Comic Tora Tora Tokyo #6 - Code Orange

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Katbox Forum Member
Apr 17, 2007
(click on the comic to resize!)

Ahhhh sushi. Don't ever change. Of all the 'touristy' things Ron and I did, nothing compared to walking into Sushi restaurants and ordering with hand gestures.

"This." "One." "This." "Two." And we did it all the time. It became expected that Ron and I would say almost nothing every time we ordered. And one time, we actually ordered with pictures on our phones because of the zero chance we had at communicating otherwise.

But that's ok, tons of places in Japan are used to that. So they actually have these signs out front that say if they speak English or not so you can be prepared.

For this comic, we made a little bit of a joke that they'd recognize Tina (or Ron) because she's been there so many times.

And as for pictures... I'm sorry guys. I feel kinda awkward taking pictures of my food. So I did it only once or twice. But suffice to say, we ate Sushi probably 7 times while in Japan and I felt like a king each time. An awkward, mute king, but a king none-the-less.

In case you're wondering, the place we went is sushi zanmai. It's a great ratio of quality and quantity and sheer cheeriness and friendliness too. The manager guy behind us who would try to mimic a big American OOOOOOOKAY! YOU GOT IT! whenever we ordered was just laughing his ass off at the super serious sushi chef who just got orders like "One of that. And that... and that... and that..." all of which required unique preparation! You could tell he wanted us to say "3 of that" just to justify having to switch knives.

But no, we're tourists. We want exactly one bite of everything you've got!

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Jan 20, 2011
I love how Tiggs is just like "Restaurants hate to see me coming, and I'm alright with that."


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May 18, 2011
New Mexico
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My worst fear is probably being a giraffe with a sore throat.
I guess Tina is just the type of person who steals fun stuff from random people at parks then. :XDTina:

I love how Tiggs is just like "Restaurants hate to see me coming, and I'm alright with that."
More like pancake buffets hate to see her coming. :heartTiggs:


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Apr 17, 2011
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Too much TMI...Too much TMI!!!
I don't know why but Code Orange sounds like one of those species-ist terms. You know, because tigers are orange. :amazeTina: :amazeTiggs:
:heartTiggs: "Girls gotta eat"
And this is why all restaurant that serve pancakes have special instructions for dealing with Tiggs.