The Zealot Order (a Star Wars based RP)

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Darth Dies

The Guardian
Feb 25, 2016
The galaxy is torn by war. The new Jedi Order is struggling to keep its Republic whole as more and more planets fall under the Sith Empire. The Jedi even attempted hiring bounty hunters but they often refuse of two reasons: fear of the empire and that the Sith Empire can not only double but tripple the pay of what Jedi offer.

While these two sides are busy killing each other a third faction is secretly rising in power.

Now in this little fanfic rp the time period is unknown but it is after the Skywalker branch has stopped.

Here you can put your SW character wheather you're a Bounty Hunter,Sith or Jedi (and many other profesions) you have to put the following

Name: Darth Dies

Titles (optional): "
The Guardian"

Human (suposed)


Physical description:
Dies is a secluded person as his physical description is never confirmed. But he often appears wearing Cortosis armor and has a deep and soft voice. He also lost his left leg and arm as the mechanical version are made from Cortosis and he ordered his leg design would be that of Grievous.

Faction: The Zealot Order

Dies was a orphaned slave. On his home planet he was often taunted and treated unfairly by everyone. It was at the early age of 7 when he would find out about the Jedi. Despite never having used the force he crafted himself a lightsaber. At the age of 8 he was found by Jedi Master Nela and was taken to the Temple. Dies never bonded with anything on his home planet so the Jedi let him pass. He would later meet his Combat Master Kar'an Zaar and his daughter Lena. Dies would later join the Sith when the Jedi banished him at the age of 18. At the Sith academy Dies was known for often killing those who anoyed him and was just as merciles during combat training. He would win the High Sith Lords favour and be deemed guardian. The Sith,now in possesion of a Jedi would extract any intel. Dies would later sneak in the Jedi Temple and steal a Jedi holocron while being disguised as a Sentinel. A few years pass Dies would later skaughter his former slave home,would be present in the Jedi Temple Skirmish and would defend the Sith Temple on Umbara resulting in losing his arm. After he was disgarted by the Sith Dies would form his own Order he deemed The Zealot Order.


caring towards allies,brutal and vile towards enemies

Cortosis armor,deep understanding of the Dark Side of the Force
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