Comic Tora Tora Tokyo #9 - Ueno in Bloom

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Katbox Forum Member
Apr 17, 2007
(Click on the image to resize!)

Our next stop was Ueno Park. Ueno is famous for its cherry blossoms and, lucky us, we show up during the time they are in bloom. It was simply beautiful. The cherry blossom, from what I understand, represents mortality as they bloom suddenly, vibrantly and en masse only to quickly die. When the blossoms bloom, it really brings people together to see them and celebrate.

Ueno park is incredible. It's just a road with cherry blossoms and a lake. But it's made so much more special because of this perception we give it. There are tarps lining the road with little rope barriers, demarcating the romantic picnics couples have reserved years in advance. I felt like such a tourist at this time, seeing how special these flowers were to everyone and just observing them by chance.

Ueno had a ton of street vendors too, which inspired this comic. It was my first chance to have so many goodies. And yes, squid. But man, I could have lived on that street food. It was so fresh and flavorful. It took me a few moments of staring at the little octopi before I could must the courage to bite in. Of course, Ron had to do a little "Whhyyyyy..." when one of them got chomped and it nearly made me choke.

I think it was here that I brought up the idea for T3 as well as I'm Tiggs'ing out on each booth in turn dropping my hard-earned yen like - Wait... What's that?


I then proceeded to light every candle in hope of a secret door opening up and then we were asked to leave.

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Katbox Forum Member
Jan 20, 2011
Tigg's is doing her best wolverine impression in the second panel.

No Tiggs, don't eat Marry. That is not how you make friends across comics.


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The Katbox
Jan 19, 2010
Washington, USA
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Ort ort ort
From the photos it looks like the little octopi/squid you guys got were seared and covered in sauce... I don't envy any squid who survived that ordeal! Super cute page, by the way.

:amazeMary: *Holds up sign* MERCY! MERCY!
:reptilefuryBoris: That looks DELICIOUS!
:amazeCaroline: I could go for a bite myself!
:blushCheng: I don't usually eat meat, but that DOES look good...
:furyKissefello: Hey, REAL manly men eat raw steak, even if those many men are herbivores! I'll take a live squid!
:gleeRexley: I had some of those last week! I got em from the dumpster. They were great.
:zenParvani: Don't worry. I won't eat you.
:heartYuki: :heartTina: :heartKimi: :heartNekoNekonny: But WE WILL!


No. 1 Fun Guy
Apr 17, 2011
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Too much TMI...Too much TMI!!!
:gleeSnowman: No squids were harmed in the making of this strip... :heartMary:
:happySnowman: Except for the one being eaten that is. :facepalmMary:

:amazeSnowman: OMG!!!
:furySnowman: Tiggs and Tina ate Mary!?!?!?
:gleeSnowman: I'm okay with that...
:handsomeSnowman: For they are hot and women.
:dropTina: :dropTiggs:

And based on SoulKat's actions and Zelda reference, I can totally see The Legends of SoulKat being quite interesting. :gleeSK:


AKA Squeaky
Dec 14, 2013
R'lyeh's waiting room
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*wilhelm scream*
Hehe, looks like Mary didn't sign up for this kinda cameo. :amazeMary:

Wow, those photos of Ueno Park are great. It looks really pretty, I can see why it gets booked in advance. And those little fried octopi look friggin' delicious. And hidden Triforce for the win!

I then proceeded to light every candle in hope of a secret door opening up and then we were asked to leave.
HA! The residents should feel lucky, you could have had the "blue candle" *Imagines SK lighting a single candle, leaving the pagoda for a few seconds, returns to light a different one... and repeats the cycle about 27 times. :ideaSK:


The Katbox
Apr 20, 2007
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But its a good one!
You can actually see a lot of Ueno in that drone video, it's a nice side area to the main park, with a lake, a temple and some food stands. We were just passing through that day, and in the afternoon we headed over to Hiroshima.
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