TWK: Uprising. RP

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AKA Squeaky
Dec 14, 2013
R'lyeh's waiting room
Personal Text
*wilhelm scream*
Scarrn recognizes the look on Loke's face. The old badger has known the wolf long enough to know he's conflicted about staying. Scarrn pats Loke on the shoulder with a smile and quietly says:

"I've never been one ta ya what ta do, lad. Whatever you decide, I'll understand. Besides, its been a long batch o' days. I'm too tired to fight ya, haha!"

Scarrn then looks at the rest of the party.

"Same with the rest o' ya. Y'all helped us in that tussel back there, and I'll be forever grateful to ya fer that. Oh... and ah've been told I snore. Just wanted to give y'all a head's up."

The old badger begins to reload his pistol and double checks the bombs attached to a bandolier worn across his chest, preparing himself for tomorrow's battle... or for whatever may come at night.
[doublepost=1466662424,1466402093][/doublepost]After Scarrn lays out his weapons, he realizes what he said before was quite grim. Noticing Loke is still meditating, the old badger gets an idea: the team and those in the dining hall could use a little levity... and remembers a prank he learned from Wren, one of his friends.

A mischievous grin forms on Scarrn's face and quietly signals Aeri, Vlad and Red. Scarrn then wiggles his eyebrows at the team, as if he was saying "you guys wanna see something funny?"

While Loke meditates, Scarrn then puts his pinkie finger into his own mouth... and after he gets it all loogied-up, he then jams the slimy finger into Loke's ear while yelling "WET WILLY TIME, PAL!" :laughCocoa:
Likes: Zoie Falcona