The Katbox Welcomes SNOWDON and The Sprawl!

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  • Venture into the beautiful, mad world of The Sprawl! Look into it's darkness and the horror deep within! (Mature audiences only) Click here!
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The Katboss
Apr 17, 2007
Northern Kentucky
We are very excited to be able to introduce the second comic to be hosted on The Katbox After Dark!

Everyone please welcome The Sprawl by @SNOWDON !


The Sprawl is a R+ comic combining eldritch horror and sci-fi. The art style and writing are instantly captivating, and it's hard to not feel the oppressive weight of both the unknown threat and the society it's occurring in. Snowdon's top notch world building and attention to detail give your mind lots to do trying to fill in the blanks as you follow along in the story. From why certain characters are where they are to the details of what's going on beneath the surface of the massive city this takes place in.

I'm very excited to welcome Snowdon into the fold and I hope you too will enjoy this amazing comic.