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:gleeNekoNekonny: Hey, we got a surprise.

:gleeTina: What's the surprise?

:gleeMihari: Well, since the Katbox is growing every year, we've decided to get a special guest for the Katbox Christmas party this year. So, after looking around, we managed to get the Nostalgia Critic.

Christmas Special 4.png
:gleeSnowman: Hi guys.

*Cue applause*

:dropYuki: Uh... You guys have seen his videos, right? He kind of goes... crazy this time of year.

:gleeNekoNekonny: Don't worry, he's under a higher dose of chill-out this year.

:gleeTina: Hey, what's this behind his neck?

*Tina pulls off the patch*

Tina,what have you DONE?!

Come on? What's the worse that could...

Christmas Special 1.png


:squintSnowman: I’m full of Christmas *****, I don’t know what that is but it’s hot.

:dropTina: Ewwww....

:squintSnowman: It’s a Heaven's ******, inside an oatmeal cookie shot.
:gleeSnowman: And when I put my Santa hat on it’s a needle full of Christmas glee...
:furySnowman: Coating my house in frilly shit, and Disney trademark intellectual property!

:amazeMihari: RUN!

:furySnowman: Cause it’s snowing I love shopping and I fu fu fu fu fu fucking love Christmas!
:shadesSnowman: Setting up the lights so my fucking house sings cause I’m fucking batshit crazy about Christmas!
:furySnowman: If Christmas was living, I’d fuck it to death and then consume it’s body for it’s Christmas breath
:happySnowman: Cause it’s growing, I’m not stopping I fufufufucking love Christmas!

Christmas Special 3.png
:gleeSnowman: Ladies and gentlemen, Jesus Christ on the electric guitar!

:squintSnowman: I’ll buy all things red and green, accumulating thousands in debt.

Christmas Special 2.png
You can't beat us.


:happySnowman: I’ll let it ruin my life, making it the best Christmas yet
:gleeSnowman: And I’ll play those Christmas carols until my ears will bleed with Christmas cheer,
:shadesSnowman: It’ll scare the shit outta you but it’s only getting bigger every year!
:furySnowman: RRAAAAAGGGGHHH!!!

:amazeKimi: WAAAHHHH!!!

:handsomeSnowman: Cause it’s snowing, I love shopping, and I fu fu fu fu fu fucking love Christmas!
:gleeSnowman: I love those stop motion special that scare the shit outta me, cause I’m fucking batshit crazy about Christmas!
:happySnowman: I bathe in hot chocolate ‘til my skin is red
:furySnowman: And I quote Christmas Story until your soul is dead!
:handsomeSnowman: Cause I’m soaking in sweet toppings, and I fu fu fu fu fu fucking love Christmas!

:happySnowman: And the feels, and the deals, and the meals, and the steals at the Sears
:gleeSnowman: Keep it longer, make it stronger, nothing’s wrong here, I could stay here all year


:gleeSnowman: Smell the crazy, feeling hazy, something’s tasty, at the Macy’s downtown. Getting higher, feeling wired, I’m inspired, I’m on fire right now

:amazeMaya: AAAAAHHH!!

:happySnowman: I love the over marketing for making deplumes. By the way this song’s available on iTunes...
:furySnowman: I wanna smash it open ‘til it’s stiff and cold, and maybe search its brains for its Christmas gold, and then drink it’s blood ‘til I lose control, and the Christmas madness will take it’s toll!


:pointsSnowman: Huh...

*NC Collapses on the ground with a tranq dart in his butt.*


:dropTina: I'm sorry, okay? How was I supposed to know he'd go crazy?

:pointsNekoNekonny: Okay, maybe trying to get a Youtube personality for the holiday party was a bad idea.

:dropYuki: You think?

:squintSnowman: It’s snowing... I love shopping... and I fufufufufufucking love Christmas...

:dropMihari: *Sigh* Let's get out of here.

:squintSnowman: Enough to build tranquilizer immunity, I must be fucking batshit crazy about....

:pointsKBNekonny: Wait... Did he just say..?

:furySnowman: I’ll kill anyone not celebrating with me. Your resistance is feeding my insanity. Cause it’s snowing, I love shopping. So put that star on top the tree, and buy me a fucking tv, we’re going on a shopping spree, my stockings filled with DVDs, my heart is filling up with glee, can’t help what’s is going over me. I fufufufufucking love Christmas!

:amazeNekoNekonny: :amazeTina: :amazeYuki: :amazeMaya: :amazeKimi: :amazeMihari:

:gleeSnowman: Wow, that felt great. Thanks you guys.
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Darth Dies

The Guardian
Feb 25, 2016
Darth is quietly watching from his house...

:ninjaDrake: and they call me crazy...tch!

Darth goes back to his PS4 to resume his Dark Souls 3 story only to see he failed to pause and so he is dead....for the 134th time.

:ninjaDrake: .......AAAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHH!!!!

[doublepost=1480182871,1480057089][/doublepost]While Darth and Nixie are running for their lives,and while Zoie and Fen are listening to tapes,and while Nekonny is somewhere in the building,let's see what Clev is doing!

-.-: ....aaaand...
:D: finished!
-.-: long did that take?...
:D: eh...I'm sure Nixie wouldn't mind!
0.0?: speaking of....Where is everybody!!??...Fen?...DD?...Nekonny!?

:amazeKBNekonny: : ...eeeeeeeeee-

0.0?: Nekonny?...

:amazeKBNekonny:: -eeeeooooOOWW!!


:D: Hey Neko! What's up!

:amazeKBNekonny:: Chinchilla!...Beast!...Lizard!...

0.0?: whaaa-?



Galactic Traveller
May 16, 2016
Personal Text
(In an alternate universe three miles west and two million lightyears straight up from Las Lindas)
(A sidewalk in this universe's Gossamer)
:shySunny: I can't believe I didn't get the job!
:cryMiles: I can't believe Mora fired me! What am I going to do?!
(They see a poster on the wall beside them.)

:confuzzledMiles: XCOM? What's that?
:confuzzledSunny: No idea.
:pointsMiles: Betcha it's some kind of cult.
:sunnyAmaze: Maybe not. C'mon, let's check it out.
:dropMiles: Shouldn't it be Neo-Earth, anyways?

(Later, at the X_COM Recruiting Station. A back room, which appears to be a medical clinic. Sunny is answering a badger-woman's questions, while Miles recieves a physical from a human in a lab-coat.)
:gleeSnowman: Do you have any previous military service?
:happySnowman: That's quite alright, dear. Do you have any kind of pilot's licence, or any previous experience commanding aircraft?
:squintSnowman: Can you pilot a remote-control tank?
:confuzzledSunny: Possibly?..
:happySnowman: Excellent! Welcome to the project; you'll be flown out to our base of operations in a few days for briefing and such.

(Miles is rubbing a spot on his arm where a unreasonably large blood sample was taken. The human doctor examining him is reading some notes on his clipboard.)
:amazeSnowman: Mr. Lionheart, you are possibly the least healthy person I have ever met! Your strength is pathetic, you can't run a fraction of a mile without wiping yourself out, and your balance! Don't even get me started on that!
:pointsMiles: Gee, thanks.
:squintSnowman: Fortunately for you, you fulfill the one requirement to become a soldier.
:confuzzledMiles: ...Which is?
:shadesSnowman: You breathe. Welcome to X_COM, rookie.

('Alright, Kindel, what's the meaning of this?' you're probably asking. Well, I've always wanted to do a playthrough of the classic X_COM, and who better to serve as cannon fodder than a recently-fired Miles and a never-hired Sunny? [Now, ask yourselves: 'Who do I expect to be more competent at this task?'] But a lone incompetent and a cute tank-driving dog-girl can't do it alone! [Can they? Might make for an interesting challenge someday, I suppose.] They need your help to stop the alien menace, which is why I will soon try to create a thread dedicated entirely to this story, where you can sign up with your name and chosen role. More information coming soon!)

(...Before I forget... MrAMP, PM me, please. I need your expertise on something...)
Likes: MrAMP

Darth Dies

The Guardian
Feb 25, 2016
Winter is coming........

So the KB is happily preparring,putting up some decore,getting ready for Christmas,Welcoming our newest KB members,Amp preparring Mistletoe traps...
:gleeSnowman: hehehehehehehehe!
The KB chars preparring all sorts of winter games and friendly challenges and the KB members helping decorate!

a little to the left Darth!


a little to the right!


now go up just a tiny bit!...


No! Not there!

Well how about you come up here and pla!!-

Wait! Stop! That's perfect!

Darth looks at the decoration.

now sloowly lean to the wall so that the nail makes contact with the wood.

Darth does as instructed.

now knail it in...

Darth carefully knails it in.


Now,are we done here Eradose?...

lemme check..uhm..
:gleeSnowman: yep that's it!

now what?...

we find Id of course! Im certain there's a lot more to decorate!..
Likes: MrAMP

Darth Dies

The Guardian
Feb 25, 2016
:confuzzledMihari: uhm...Amp...where are our Christmas tree decorations?...

:amazeSnowman: It's all we have left!...
:squintSnowman: remember last year...our last christmas tree suffered a terrible accident...which resulted in our loss of Christmas tree decore..

:dropMihari: oh yeeaah...
:pointsMihari: forgot about that...

:shadesSnowman: Hey guys.

:gleeSnowman: Hello Id!
:gleeMihari: hi Id!

:shadesSnowman: how are the decorations coming along?...

:dropMihari: we are missing a few tree decorations...

:shadesSnowman: Ah yes! Thanks for reminding me!

Id hands Amp and Mihari a box.

:amazeSnowman: We're already giving presents!?

:furySnowman: No!
:shadesSnowman: these are our new Tree decoratins! Balls in all shapes and sizes,different textures and colours etc.

:gleeMihari: These are great Id! Thank you!

:shadesSnowman: Alright. Amp,since you have a creative mind,you may have the honour of decorating the tree.

:crySnowman: thank you master!

:shadesSnowman: as for you Mihari! How are our members coming along with the decorations?

:gleeMihari: splendid! DD and Eradose just finished their decoration task! Fennec is preparring some Festive games! Zoie and Nixie are running errands and will soon finish! In short everythings coming out great!

:shadesSnowman: Excelent! Now that we have more members,artists among them! This will be a great New Year for the KatBox!

Merrick Rose

Katbox Forum Member
Apr 20, 2007
Tuscaloosa, AL
Personal Text
I like the way you die, boy.
I! Have! RETURNED!!!

WARNING: NSFW due to Holocaust jokes. So don't say I didn't warn you.

Based on the video of the same name...

Cyanide & Happiness: Katbox Edition

Bunker Blaster

*Sarah walks into a GameStop and walks up to the clerk with an annoyed expression on her face.*

:pointsSarah: Excuse me. I want to return this game. *She holds up a game called Bunker Blaster.*
:pointsSnowman: Sorry, kid. Looks like you bought that used. *He points to a sign that says "No refunds on used games".*
:pointsSarah: Yeah, I know I bought it used. But I think it's broken.
:pointsSnowman: Hmm...
:furySarah: Seriously! Try it yourself if you don't believe me.
:squintSnowman: *Lets out an ever-suffering sigh, like he really doesn't want to be here as he takes the game out of the case and puts in a PS3 to test it out. The game's opening plays; it takes place in Berlin, 1945.*
:pointsSnowman: Looks fine to me.
:furySarah: Keep going.
*The clerk takes control of Hitler, and the game runs through the tutorial. But when he presses the button to shoot his gun, Hitler turns the gun on himself and blows his brains out. Blood pours down the screen and the words "YOU WIN!" appear. The clerk takes the game out.*
:pointsSnowman: Sooo... What's the problem?
:amazeSarah: What?! What's the probl-
:furySarah: There's NO GAME!
:pointsSnowman: Well, the disc isn't scratched or cracked or anything, so I guess there's nothing wrong with it.
:furySarah: So that's it?! You just kill yourself in the tutorial?!
:squintSnowman: ...I suppose in whatever games you like to play, Hitler gets to live?
:amazeSarah: Huh? N-No! It's just that I paid 40 bucks for this ga-
:furySnowman: *Slams his hands on the counter* You know who paid a lot MORE than 40 bucks? Let's see. There's... Most of Europe. Um... Over 6 million Jewish people. Oh! And let's not forget all the American soldiers who gave their lives so you could waste yours sitting on your ass every day playing video games.
:crySarah: Hey, I don't want to get into some huge argument, okay?! I just...
:pointsSarah: Video games aren't exactly cheap, you know?
:furySarah: New ones cost around 60 bucks and used ones like this can run up to 40. So when I spend that much money on a video game, I-
:gleeSnowman: You expect to kill Jews.
:happySnowman: I understand PERFECTLY.
:furySarah: NO! I expect it to last way longer than a minute! Look, I just want my money back, okay?!
:pointsSnowman: *Points at the "No refunds" sign with firm finality.*
:furySarah: Well, can I at least exchange it for a different game?
:gleeSnowman: Sure, go ahead.
:furySarah: Good! ...What can I exchange it for?
:gleeSnowman: Anything from the used shelf.
*She picks something out and takes it home, putting it into her PS3. The title is The Anne Frank Adventure. The tutorial asks Sarah to jump, and she does so.*
:furySnowman: ZEY'RE IN ZE ATTIC!
*Automatic gunfire rings out as bullets rip through the attic floor from the room underneath.*
:crySarah: *Watches in horror.*

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gleeanna.gif So… Would you give DF a blowjob if his junk was covered in peanut butter?

03.png Where the hell do you come up with these perverted questions?

pointsanna.gif Just answer the question, dammit.

03.png I guess they weren’t kidding when they said you were perverted as…

amazeanna.gif What the hell is that?!

Eraku emote.png And that makes 100.

:dropMiles: Thank the Dragon Gods!

dropanna.gif Uh… Was Eraku seriously bench pressing Miles there?

pointsLilith.gif Blame Rachael. She said she could lift Miles over her head, so Eraku took it as a challenge.

pointsanna.gif Figures.

:gleeRachael: Oh, you must be Fulvus. Nice to see you around here.

:dropMiles: Forgive the crazy. When characters outside the Katbox show up, this is kind of expected.

:pointsRachael: Especially with Anna.

furyanna.gif Hey!

05.png Yeah, I know of you two. So, who’s the girl with the elf ears and horns?

pointsLilith.gif Name’s Lilith. I’m a bounty hunter by trade.

02.png And who’s your friend?

Eraku emote.png …And here we go again.

pointsLilith.gif That’s Eraku, my bounty hunting partner.

02.png So… are you two dating… or is he “available”?

:pointsRachael: He’s gay. And if he wasn’t, I saw him first.

dropanna.gif (Could say something in this situation, but I want to see how long this will last.)

Eraku emote.png Why must athletic women be attracted to me?

:dropMiles: Dude, I’d kill for your luck.

:confuzzledMiles: Huh? What’s that white strap sticking out from under your shirt.

Eraku emote.png What strap?

:pointsMiles: This one, right here…

Eraku emote.png DON’T PULL ON THAT YOU ASS!



06.png Wait… Are those..?

dropLilith.gif Well, the secret is out I guess. We don't mention this a lot, but Eraku is actually a girl.

01.png (Holy fuck, I can’t believe I was thinking of banging a girl.)

:wutRachael: (Holy fuck, I can’t believe I was sexually attracted to a girl.)

dropanna.gif (Holy fuck, why didn’t this last longer?)

:heartMiles: (Holy fuck, how did she manage to hide those massive hooters?)

Darth Dies

The Guardian
Feb 25, 2016
:wutRachael: ...W-why would someone even write such a thing?...
(Sits in the corner and shivers in horror.)
Simple sake of views on a vid....Welcome to the Modern Day internet!! Where racism,nazism and racist,sexist jokes and rape grant you power and fame!!
[doublepost=1480750428,1480748678][/doublepost]:confuzzledCurran: Riiigght...Here?

:pointsWT: hmm...
:gleeWT: Perfect!

:gleeCurran: so! What's next on the Agenda?

:gleeWT: now we have to check up on our Chars. Make sure everything's ok.

:gleeCurran: alright. Lets go!

-First stop LL-

:heartAmbar: Hello White Tiger! Hello Curran!
:gleeAmbar: how may I help you?

:heartWT: Good Morning Ambar!
:gleeWT: We're just here for a check up is all.

:gleeAmbar: Ah yes. Well Miss Mora produced some lovely harvest for the Winter and Miss Alejandra stocked us up on goods and other necessities.

:heartAmbar: We'll have a lovely feast on Christmas and New Years Eve!

:gleeWT: Alright thank you for your time Lady Ambar.

:heartCurran: Farewell!
[doublepost=1480792939][/doublepost]-Nixies Little Helpers-

0-0: wait so...You and DD went to a,what appeared to be a storage chamber.

:amazeKBNekonny: yes!

0-0: in which you encountered a chinchilla?...

:amazeKBNekonny: : but It wasn't a chinchilla!!

0-0: a chinchilla who later turned into a ...were-lizard?....


:amazeKBNekonny: : WHAT!?

>:D: we must hunt it down and study it! Its changeling talents will open up new windows for changing animal species!

:amazeKBNekonny: : you've gone mad!!

>:D: Mad with science!!!!

Darth Dies

The Guardian
Feb 25, 2016
XD Nixie and Boris would be so delightful.
I'm glad you enjoy this little fanfic! ^^
[doublepost=1480864899,1480794242][/doublepost]:D: Come Nekonny my good friend! We must capture this creature togheter!

Clev picks up Nekonny

:amazeKBNekonny: Hey! Don't bring me on your suicide mission!

>:D: Nonsense! You are essential to this!

:amazeKBNekonny: Nooo!


:amazeSnowman: Did we escape?...
:squintSnowman: Darth?...
:pointsSnowman: where'd you dissappear to?...

:reptilefuryBoris: RAAAWR!!!


As Nixie starts running she gets pulled into a corner,her mouth covered.

:amazeSnowman: Mmph!!


Darth covers himself and Nixie with his black cloth cape,camoflauging himself again as the beast runs up around the corner.

:reptilefuryBoris: hisss....Raawr...

Having been fooled again by a simple illusion,trick of the eye lighting trick,the best runs off down the hall.

:squintSnowman: Damnit!


I didn't get a good look with the camera...

are you serious....
[doublepost=1481006253][/doublepost]-KB holiday! (Prep)-

:gleeCurran: alright! That's all of the comics!

:gleeWT: ok,let's go back to Id.


:amazeSK: I tell ya Omega! These are marvelous!

:heartOmega: Aww. Thank you sweetie!

:confuzzledSK: where shall we place them?..

:gleeOmega: how about here?...

:amazeSK: Perfect!

:gleeMihari: I see the food is just about ready.
:heartMihari: and what is that heavenly smell!

:gleeOmega: You'll see!

:heartSK: This will be amazaing!
pointsanna.gif Guys... We have a problem.

:pointsRachael: Dare I ask what?

pointsanna.gif Well, I was going over my potions...

:pointsMiles: What did you do this time?

pointsanna.gif Very funny... Especially since what I found when I noticed my last bottle of monsterization potion was missing was YOUR fingerprints.

:pointsRachael: Miles, what were you doing there?

:amazeMiles: Hey, I didn't do jack shit!

pointsanna.gif No, but given we do know of a copy of Miles running around...

:wutRachael: Oh... crap. Her. And you said she probably took your last monsterization potion?

pointsanna.gif That's right.

:dropMiles: And now I'm terrified. Who knows what that she-devil copy of mine is up to with that stuff...

05.png Hey Miles, I didn't know you have a twin sister.

:pointsMiles: I get that a lot.

02.png She was quite nice. Gave me a half pound peanut butter cup. Kind of weird, since I don't know her. But who am I to turn down free peanut butter?

:pointsMiles: She's not my sister. She's a succubus who only looks like...

pointsanna.gif Wait... Did you say she gave you a half pound peanut butter cup?

02.png Yeah. Just finishing it up.

07.png *CHOMP*

:wutRachael: Oh... shit...

amazeanna.gif HIT THE DECK!!!!

((As I said before, information, such as Fulvus' peanut butter addiction, can be dangerous in the wrong hands.))
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Merrick Rose

Katbox Forum Member
Apr 20, 2007
Tuscaloosa, AL
Personal Text
I like the way you die, boy.
Time for something more lighthearted and possibly more sexy than my last post.

When your cable is messed up, you get stressed out.

:furyWT: *The picture on WT's TV is blurry and he has no idea how to fix it.*

When you get stressed out, you need to relax.

:pointsWT: *Looks at prices for airplane tickets.*

When you need to relax, you go on vacation.

:gleeWT: *He takes a plane to Paraiso.*

When you go on vacation, you meet Tila Sunrise and the High Prime.

:amazeWT: :pointsTila: :pointsAmbar: *He bumps into them while clubbing one night.*

When you meet Tila Sunrise and the High Prime, you hit it off with Tila Sunrise and the High Prime.

:XDWT: :gleeTila: :gleeAmbar: *They get to know each other over drinks as he tells them an awesome joke.*

When you hit it off with Tila Sunrise and the High Prime, you go to a hotel with Tila Sunrise and the High Prime.

:heartWT: :heartTila: :heartAmbar: *Tila hangs the "DO NOT DISTURB" sign on their door.*

And when you go to a hotel with Tila Sunrise and the High Prime, you reenact all your favorite hentai scenes with Tila Sunrise and the High Prime.


Don't reenact all your favorite hentai scenes with Tila Sunrise and the High Prime.
Get rid of cable and upgrade to Nano-Zell TV.
Call 1-800-NANO-ZTV.

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Darth Dies

The Guardian
Feb 25, 2016
:gleeSnowman: hehehehehehehe!

:furyMihari: AMP!

:squintSnowman: there's an easier way to get someones attention than to sneak up on them.

:pointsMihari: Dare I ask what is it that you're doing here?...

:happySnowman: well that's an easy one!
:gleeSnowman: I'm just setting up a few "Fun suprises"!

:pointsMihari: And those "Fun suprises" are?...

:gleeSnowman: Trinkets! Odds and ends....that sort of thing.

:pointsMihari: Just tell me one...

:happySnowman: Confeti canon!

Amp activates his little "suprise" as it shoot confeti at Mihari.

:amazeMihari: Ee!...
:confuzzledMihari: little Pie in the face thing?

:gleeSnowman: Nope!

:confuzzledMihari: No NSFW pics are gonna drop to the guys?...

:gleeSnowman: Nope!
:squintSnowman: Didn't work last time,won't work now..m

:confuzzledMihari: ANYTHING that Amp might do?...

:gleeSnowman: Nope!

:gleeMihari: well then! You've honestly suprised me Amp!

:gleeSnowman: look Imma take a break from my routine stuff just so our new KB members can have a great christmas!

:gleeMihari: Alright then..see you soon Amp!

As Mihari leaves Amp looks over to his decoy trap and walks over to it.

He seets his actual mistletoe trap and closes the hatch.

:gleeSnowman: hehehehehehehehe.
:handsomeSnowman: They will neva' know!
:squintSnowman: Now I just gotta remove all those pie traps from the presents...
*We take a break from our regularly scheduled monster girl rampage for this short story...*


:wutTaffy: Anna? You okay there, sweetie? You're just lying there, staring off into space.

pointsanna.gif I don't know... I'm feeling... I'm not sure if "melancholy" is the word, but it's the only word I can think of.

:gleeTaffy: Well, if something's bothering you, you can talk to me about it.

:pointsTaffy: So long as it's within reason.

pointsanna.gif Well, I was rewatching Ghost in the Shell again, and now I'm starting to have this nagging feeling I had a while back. Like, staring into a mirror, and seeing another person other than myself in it. Metaphorically speaking.

:wutTaffy: That's... not something I'd think I'd hear from you.

pointsanna.gif Yeah. It's hard to explain this feeling. Like, there's something inside me trying to get out. Another identity trying to take over, or rather, one I have either suppressed or forgotten long ago. Almost as if I'm just a mask or shadow of my true self.

:wutTaffy: Anna... you're scaring me. This introspection you're doing on yourself is not like you.

pointsanna.gif Again, it's not like I haven't felt this way before. I've talked to Rachael about it last time I had this feeling.

:pointsTaffy: Okay, who are you, and what have you done with the real Anna?

pointsanna.gif Taffy, I'm trying to be serous. I mean, a machine can have a soul after all. How else can I use holy magic after all? So... what if that soul... I don't know... What if my soul had a life before being trapped in this mechanical body?

:wutTaffy: You mean, like... reincarnation?

pointsanna.gif I... I don't know. Maybe?

:wutTaffy: Anna... The very ideas you're talking about make me question a lot of things about life. Questions I didn't think a machine like you would even ask. And quite frankly, this is starting to make me uncomfortable.

pointsanna.gif I'm sorry. Maybe it's just the whole "finding the meaning of life" crap everyone goes through at least once.

:pointsTaffy: I'm not sure if that's exactly what the problem is here.

:gleeTaffy: Listen, how about you take your mind off it, and bake some cookies with me. Maybe it will help.

gleeanna.gif Can I use my zombie cookie cutters to make zombie gingerbread men?

:pointsTaffy: I... guess? Whatever makes you feel better.


He who loves Succubi and Anthros.
~somewhere in the Trias System~

:amazeDigit: Alert! Long range sensors have detected a fleet of Feyllok battleships. course projection puts them on route to the Sol Neo Earth.
:furyDigit: All pilots to the Exoguns!
*a pilot slides down the chute to his cockpit, takes a device off his wrist and inserts it into a slot on the controls of his fighter*
:visorDigit: Identity confirmed. Karaius Shadoufire, Rank: Admiral.
:shadesSnowman: Start checklist! Internal Power via Emeraldine Power core.
:visorDigit: Enabled
:shadesSnowman: External Power.
:visorDigit: Disabled
:shadesSnowman: Impulse drive
:visorDigit: Primed
:shadesSnowman: G-Negaters.
:visorDigit: Enabled
:shadesSnowman: Warp Drive
:visorDigit: Primed
:shadesSnowman: Disruptor Cannons
:visorDigit: Solarite disruptor emmitters installed and primed
:shadesSnowman: Angeium Torpedoes
:visorDigit: Installed and primed
:shadesSnowman: Mythrillium Plating
:visorDigit: Installed
:shadesSnowman: Combat Shield Emitters
:visorDigit: Anti Etherium-Delta** shield emittters installed and primed
:shadesSnowman: Cockpit and computer/ power core Anti-corruption shielding
:visorDigit: Installed and Enabled
:shadesSnowman: TransCog Module
:visorDigit:Installed and primed
:shadesSnowman: Thrusters
:visorDigit: Enabled
:shadesSnowman: Life Support
:visorDigit: Enabled
:shadesSnowman: Neural Interface
*he feels a slight tingling in the neck*
:visorDigit: Enabled
:shadesSnowman: Emergency cockpit separation system
:visorDigit: Primed.
:shadesSnowman: Navigation Systems.
:visorDigit: Enabled
:shadesSnowman: Targeting Systems
:visorDigit: Enabled
:shadesSnowman: All systems go!
:visorDigit: Confirmed, all systems are are go!
:visorDigit: Exoguns with Holim Configuration primed and Ready! Prepare to Launch!

(**Etherium-Delta Radiation is basically Dark Mana. the weapons and shield systems used to counter this use Etherium-Alpha Radiation, aka Light Mana. both can be corruptive if exposed to either for too long, hence the cockpit and computer/ power core anti-corruption shielding...which is made from an Adamantium alloy mesh.)
Continuing from where we left off...

:dropMiles: Last time I checked, those nine tailed foxes don't have large claws like that.

pointsanna.gif It's her existing cross-breed nature. She's part Kitsune, part Jinko now.

:pointsRachael: Thankfully, we got Fulvus contained before she went nuts.

dropanna.gif Given what was used to change her into this form, there's a joke there, but I'm not touching it.

pointsLilith.gif So, do you have any antidote left for this, Anna?

pointsanna.gif Thankfully, Miles' succubus doppelganger didn't snatch that. I have it on hand right here.

dropanna.gif The problem becomes how are we gonna give it to her.

dropLilith.gif Hey, my oni blood might make me strong and tough, but those claws of her's are still gonna leave a mark.

:blushMiles: I'll gladly sacrifice myself to...

:furyRachael: furyLilith.gif furyanna.gif NO WAY IN FUCKING HELL!

:dropMiles: Hey, I was just offering.

pointsanna.gif Anyway... We can just leave her contained for now. The dose she was given should only last a few hours. About the same dose I use to give to Pepper Ann.

pointsLilith.gif Before you cut her off of the monsterization potion, right?

dropanna.gif Well, duh. It was getting to the point she was risking permanent transformation into a Manticore.

pointsanna.gif She didn't take being cut off the potion too well. Might need to check to see if the potion has addictive qualities.

dropLilith.gif I'm pretty sure she was more addicted to the power trip she was getting transforming into that form. I still have nightmares when she had the non-cannon enlargement to Mora sized boobs.

dropanna.gif Nearly forgot about that. She sure when on a power trip then.

pointsanna.gif And she's just under that size when she goes Manticore.

:pointsRachael: It's not like a drug dealer to cut off their junkie, Anna.

pointsanna.gif I'm not a drug dealer. I just let her use it once and a while. She scared a few people with it. But she started to become a bit... forceful about it. At that point I realized she was using it more than just to scare a few people every so often. So that was the cut off point.

:pointsMiles: Wait a second... I just had a thought. Don't they only sell those half a pound peanut butter cups in 1 pound 2 packs? Where's the other peanut butter cup?

:wutRachael: Uh, Anna. The whole potion was used in that single cup, right?

dropLilith.gif Anna...


pointsanna.gif Well.... fuck. I guess we found what happened to that other peanut butter cup.
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Darth Dies

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Feb 25, 2016
:visorDigit: Identity confirmed. Karaius Shadoufire, Rank: Admiral.
:shadesSnowman: Start checklist! Internal Power via Emeraldine Power core.
:visorDigit: Enabled
:shadesSnowman: External Power.
:visorDigit: Disabled
:shadesSnowman: Impulse drive
:visorDigit: Primed
:shadesSnowman: G-Negaters.
:visorDigit: Enabled
:shadesSnowman: Warp Drive
:visorDigit: Primed
:shadesSnowman: Disruptor Cannons
:visorDigit: Solarite disruptor emmitters installed and primed
:shadesSnowman: Angeium Torpedoes
:visorDigit: Installed and primed
:shadesSnowman: Mythrillium Plating
:visorDigit: Installed
:shadesSnowman: Combat Shield Emitters
:visorDigit: Anti Etherium-Delta** shield emittters installed and primed
:shadesSnowman: Cockpit and computer/ power core Anti-corruption shielding
:visorDigit: Installed and Enabled
:shadesSnowman: TransCog Module
:visorDigit:Installed and primed
:shadesSnowman: Thrusters
:visorDigit: Enabled
:shadesSnowman: Life Support
:visorDigit: Enabled
:shadesSnowman: Neural Interface
*he feels a slight tingling in the neck*
:visorDigit: Enabled
:shadesSnowman: Emergency cockpit separation system
:visorDigit: Primed.
:shadesSnowman: Navigation Systems.
:visorDigit: Enabled
:shadesSnowman: Targeting Systems
:visorDigit: Enabled
-Several hours and system checks later-

Likes: KarlSupreme
:pointsRachael: I still don't understand why you guys were made part of the Katbox Gift Exchange this year. Mr AMP, I can understand. But you two?

dropLilith.gif Well, it seemed the High Prime was VERY INSISTENT that a few non-offical character got in on the gift exchange. Something about having dirt on Mihari.

:pointsMora: That doesn't surprise me at all.

gleeLilith.gif Well, I got Fulvus' name, so I got her a selection of exotic peanut butters, and the Super Dungeon Explore: Forgotten King set. Figure she could use a start up for when we start the Super Dungeon campaigns.

:pointsTaffy: I'm still a bit nervous when Anna's brother said he was going to work on making SDE versions of my party's characters. Still didn't like that he displayed Lux surrounded by Glomps.

:gleeRachael: I got Sesame, and I figured she could use one of those kickboxing dummies.

:pointsMora: All I had to get Kimi was a fish. Pretty easy there.

:pointsTaffy: I got Jazmine. That was a pain in the butt. I mean, what DO you get a ninja for Christmas?

pointsLilith.gif I feel sorry for whoever got her sister.

pointsanna.gif Which WASN'T me. Of course, that's not stopping me from getting a gift for senpai. Bad Dragon was having a two for one sale on their "Cyberdemon" toy.

:wutTaffy: "Bad Dragon"? Isn't that a sex toy shop?

dropLilith.gif I've seen some of their stuff on Tumblr feeds before. Not enough morbid curiosity to check that site out.

:pointsMora: So you're giving Reiko two dildos?

pointsanna.gif No, the other one is for the person who's name I pulled, and I am not happy I got THEIR name.

:confuzzledMora: Well, who would be perverted enough to want something like that for...

:wutRachael: ...You got Miles' succubus copy, didn't you.

pointsanna.gif Bingo.

:wutTaffy: Well... I'm sure she'll... enjoy it.
[doublepost=1482708742,1482560528][/doublepost]*During the gift exchange...*

:pointsMora: Uh.... thanks. I think..

:winkReiko: I knew you'd like it.

:pointsChrissy: And here I thought Reiko getting sex toys for Christmas was tacky. Here she is giving one.

:pointsJazmin: Hopefully it's not a used one.

:gleeCheng: A whole crate of assorted tea! Thank you!

:happyYuki: I knew you'd like it.

gleeLilith.gif Well, the present exchange seems to be going well.

:gleeSnowman: Hi there.

confuzzledLilith.gif AMP, what are you doing? Don't you have someone to give a gift to?

:handsomeSnowman: Well, I got your name.

dropLilith.gif ...Oooookay.

pointsLilith.gif If it's something perverted, I will break you. With my club.

:squintSnowman: Come on, give me some credit.

pointsLilith.gif I trust you only a quarter of what I can throw you, since I can throw you quite far.

:pointsSnowman: Just open your damn gift.


*I'll leave it up to you as to what AMP gave her, and if he's gonna get hurt for it."


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May 16, 2016
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(Not exactly seasonable, but still fun. I would have done Miles and Rachel, but Miles' voice won't go high enough unless you nail him in the family jewels, and I couldn't get the f**ker to hold still long enough...)

:happyTaffy: Dearest darlingest Mumsie and Popsicle...
:blushAngel: My dear father...
:dropAngel: :doomfaceTaffy: ♩There's been some confusion over rooming here at Shiz...
:gleeAngel: But of course I'll care for Nessa...
:happyTaffy: But of course I'll rise above it!
:heartAngel: :happyTaffy: For I know that's how you'd want me to respond!
:pointsAngel: :pointsTaffy:Yes...
:dropAngel: :pointsTaffy: There's been some confusion for you see my roommate is...
:wutTaffy: Un-usually and exceedingly peculiar and altogether quite impossible to descriii-be...
:pointsAngel: ...
:pointsAngel: ...Pink.

:wutTaffy: What is this feeling, so sudden, and new?
:confuzzledAngel: I felt the moment, I laid eyes on you?
:amazeTaffy: My pulse is rushing!
:amazeAngel: My head is reeling!
:wutTaffy: My face is flushing!
:blushAngel: :wutTaffy: What is this feeling?!
:gleeAngel: :gleeTaffy: Fervid as a flame... Does it have a name?
:amazeAngel: :amazeTaffy: YeeeeESSS!
:furyAngel: :furyTaffy: Loathing!
:furyAngel: :furyTaffy: Unadulterated loathing!
:furyTaffy: For your face!
:furyAngel: Your voice!
:furyTaffy: Your clothing! Let's just say...
:furyAngel: :furyTaffy: I loath it all!
:furyAngel: :furyTaffy: Every little trait how-ever small! Makes my very flesh begin to crawl! With simple utter loathing.
:confuzzledAngel: :amazeTaffy: There's a strange exhilaration-- in such total detestation.
:gleeAngel: :happyTaffy: It's so pure, so strong!
:furyAngel: :furyTaffy: Though I do admit it came on fast, still I do believe that it can last!
:furyAngel: :furyTaffy: And I will be loathing you my whole... life... long.