Comic Tora Tora Tokyo #2 - The Trains Never Stop.

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Katbox Forum Member
Apr 17, 2007
(click the comic to resize)

Our Trip :

If I had to pick one thing about Japan that I honestly disliked, it was their metro. It's a beautiful thing. Efficient, fast, able to get you across a major NYC-Sized city in minutes with no traffic or parking. But man... it is a BEAST.

The map in the last panel is the real one. It's this crazy mesh of overlaying train lines that all meet at various stations. So even when you are at the right station and know your destination, you may even be on the wrong side of the station so the train you get on is going the wrong way.

Combine this with the fact that 99% of the people do know where they are going and it feels like being inside a massive living thing where you, the intruder, don't. Disrupt the flow of snowmen and they will pile into you, pushing you out of the way since there's just no room for error. If I didn't have Ron here, it would have taken me so much longer and I couldn't have seen nearly as many things.

This is a sound byte from the Yamanote line. You hear these little ditties all the time to say when the trains are coming.

Oh, and wonder where that second panel came from? That's from a certain safety poster we found...

No one could tell why we were laughing at it so hard. But I bet you can. A cellphone using a cellphone murders Nekonny! That's priceless!

The title is inspired a phrase that would repeat over the speakers. "The trains do not stop. Do not run for closing doors..." etc. Because since the system is mostly automated, it doesn't matter how much you yell for the train to stop. "I forgot my bag!" or whatever will be unheard and the train will zoom on. And should you fall in... well...

The worst amount of this foot traffic was, of course, in Shibuya. That's their Times Square equivalent. This is just when we popped out of the metro and could get a photo. Trying to do so below would have left me a lion pancake.

And it's also where I got one of my favorite pictures!

Hachiko! The loyal dog who waited for his master who never returned. This was the one thing I really wanted to see and I was surprised it showed up so quickly! It was worth every second of that huge daunting maze.

Until next time!

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Katbox Forum Member
Jan 20, 2011
Oh so it was a reference and not Tina casually going about her plan to take out Nekonny and cause jasmine to switch jobs.


Gallery Volunteer
Jun 5, 2013
beyond the dream
I think I'm just going to make some friends with Japanese people when I do my CLS.

Also, for anyone curious, the poster stays (more ore less, I wasn't sure how to phrase the last sentence) "Stop! Walking while using your smartphone can make you a wrong-doer!"


The Katbox
Apr 17, 2007
It seems strangely appropriate that the metro map for Tokyo looks like a circuit diagram. And I'm loving the commentary. "DON" had a good run, he will be missed.
Well, generally subway maps look like that. The one in Paris when I was there was a lot like this. After all, since everything is underground, all you need is a reliable way to tell what station is next, the topography doesn't matter.


No. 1 Fun Guy
Apr 17, 2011
Personal Text
Too much TMI...Too much TMI!!!
OMG! Tina killed what appears to be a humanoid cat Nekonny! Or rather, Tina pushed said humanoid cat Nekonny into the tracks and the train, possibly going about 100 MPH, that Phuufy and Skidd's Jasmine seems to be piloting killed him. XD

But DANG!!! That is one freakishly huge metro map. I remember seeing train maps and bus maps as a kid but nothing like this. At first glance though, it does kind of look like a map from that Where's Mario video game. All those routes look like long pipes to me. XD

Hachiko! thats the dog they based that one futurama episode off of right?
Yes it was. The dog's name in Futurama was Seymor.