals are my favourite
Apr 26, 2007
Actually, this was a really, really tough call for me. :pointsWT: As proud as I am to be Taffy's number one fan, I'm giving it to Ambar.

I adore almost everything about Taffy's personality and character, but I can't get past her tendency to lack backbone at times. Ambar has an aura of confidence that comes with age and experience. She might not have Taffy's maternal charm, but she's got her own perks, too.


Katbox Forum Member
Jan 20, 2011
I went for ambar, (by the way, She is a bear right?)
Yes she is.

I also voted for Ambar. She's an important person and she knows it. She's confident and can get what she wants whenever she wants it. Taffy is nice but she lacks the backbone to really make her interesting


No. 1 Fun Guy
Apr 17, 2011
Personal Text
Too much TMI...Too much TMI!!!
*Totally not picturing Ambar substituting Rachel in the Taffy shower scene...totally*

That random day dream aside, and despite popular opinion, I'm casting my vote for Taffy. :happyTaffy: As much as I enjoy Ambar's...Ambarness :heartAmbar:, I can't help but feel that she pushes herself too much to be fun. :amazeAmbar: I mean she's fun :blushAmbar:, but too much fun is kind of dulling after awhile. :dropAmbar: But then we have Taffy :gleeTaffy:, that motherly rabbit and member of Team Fluff 'n' Puff that we've all come to love :XDTaffy:. I will say that she too has her own flaws with the shy behavior :cryTaffy:, but overall, I would totally pick her over Ambar.


Katbox Forum Member
Nov 14, 2013
Taffy is nice and she's become more interesting since she's started opening up to Randal, but she doesn't really seem to have much agency of her own. She's too dependent on the decisions and actions of those around her. The most proactive thing she's done is start a D&D group. As for Ambar, agency isn't her problem, but clarity is. She really embodies the whole Xanatos Speed-Chess trope to the point where literally everything she does is part of some vague plan that she seems to be making up as she goes along. Not the best writing, in my opinion. Still, she seems to have a lot more going on than Taffy, so I think I'm giving it to Ambar this time around, though I'll admit, it's a relatively close contest.


Fuzzy Old Guy
Sep 2, 2013
Northern Illinois
Personal Text
"Growing OLD is mandatory, but growing UP is entirely optional."
At first sight, I thought this would be a super-hard choice. Taffy is SO adoreable, sweet, kind, great cook and I have a definite thing for bunnies...

...but Ambar gets my vote after just a few seconds thinking about it. Might just be my own age affecting my thoughts, but for Personality, a mature and confident woman wins every time.


Jun 20, 2013
The racetrack
GAH! I... CAN'T..... CHOOSE!!!!!!!!!

Okay, as stated above, Taffy has that maternal instinct despite not having children of her own, which does give her an interesting personality. Ambar has had children, but doesn't seem very motherly, which is a practical 180 to Taffy...

Ambar has lead the Primes on Neo-Earth for quite a while, which also puts her high on the "wise and old leader" list for her personality.... But Taffy has had more screen time and even managed to get Miles to stop being Miles during the Festival...

STILL... CAN'T.... CHOOSE!!!!!!!!!!! I'm going with popular vote on this one *checks vote* Correction, Voting Taffy since she only had 4 votes when I posted this.....