Comic Tora Tora Tokyo #13 - Don't Feed the Devildeer

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Katbox Forum Member
Apr 17, 2007
(click the image to resize!)

Trust me. You don't want to feed the deer.

They may be cute. They be downright adorable at times. But behind those sweet little button eyes, lies the heart of a killer. Known to attack children and the elderly, these beasts will murder all in their way to attain what their black souls desire most. Cookies.

Feed the deer any amount of food, or worse, walk around with those little sugar wafers in anything short of power armor and you're going to get mobbed. Ron would have had pictures of that... if he wasn't so busy laughing at my misfortune, providing the same kind of hindsight advice Tina just provided. My mistake?

I bought a little bun of ice cream. It had a hard wafer dipping stick in it, like a dried piece of wafflecone. I gave it to a deer. Over my shoulder... I hear this. "You shouldn't have done that." And when I look back, there's suddenly three deer, like the one I had just fed had undergone mitosis. They chased me into a bus stop. Elevation meant little. They bit at my ankles until I ran.

I eventually was able to hide behind a dumpster, relying on the distraction of a passing cart to disperse the herd. The herd had moved on in pursuit of easier prey. By the time I had emerged, several of them were watching from nearby watering holes. Was I the one who had food? Fuck no I wasn't. I kept walking. Like a bitch.

The deer of Miyajima and Nara are iconic to their cities. They are wild, with the only intervention from the city being their horn treatment. They wander the streets in traffic, accepting the cars as some kind of larger pack animal they can run with and never cross. There's all sorts of cookie vendors around so tourists can feed the deer. And there's even these adorable little things posted up for sale. You buy a blank one, draw any face you want, and hang it up for all to see.

Next week, we go through the rest of Nara, and learn just how cruel Ron really is. See you next time!


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Katbox Comic Character
Aug 7, 2011
Hey! I found the one who had the cookies!

Where they at? Don't be holding out on us...


Katbox Comic Character
Aug 7, 2011
Don't make us do something that you'll regret. Just give up the cookies and walk away.

Zoie Falcona

Wild Kingdoms Dungeon Mistress
May 29, 2008
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Support ALS research
But I thought you liked getting your hair pulled... :blushToby:
Like you?

Hey! I found the one who had the cookies!

Where they at? Don't be holding out on us...
Don't make us do something that you'll regret. Just give up the cookies and walk away.
You both can have the cookies at my house.... damn gestational diabetes. They're chocolate chip... and Grey made em! T.T I want them....


Katbox Forum Member
Jan 20, 2011
Hey! I found the one who had the cookies!

Where they at? Don't be holding out on us...
Don't make us do something that you'll regret. Just give up the cookies and walk away.
Are we witnessing a future pop star and a knight in training turn to a life of jacking people for cookies?

Man, times must be hard.
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No. 1 Fun Guy
Apr 17, 2011
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Too much TMI...Too much TMI!!!
Well, this wouldn't be the first time that a group of cute animals attacking innocent people.
Like that one time that 39 cute puppies bit me all over because I had a biscuit. :sunnyAmaze: :furyRandal:
Or my cats attacking me because I had catnip. :furyRachael: :furyMiles: :furySarah:

And I don't know why, but this strip and @SoulKat 's description reminded me of this meme...


The Katbox
Apr 20, 2007
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But its a good one!

It's like on the beach; you never give a seagull a potato chip thinking it will go away. Whenever I see a tourist starting to feed the birds, I just shake my head, keep a safe distance and watch the show. And it doesn't take long for one bird to become 3, then 20, then something out of a Hitchcock movie, and the previously impressed tourist to be in a panic running for their lives XD

I don't have much to add, that's pretty much how it went down in miajima. I was a bit worried at first when I saw SK getting chased down by the deer mob, but he seemed like he was having a blast, so I just had to laugh XD

To them people are like springs of food, heck it doesn't matter if you don't have any more in your hands, they will check your pockets, bags, etc till they get some. Some bow, others nibble. And hey, it is seems like that deer is getting food, all deer in the local area are going to want in.

Well, Kyoto was next, I was just hoping that my "light" tour would not be too boring for him.
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