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Outside contributer, not comunuty member.
Jun 1, 2009
Until the emotes come back, I'll just put this as a script.

Mr AMP: Hey Miles. I want to ask you something.

Miles: What?

Mr AMP: I wanted to ask if you want to go out on a double date for Valentine's Day. You and Miss AMP. Me and your succubus counterpart.

Miles: AMP, as tempting as that is. Two things. One, I already have plans to Netflix and Chill with Rachael. No, not a date by the way.

Mr AMP: Sure... Whatever helps you not get beat up by Rachael.

Miles: And two, nothing good ever comes from that succubus doppelganger of mine. Especially for me. Tell your twin I'll go out another time, but so long as that succubus is the fourth wheel, no way.

Mr AMP: Okay. Besides, with just the two of us, I can really make my move.

Miles: You do remember, don't you? She's a SUCCUBUS. Best case scenario, you'll end up dehydrated.

Mr AMP: A chance I'm willing to take.

*Valentine's Day night, Mr AMP finds himself tied to a bed, with SuccuMiles sitting on top of him. A whip in one hand, and a leash leading to a collar on Mr AMP's neck in the other.*

Mr AMP: So, what's the safety word?

SuccuMiles: Oh my dear little plaything... There is no safety word.

Mr AMP: ...

Happy Valentine's Day everyone.


Galactic Traveller
May 16, 2016
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I'd like to do a Katbox cover of a classic filk song, but I'm torn on whether to do 'Hanrahan's Bar,' 'Banned From Argo,' or 'USS Make Sh** Up.'

Which one would you guys like to see?


Galactic Traveller
May 16, 2016
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Let's have some Voltaire up in here, and go with "USS Make Shit Up".
Note: Voting closes tomorrow at noon EST.
Edit: Voting is now closed. 'USS Make Shit Up' it is, and it will be posted once Mihari and ID have restored the emoticons. (Or at least the Las Lindas ones.)
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Outside contributer, not comunuty member.
Jun 1, 2009
pointsLilith.gif Anna, I'm afraid to ask, but what in the hell are you buying all that ice cream for? Or will I be sorry to find out?

pointsanna.gif It's not for me. It's for Reiko.

pointsLilith.gif So why would Reiko need all this ice cream for?

confuzzledLilith.gif Wait... Why are you calling Reiko by name? You usually call her by "Sempai".

pointsanna.gif Lilith, this is a serious situation that cannot be taken lightly.

confuzzledLilith.gif So.... did her boyfriend's protection break or something, and she's expecting?

pointsanna.gif I don't think that will be happening any time soon. Or at all, given what happened between them.

dropLilith.gif Wait... They broke up?! I mean, they've been together for years, and now...

pointsanna.gif Reiko is locked in her room, and I only got her to talk by offering to get ice cream.

confuzzledLilith.gif So, what the hell happened?

pointsanna.gif Simple. He wanted kids, she didn't want to talk about it, so... that's about it.

pointsLilith.gif Well, I can't say I can blame him. Give one of their friends had twins recently, and there was graduation... But still...

dropLilith.gif Anna, you're not trying to get them back together, are you?

pointsanna.gif Regardless of following a goddess of love, the situation dose not call for any intervention on my part.

pointsLilith.gif ...Who are you, and what have you done with Anna?

pointsanna.gif I'm serious here. I can't track her ex down, and she's not talking right now. All I can do is try to earn her trust so she can open up again.

pointsLilith.gif Okay, I can see that. But why not ask the High Prime to...

dropanna.gif She's busy with her new kid, and I'd rather not owe her any favors right now.

pointsanna.gif Trust me...

dropLilith.gif Okay, that sounds more like you.
[doublepost=1488867804,1488784120][/doublepost] pointsanna.gif Okay, I got the ice cream. How's Reiko?

Jazmin: ...She already finished the two pints in the freezer. Seriously, this isn't healthy, but it's the only way we're going to get her out of her room.

dropLilith.gif And you're giving her another four? She REALLY must be down in the dumps.

Jazmin: I'm not even sure what to do with her. She's stopped with the sobbing for the time being, but still...

confuzzledLilith.gif How long as she been at it.

pointsanna.gif Several hours.

pointsLilith.gif Okay, I can understand you not being able to find a way to help, Jazmin. But someone like you Anna... How can someone as crafty as you not think of a way to get her out of there?

pointsanna.gif What is your plan then?

pointsLilith.gif Simple. Jazmin, would you mind if I damage this door.

Jazmin: Wait... Are you going to break down the door?

pointsLilith.gif No, just the doorknob.

*Lilith grabs the doorknob, and yanks it out.*

pointsLilith.gif Okay Reiko, get up. We're going on a trip to get you some help.

Jazmin: Uh, where exactly?

pointsLilith.gif I'm taking her to Black and White Lace.

confuzzledanna.gif Wait, the maid cafe? How is taking her there going to help her?

pointsLilith.gif It's more because I can get some backup there.

dropanna.gif Oh, right. Eraku and your cousin work there.

pointsLilith.gif And I'm sure at least one of the girls might have some advice to give.

Reiko: ...

Jazmin: Sis..?



pointsanna.gif Well, that backfired...

pointsLilith.gif Just... get her ass in my ship.
[doublepost=1489386202][/doublepost]In reaction to the Recent Las Lindas comic.

amazeanna.gif What.... the.... actual... FUCK!

dropLilith.gif It happened... It actually happened...

cryanna.gif After all this time... After all my plans... And after nearly giving up hope...

dropLilith.gif Hell hasn't just frozen over... They must be serving ice cream down there too.

pointsanna.gif Even from YOU, that's going a bit too far.

pointsLilith.gif What the hell ever.

dropLilith.gif Wait... Anna, where are you going?

pointsanna.gif There's something I have to do...

Later, Anna makes her way to a religious shrine near her home, and kneels before it in worship

gleeanna.gif I apologize for my loss of faith in the matter, but I had my faith in you, and the power of love won the day. I thank you, Lady Althena, for this gift.

dropLilith.gif (No words... My words fail me... The total irony of this situation is lost on anyone but me... Should I tell Anna that's she's technically praying to...)

gleeanna.gif I promise to you, Althena. This is now my sign that I have more work to do. My resolve is renewed! With you as my witness, and in your name, I will get Reiko and Skye back together!

dropLilith.gif Oh.... shit.
[doublepost=1490755222][/doublepost] dropanna.gif Come on....

pointsLilith.gif No.

Eraku emote.png No chance in Hell.

pointsanna.gif Come on. It's last minute, and I need someone to do this.

pointsLilith.gif Aside from you, you mean.

pointsanna.gif Sadly, I can't fill out a bikini to save a life.

Eraku emote.png What about that "Reiko" girl.

pointsLilith.gif Boyfriend break-up depression. She was Anna's first choice.

Eraku emote.png Damn. That sucks.

pointsanna.gif So who's getting into that cake?

pointsLilith.gif Why don't you ask Miss AMP to do it?

dropanna.gif Dammit, why didn't I think of that?

Happy Birthday Chalo.
[doublepost=1491053401][/doublepost] pointsanna.gif Come on... We got to make this quick.

SuccuMiles: My dear, this seems to be low key, even for you. I mean, I heard tales of how the prank war you, Mora, and dear brother had leveled the barn.

dropanna.gif That was kind of impossible to top.

pointsanna.gif Besides, Mora's constantly looking behind her back, so I can't really do anything around there until I know she's let her guard down. Thankfully, it should only take a few hours.

SuccuMiles: Well, I must say this is one fine specimen. And you're saying he's back on the market?

furyanna.gif Focus! Once we're done with him, I need to go to Quick's room before everyone wakes up. I didn't bring several cans of shaving cream for nothing.

SuccuMiles: Very well, but seeing his bare chest... I'm just having trouble containing myself.

pointsanna.gif Just shut up and hand me the first can. And let's hope he doesn't turn over. Seriously, the only reason I brought you along is your ability to travel between bedrooms using closets. Otherwise this would be impossible.

SuccuMiles: You know, it's more traditional to draw bikinis with whipped cream than shaving cream.

dropanna.gif Well, shaving cream doesn't melt as fast.

pointsanna.gif Okay, we're done. On to Quick's room. Then we go to Ron's room after that. We got to hurry if we want to give every guy in the Katbox one of these before sunrise.


Outside contributer, not comunuty member.
Jun 1, 2009
So, are we getting emoticons back sometime in the near future, or is that just not happening?
The work required contra the usefulness of them will put them rather far back on the schedule I'd presume.
Don't quote me on this, but I think I heard a while back that they're dreading putting emotes back in because of the sheer number of them.


He who loves Succubi and Anthros.
~In the 23rd Century, the Knights of Neo Earth have joined forces with the Chirroian Republic's Inquisitor Division (an organization made of Star Navy officers, Bureau of Information agents and Priests/priestesses) in order to fight the evil of the Feyllok (what the Chirroi call the creatures that the Primes call "Demons"). This Joint task force, codenamed "Sol Paladins", has its HQ located in the capital of the prime lands due to the need for the High Prime to be closely informed on what is happening with operations. Many have fought against the Feyllok and their Cultist followers, sometimes with injuries both physical and psychological popping up after battles. Then again, it is worth it to keep the peace.~

*Oct 29, 226X*

~the High Primes walks into the Command Center next to a Star Navy Captain. Both are viewing a operation-in-progress on the big screen~

Ambar: Tell me, Agent Inora. What's the status of Strike Team Alpha on the hunt for the cultist that culled East Side

~Eric Inora (human), an agent of the Chirroian Republic's BOI, turns to respond~

Eric: they're closing in on her positon, Lady Ambar. Team Leader Joy Ravenhurst has reported that survivors of East Side described the assailant that attacked her while in training several years back.

~The Star Navy Captian, Karaius Shadoufire the Third (humanoid, Oni), then spoke up~

Karaius: so then the perp is this Ayah I've been hearing about.

Eric: I believe so, Captain Shadoufire.

Karaius: sounds like this cultist may be a persistent menace. *types in a few keys on a nearby terminal* Evelyn, what are the sensor readings for the area?

~the main Operating System AI for the Paladins Network, codename "Evelyn", displays an Image on the terminal screen~

Evelyn: Sensors show a high amount of dark mana from grid section Gamma-Hydra 10.

Karaius: *notices the level of dark mana* by the gods...notify Sage Korina and Lt. Asuka of these readings.

*East Side ruins, 2030 hrs*

~at this moment Korina Blightsbane (Opossum) ...a high priestess of Alteirra, the Chirroian Shadow Deity (in this case, it's another name for Dark Goddess) of life/death/nature...receives the news along with Lieutenant Yumiko Asuka (ferret, Vampire).~

Korina: got it, Evelyn. *disconnects* looks like our work is cut out for us. You doing alright, Yumiko?

Yumiko: since it was just a couple of hours that I last took my Synthoglobin (synthesized Hemoglobin), then yes. I'm ok.

Korina: we better tell Team Leader what Evelyn detected...

~~to be continued~~

Merrick Rose

Katbox Forum Member
Apr 20, 2007
Tuscaloosa, AL
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I like the way you die, boy.
Steamed Hams, but it's with Las Lindas characters

-Alsadia knocks on Taffy's door-

Alsadia: Well, Ria, I made it, despite your directions.

Taffy: Ah! Chef Alsadia, welcome! I hope you're prepared for an unforgettable luncheon. ^.^

Alsadia: Mm-hmm.
-She sticks the bottle of wine she brought with her in an ice bucket as Taffy goes into the kitchen. The bunny sees the oven on fire.-

Taffy: Huh? Oh, no! My roast is ruined!
-She looks out the window. There's a McBurger Castle right across the street-

Taffy: But what if... I were to purchase fast food and disguise it as my own cooking. Hehehe... Delightfully devilish, Taffy.
-she takes off her apron and is about to go out the window when Alsadia comes in-

Taffy and the Chef

Taffy, with her crazy explanations!
Chef Alsadia's gonna her need her medication!
When she hears Taffy's lame exaggerations,
There'll be trouble in town tonight!~

Alsadia: RIA!!!

Taffy: Ch-Chef! I was just, um... Stretching my calves on the windowsill. It's a new yoga exercise. Care to join me?

Alsadia: Why is there smoke coming out of your oven, Ria?

Taffy: Hm? Oh! That's not smoke! That's... Steam! From the steamed clams we're having! Mmm... -Rubs her belly- Steamed clams.
-Alsadia seems satisfied and goes back into the dining room.-

Taffy: Whew!
-She climbs out the window and runs across the street. Several minutes later, she goes into the dining room carrying a tray of hamburgers-

Taffy: Chef, I hope you're ready for some mouthwatering hamburgers!

Alsadia: I thought we were having steamed clams.

Taffy: No, I said steamed HAMS. That's what I call hamburgers.

Alsadia: You call hamburgers steamed hams?

Taffy: Yes. It's a regional dialect.

Alsadia: Is that so? What region?

Taffy: Um... Upstate North Dakota.

Alsadia: You don't say? Well, I'm from Bismarck, and I've never heard anyone call them steamed hams.

Taffy: Well, not in Bismarck, no. It's a Fargo expression.

Alsadia: I see.
-They pick up a couple burgers and start eating, Taffy sipping some wine-

Alsadia: ...You know, these hamburgers are very similar to the ones they make at McBurger Castle.

Taffy: Ohoho, no! It's an old family recipe. It's at least 70 years old.

Alsadia: For steamed hams.

Taffy: Yes!

Alsadia: Yes, and you call them "steamed hams" despite the fact that they're obviously grilled.

Taffy: Oh. Um, well... You see... The thing is...
-She smells smoke in the kitchen and wipes her mouth-

Taffy: Will you excuse me for a minute?

Alsadia: Of course.
-Taffy gets up and excuses herself to the kitchen, coming back out right away with a fake yawn. Her entire kitchen is on fire. Taffy forgot to turn the oven off.-

Taffy: Well, that was wonderful! A good time was had by all! I'm all tuckered out!

Alsadia: Yes, I'd best be- -Points towards Taffy's kitchen- Oh my god! What is happening in there!?

Taffy: Aurora Borealis?


Taffy: ...Yes.

Alsadia: ...May I see it?

Taffy: No.
-They walk outside together-

Taffy's Grandfather: Taffy, the house is on fire!

Taffy: No, Grandpa! That's just the Northern Lights!

Alsadia: Well, Ria, you are an odd woman indeed, but I must say... You steam a good ham.
-Half of Taffy's house is on fire now. Alsadia thinks she smells smoke, but Taffy gives her a plastic smile and a thumbs up as she leaves, running back into the house as a fire truck zooms to the scene-

Taffy's Grandfather: HELP! HEEEEEEEEEELP!!!!!!
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