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 Fanfic The Katbox Presents... Emoticon Theater!

Discussion in 'Community Works' started by BadXAsh, Dec 18, 2008.

  1. Darth Dies

    Darth Dies The Guardian

    Feb 25, 2016
    :amazeKBNekonny: Nixieeee!

    Just keep walking!

    Nixie and Zoie get to an elevator.

    :squintSnowman: ok now I've just seen a lot of horor movies to know where this will take us...lets find the stairs!


    Cleverlet...if you jumpscare me then I swear to-

    D:/: Fennec! Fennec come quickly!!


    Fen rushes to Cleverlet only to see him kneeling before a magnificent taur statue with faubulus hair.

    °3°: Isn't it glorious!!??

    :pointsNekoNekonny: ...should've went with Darth or Neko....
    Last edited: Oct 2, 2016
  2. Nixie

    Nixie Seal of Approval Staff Member Katbox Comic Artist

    Jan 19, 2010
    Washington, USA
    Home Page:
    Personal Text:
    Ort ort ort
    Hehehe, always avoid elevators if you are potentially in a horror movie!
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  3. Eradose

    Eradose Katbox Forum Member

    Jun 1, 2009
    Containment Protocol active
    Home Page:
    pointsanna.gif Oh, so it's you...

    gleeanna.gif I had my suspicions, but I had a feeling YOU were the "Katbox Queen".

    xdanna.gif Wait until I tell the others about this.

    confuzzledanna.gif What? You want me to help you.

    pointsanna.gif You do realize that there's little you can do to make me play along, and not blab about your identity.

    amazeanna.gif What?!

    furyanna.gif Where did you get that video?!

    pointsanna.gif So... it's blackmail, is it?

    furyanna.gif Damn you.
    --- Double Post Merged, Oct 7, 2016, Original Post Date: Oct 3, 2016 ---
    :pointsMora: "The Queen is coming"? That sure isn't cryptic or anything.

    :pointsTina: And we still have no clue who the hell she is.

    :dropYuki: It's like trying to decrypt one of those creepypasta posts. Sure, there's some kind of logic, but it's hard to find buried under all the crap.

    :pointsAlex: And we still have no idea who is going to get suckered into this so call tournament of hers.

    :pointsChrissy: ...By the way. Where's Anna? I haven't seen her in a while.

    :pointsRachael: Last I heard, she got a message talking about something "she needed to see".

    :dropBriella: Sounds like a trap to me... or a convenient excuse.

    :poinstJill: I thought we establish the dragon was not involved in this.

    furyBriella: She is no pureblood!

    :pointsCaroline: Simmer down there.

    :pointsTinaW: Who knows... She's the one who has access to the equipment required for such a thing.

    :wutRachael: Wait... A thought just occurred to me.

    :pointsKibbles: And what might that be?

    :wutRachael: If Anna wasn't involved before, what if she now.

    :pointsMora: And why would that be the case?

    :dropRachael: I... happen to know something about Anna. Something that could be used for prime blackmail material.


    :pointsRachael: Do you want to deal with the high prime?

    :dropNekonny: Wait... Ambar is involved? Now I think I don't want to hear it.

    :wutRachael: But... The dread I feel is... IF someone else found out, they could blackmail Anna into using the equipment.

    :dropHope: But, if this secret involves the high prime... It would have to be someone who doesn't fear her wrath.

    :pointsRachael: Keep in mind, this is just speculation. But if this was the case...

    :confuzzledPA: That would mean...

    :pointsMora: Bingo. The title makes a whole lot of sense now.

    :confuzzledJazmin: But... didn't we establish it would be out of character for her?

    :pointsNekonny: As I said before, I would not put it past her at all.

    :pointsJanine: Well, there's only one way to find out, is there?

    :pointsMora: I think it's time to pay this so called "Katbox Queen" a visit....

    :pointsRachael: Yeah, wasn't being the "mascot" enough?
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  4. Darth Dies

    Darth Dies The Guardian

    Feb 25, 2016
    downloadfile-4.gif ok...now place that here...

    :ninjaDrake: I really don't know about this...wait why are we doing this again?...

    you know the whole "Katbox queen" thing right?...

    yeah...happened after Eradose announced the KB battle tournament thing..

    strange..I know...

    :ninjaDrake: I would've said suspicious but yours can work...

    speaking of suspicious...you've gone rather quiet after that...

    ...where do I place this?...

    over here...

    you still haven't told me "Why" we are doing this...

    the tournament will be hosted here..and "The Queen" will most likely be here...so if we catch her we can prove that for once this wasn't my doing!

    no more is needed...

    and that is why I chose you to do this. No questions asked and I Can relly on you to keep this a secret right?

    my lips are sealed...

    Good...now hold on to this...we'll need it later.

    Inspired from @Eradose!!

  5. TerrificTwenty

    TerrificTwenty Katbox Guitar God and Soundtrack Specialist Katbox Patreon

    :gleeCurran: Somewhere deep in the slow, eternal depths of the heavens drifts a planet called simply "Neo Earth"
    :gleeCurran: And among the otherwise unremarkable population of this planet are three incredible heroes, destined to save the future from itself

    Liona McGraw with the Usagi Girls in...6969

    :gleeReiko: Hey Jazmin, Liona and I made a time machine spaceship. You... wanna go on it?
    :winkReiko: Yeah, okay cool

    :gleeTina: :gleeReiko: Soaring through the galaxy, the stars and sky align
    :gleeTina: :gleeReiko: The speed of light's for wussies; we're going at the speed of Jazmin
    :gleeTina: :gleeReiko: Flying towards the sexual peak of history and time
    :heartReiko: Computer, set a sexy course for the sexiest year

    :gleeTina: :gleeReiko: Sixty-nine
    :gleeTina: :gleeReiko: Sixty-nine
    :gleeTina: (Sixty-nine) :winkReiko: I've got my space suit
    :gleeTina: (Sixty-nine) :winkReiko: And ninety pounds of space lube

    :gleeTina: :gleeReiko: Crossing through into a fuckin' worm hole beyond the Milky Way
    :gleeTina: :gleeReiko: That shit's far
    :gleeTina: :gleeReiko: To a time of Earth so far into the future where everyone gets laid
    :gleeTina: :gleeReiko: Twice as hard
    :gleeTina: :gleeReiko: We're noble knights of honor on a fierce and sultry butt crusade
    :gleeTina: :gleeReiko: Here we are

    :gleeTina: :gleeReiko: Open the bay doors and let's live the dream
    :gleeTina: :gleeReiko: Give the world a double team
    :gleeTina: :gleeReiko: We bet it's a billion person orgy in an ocean of whipped cream

    :amazeReiko: Wait, this place isn't sexy at all!
    :cryReiko: And this robot sign says human touch has been outlawed

    :cryReiko: I can't believe my eyes, but it's a world without sex
    :cryTina: Everyone here just wears full length pants and loose fitting turtlenecks
    :cryReiko: Men and women wave to each other from a respectable distance
    :cryTina: :cryReiko: Without the thrill of boning, what is life?
    :furyTina: :furyReiko: We must speak to the Council of Dick Elders tonight

    :gleeReiko: Excuse me, Dick Elders?
    ??? What do you want?
    :gleeReiko: We know it's most unusual to come before you so
    :gleeReiko: But the planet Earth sucks balls now that no one's allowed to bone
    [unmasked] :confuzzledAlej: :wutTaffy: :confuzzledSunny:
    We've come from the past to introduce you to ass
    :amazeMora: Wait! You're Reiko Usagi! You will ruin our plans!
    :furyMora: Guards! Sound the alarms!
    :amazeTina: :amazeJazmin: :amazeReiko:
    :furyMora: If people have sex, they'll break a thousand-year spell
    :furyMora: There'll be a revolution and they'll think for themselves
    :furyMora: We control this planet of unsatisfied wood
    :heartMora: Why does being evil always feel so damn good?

    :furyReiko: Fuck that bullshit, :furyTina:we'll make it right
    :furyTina: :furyReiko: Get ready for a sexy fight
    :gleeTina: Our heart's the spark of hope and a revolution shall ignite :gleeReiko: (tonight)
    :gleeTina: :gleeReiko: We're taking flight, we have to find a man
    :furyMora: Shoot the fucking lasers!
    :furyMora: Shoot the fucking lasers at 'em!
    :gleeTina: :gleeReiko: Show him what it means to love, and fix this broken world
    :furyMora: All the fuckin lasers!
    :furyMora: All the fuckin lasers at 'em!
    :gleeReiko: A new sex queen will rule; let the bosom banners be unfurled

    :heartReiko: Liona, Jazmin; look at that man with the sad eyes and the beautiful brown hair. I'm immediately in love!

    :gleeTina: (Sixty-nine) :gleeReiko: He spent a life all alone
    :gleeTina: (Sixty-nine) :gleeReiko: Wanna take him to the bone zone
    :gleeTina: (Sixty-nine) :gleeReiko: Make him feel the pleasure
    :gleeTina: (Sixty-nine) :gleeReiko: On a lonely treasure
    :gleeReiko: I can't believe my eyes, but you're the man of my dreams
    :heartReiko: Let's both tear all of our clothes off like two pants-hating wolverines
    :heartReiko: The love we make will save the Earth from this oppressive regime

    :gleeTina: Oh Oh Whoa
    :heartReiko: We're having sex now
    :gleeTina: Oh Oh Whoa
    :heartReiko: To change the world
    :gleeTina: Oh Oh Whoa
    :amazeReiko: You brought your friends now
    :gleeTina: Oh Oh Whoa
    :amazeReiko: Oh shit, they're girls!

    :winkReiko: I think it's obvious that people liked our sexy show
    :gleeReiko: A multi-billion person orgy has broken out all across the globe
    :gleeReiko: The human race, much like his junk, will now be free to grow :XDTina: (let's go!)

    :gleeTina: Oh Oh Whoa
    :amazeReiko: But what about the Elders?
    :gleeTina: Oh Oh Whoa
    :cryReiko: We tore their world to shreds
    :gleeTina: Oh Oh Whoa
    :gleeReiko: Maybe they'll be cool with it
    :gleeTina: Oh Oh Whoa
    :gleeReiko: Oh hey, Dick Elders! How's it goin'?

    :furyMora: You three are fucking dead!

    :amazeTina: :amazeReiko: So much for that, it's time to put on pants
    :amazeTina: :amazeReiko:And run away from their Death Army which is starting to advance
    :furyMora: Shoot the fuckin' lasers!
    :furyMora: Way more fuckin' lasers at 'em!
    :cryTina: :cryReiko: We can't die, we're way too young
    :cryTina: :cryReiko: And there are so many dudes to bone
    :furyMora: Shoot the fuckin' lasers!
    :furyMora: Way more fuckin' lasers at 'em!
    :amazeTina: :amazeReiko: But now we're cornered with our backs against the wall!

    :furyMora: It's over, Reiko Usagi! Your time has come!
    :furyMora: But first, we're gonna take care of your friend, Liona!
    :killerJazmin: SLASH!
    :amazeMora: Aaaaaaahhhhh!
    :amazeReiko: Goddamn, Jazmin, you killed them all
    :cryMora: :blushAlej: :cryTaffy: :XDSunny:
    :gleeReiko: Now the empire will fall
    :gleeReiko: I have to say in retrospect that was easier than I thought! :XDTina: (oh yeah!)

    :gleeTina: :gleeReiko: Our work here's done, the future is secure
    :gleeReiko: But my man and I have one last farewell slam just to be sure
    :heartReiko: For underneath that rockin' chest lies a heart that is so pure

    :gleeReiko: Take care of this world for me, my darling, I will always love you
    :gleeReiko: What is your name by the way? Skylar? Ah, a beautiful name
    :winkReiko: Until that glorious day when we meet again, Skye, farewell!

    :gleeTina: :gleeReiko: Now let us fly into the night sky
    :gleeTina: :gleeReiko: And we'll raise a glass to ass in a final goodbye
    :furyMora: :furyAlej: :furyTaffy: :teaseSunny:
    :gleeTina: :gleeReiko: To sixty-nine, sixty-nine
    :gleeTina: :gleeReiko: Sixty-nine sixty-nine
    :gleeTina: (Sixty-nine) :gleeReiko: Let us be gone
    :gleeTina: (Sixty-nine) :gleeReiko: Our quest is life-long
    :gleeTina: (Sixty-nine) :gleeReiko: It's a sexy destiny so let's rock the fuck on
    :gleeTina: :gleeReiko: Sixty-nine, sixty-nine

    :winkReiko: Fuck yeah

    Last edited: Oct 12, 2016
  6. Darth Dies

    Darth Dies The Guardian

    Feb 25, 2016
    While Cervelet is admiring a Taur statue,Fennec is searching for any abnormalities.

    :pointsNekoNekonny: ...nothing....why did Nixie choose this place?....*sigh*....

    After seeing something on the corner of his eye,Fennec looks towards the direction.

    :pointsNekoNekonny: ...hello...I spot with my little eye...


    :reptilefuryBoris: *rawr*


    Darth makes a sharp turn. Due to the beasts momentum it slid across the floor but made a quick recovery. But not quick enough as its pret has misteriously vanished.

    :reptilefuryBoris: *hisssss!!*

    The beast runs off.

    :dropNekoNekonny: phew!...that was a close one...right Darth?...
    :gleeNekoNekonny: D-Darth?...
    :amazeNekoNekonny: Iiii left with the beast...

    Nekonny starts backtracking.

    :pointsNekoNekonny: I hope he isn't too angry...if he survived that is..

    Neko hears something running.

    :gleeNekoNekonny: hey DD listen I-!

    The lunges out of the corner!

    :reptilefuryBoris: *RAAWR!!*

    :amazeNekoNekonny: are you kidding me!!??
  7. 16kindelbergerry

    16kindelbergerry Galactic Traveller

    May 16, 2016
    Personal Text:
    (Because the new Rocky Picture Horror Show is a week away and it's almost Halloween, so I figure I have to at least try to do something festive.)
    :pointsMora: Do I really have to do this?
    *Yes. Yes you do.*
    :pointsMora: ...Fine.

    *Outside an old-fashioned movie theater. Mora Linda looks up at promotional posters for four seriously ancient science fiction films and smirks. She's wearing a grey, short-skirted usher's overcoat, with fishnet stockings on her legs*
    :gleeMora:♪ Michael Rennie was ill/The Day the Earth Stood Still
    But he told us where we stand.
    :heartMora:♪ And Flash Gordon was there/In silver underwear,
    Claude Rains was the Invisible Man.
    Then something went wrong/for Fay Wray and King Kong,
    They got ca-ught in a celluloid ja-am!
    Then at a deadly, pace/ It Came From... Outer Space,
    And this is how the message ra-an!
    :gleeMora: ♪ Sci-ence Fiction/ Double Feature!
    Doctor X/will build a creature,
    See androids fi-ighting/Brad and Janet,
    Ann Francis stars in/Forbidden Planet.
    At the late night/Double Feature/Picture Show
    I wanna go--oh...
    :gleeMora: ♪ I knew Leo G. Carrol
    Was over a barrel/When Tarantula took to the hills.
    And I really got hot/When I saw Jeanette Scott
    Fight a triffid that spits poison and kills.
    Dana Andrews said Prunes/Gave him the runes
    And passing them used lots of skills.
    But When Worlds Collide/Said George Powell to his bride,
    "I'm gonna give you some terrible thrills"/Like a...
    :gleeMora: ♪ Sci-ence Fiction/ Double Feature!
    Doctor X/will build a creature,
    See androids fi-ighting/Brad and Janet,
    Ann Francis stars in/Forbidden Planet.
    At the late night/Double Feature/Picture Show
    :gleeMora: ♪ I wanna go/Oh-oh-oh
    To the Late Night/Double Feature/Picture Show,
    By RK-oh
    To the Late Night/Double Feature/Picture Show
    In the back row!

    *Mora sits down in the back of the theater, and begins munching on popcorn*
    *Screen lights up, revealing a film company's logo. Suddenly, a massive bolt of electricity descends from the ceiling and surges through the screen, causing the audience to shriek and Mora to throw an arm over her eyes to shield them from the sudden brightness. Curiously, when the lightning strike ends a moment later, the screen is undamaged. However, it is now showing the title of the movie... and the audience loses their minds in glee!*

    The Katbox Emoticon Theater Presents:
    The Rocky Picture Horror Show: Let's Do The Time Warp Again-Neo-Earth Style!
    Last edited: Oct 14, 2016
  8. Darth Dies

    Darth Dies The Guardian

    Feb 25, 2016
    Fennec is investigatting something rather suspicius.

    :pointsNekoNekonny: I know it's here...

    Fennec hears something close. He turns on his flashlight and rushes towards the spot. To his suprise he entered what appears to be a scientiffic testing chamber.

    ....ok...why not?...

    Fen looks over some thick glass into a another room.

    :pointsNekoNekonny: hmm..nothing..

    As Fen is still looking in,something crashes into the glass,scarring Fen in the process.

    :amazeNekoNekonny: woah!!

    :pointsNekoNekonny: ...Is that....a Moth?...

    Fen shines his light and it is.

    :pointsNekoNekonny: what...is this place?...

    -To be continued-
  9. 16kindelbergerry

    16kindelbergerry Galactic Traveller

    May 16, 2016
    Personal Text:
    Calling it now: Somebody's been creating a Mothman... And all of West Virginia will curse their name.
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  10. Darth Dies

    Darth Dies The Guardian

    Feb 25, 2016
    Where ever Fen points the light the Moth Furson seems to follow it. He turns off the light and hears the Moth fly around before going quiet.

    :pointsNekoNekonny: I have a bad feeling about this...what this?!...

    Fen finds some tape records. He grabs one labeled #1 and plays it.

    "Well...I guess this location will have to do...anyway. So...tests will begin shortly after I've finally pimped this place out...it is long since abandoned..."

    :pointsNekoNekonny: this voice sounds Awfully familiar...
    fennec likes this.
  11. Eradose

    Eradose Katbox Forum Member

    Jun 1, 2009
    Containment Protocol active
    Home Page:
    Been wanting to do this for years. But never got around to proper casting.
  12. 16kindelbergerry

    16kindelbergerry Galactic Traveller

    May 16, 2016
    Personal Text:
    ...Well, if you don't mind me putting my two cents in...

    Dr. Frank N. Furter: Ambar. She's the one of the perviest members of the LL cast, and a scientist/inventor to boot. She's perfect for the role.
    Brad: Kind of a tough one. I keep flip-flopping back and forth between Randal, Grant, and Toby; they're all nice guys who can be portrayed as being kind of naive fairly easily. If Vixy's cast as Janet, you can use Tiggs as well.
    Janet: Either Sunny, Taffy, Ann, Vixy, or Sammy. Personally, I favor Sunny, but that's more of a personal opinion than anything else.
    Riff Raff: Miles or Tiere, if one wants to go with a twist on it. She's kinda the brainier one of the pair, so I almost want to say I prefer her in the role. Possibly Carmesi, she's got the temperment for it.
    Magenta: Ohhh boy. This is another tough one. I almost want to say Rachel, but the whole 'kinda out there' thing practically screams 'Sarah.'
    Rocky: Yet another tough call. Either Davin, Bengala, or Minos.
    Columbia: Oh brother. This 'tough one' thing is getting a little out of hand, honestly. Let's see; Messiah, Angel, or Ann. Probably Ann if she doesn't get cast as Janet; I have a harder time seeing Angel in the role, and Messiah's main tie-in is her apparent closeness to Ambar.
    Eddie: Depending on whether or not you cast him as Rocky, Davin.
    Dr. Scott: Oh god, this one is hard. Kayin, probably. He's got the whole 'defector from an evil empire' thing going on, and it's hopefully not too hard to picture him in a wheelchair.
    The Criminologist: Minos, if he's not Rocky. Otherwise Bengala.
    The Usherette: Mora, obviously. She's got the legs for the role, and I'll bet just about anything that she'd look fantastic in fishnet stockings.

    ...But that's just my opinion.
  13. Darth Dies

    Darth Dies The Guardian

    Feb 25, 2016
    *Tape #18*

    :pointsKBNekonny: ...

    "I've decided to call Number 4 "Ghoul" due to the appearence it took. Chupakabra fits it better but...its not a perfect fit for the Mexico Beast...time to release!...and off it went.."

    :pointsKBNekonny: have I somehow walked in a area 51 testing chamber?...

    The Moth slams againts its chamber glass startling Fennec.

    :pointsKBNekonny: please do not do that!...

    *Tape #19*

    "I have gotten my hands on some veeeerry unique speciments...A Grasshoper,A Squid,A Bat-Spider Hybrid and...oh nevermind...it escaped...shit...anyway! Of to open more opportunities!"

  14. Eradose

    Eradose Katbox Forum Member

    Jun 1, 2009
    Containment Protocol active
    Home Page:
    :gleeMiles: Hello there Taffy.

    :amazeTaffy: WAH!

    :pointsTaffy: Don't sneak up on me like that...

    :pointsMiles: Succubus, remember? Kind of my thing.

    :pointsTaffy: I'm still uncomfortable you're sort of living here. Even if it's just one doorway.

    :gleeMiles: Don't be like that. I'm not hurting anyone.

    :doomfaceTaffy: And what do you want? Or you just bothering me while I'm cooking for no reason.

    :dropMiles: Harsh.

    :gleeMiles: Any plans for Halloween, my dear?

    :pointsTaffy: ...What are you planning?

    :gleeMiles: Me? I'm not planning anything. After all, why should I cause you trouble ON MY BIRTHDAY.

    :wutTaffy: Your... what?

    :gleeMiles: Come now. You remember I came into being on Halloween, so naturally, it's my birthday. I want to see if any of you are planning to drag dear brother away that night. I need someone to celebrate with.

    :wutTaffy: ...

    :dropMiles: Not like THAT. I told you guys already, I'm not into incest.

    :wutTaffy: Wouldn't it be technically selfcest?

    :pointsMiles: No, not really.

    :gleeSarah: Hi there.

    :amazeTaffy: AH! Sarah!

    :gleeSarah: Whatcha doing?

    :gleeMiles: I was talking about the fact that my birthday is on Halloween.

    :amazeSarah: It is?!


    :wutTaffy: ...Oh, raspberries.
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  15. 16kindelbergerry

    16kindelbergerry Galactic Traveller

    May 16, 2016
    Personal Text:
    Can I post an origin story for my own character here in emoticon format?
    EDIT: Eh, never mind. I think I might have a better idea.
    --- Double Post Merged, Oct 27, 2016, Original Post Date: Oct 27, 2016 ---
    (A Victorian study, filled to the brim with books. A young, brunette man lounges in a chair behind a heavy oak desk, on which several binders rest. It is pouring rain outside the windows behind him.)

    :happySnowman: I would like...
    (:pointsMihari:You would, wouldn't you!)
    :amazeSnowman: If I may...
    (:steamedTinaW: You most certainly may not!)
    :pointsSnowman: To take you...
    (:heartAmbar: Oh, take me, take me!)
    :squintSnowman: ON A STRANGE JOURNEY...
    (:confuzzledMayte: How strange was it?)
    ( :gleeCurran: So strange, someone's posting it on the internet!)

    (Cut to the outside of a small church on a bright, sunny day. Wedding bells are ringing as a group of people flood out the doors in formal clothing. They're all laughing and cheering, and a photographer is snapping pictures of a lovely young woman in a wedding dress. Two young men in tuxedos are off to one side, talking.) (The audience throws rice at the screen)
    :gleeRandal: Well, Toby, I guess we made it, huh?
    :gleeToby: I don't think there was every any doubt! Ever since you and Taffy met in Dr. Kayin's refresher class, you two have been almost inseparable!
    :blushRandal: ...Can I be honest with you about something? She was the only reason I came to class-- I'd practically given up on passing science by the time we met.
    :gleeToby: Lucky you had Dr. Kayin, then!
    :pointsRandal: Yes... It's a shame his new job took him away from Denton.

    (In the background, Taffy is getting ready to throw the bouquet. She tosses it, and a blue-haired tigress uses her height to snag it out of the air before anyone else can.)
    :amazeTiggs: YES!!!
    :amazeRandal: Looks like it might be your turn next!

    (While the newlyweds drive off with a crowd of well-wishers surrounding their car, Toby & Tiggs stroll into the graveyard beside the chapel. At the same time, a cluster of people walk out of the building and into the graveyard behind them, dressed in funeral attire and veils, with a relatively small casket on their shoulders.)

    :blushToby: ...Well. They certainly seem happy.
    :heartTiggs: I know! Isn't it wonderful! (:happyQuick: NO!) Didn't she look radiant coming down the aisle? (:gleeCheng: NO!) I can't believe that she walked into that chapel as plain old Taffy, and walked out (:gleeKess: STILL PLAIN!) as Mrs. Taffy Hawthorne.

    ...To be continued... (Probably?)
    (I want it known that everything the other characters are saying is part of the traditional audience participation, and in no way reflects how I see the characters of Las Lindas. Chalo, I beg of you, please don't sue me into the ground; I'm a college student and therefore already in crippling debt. I have nothing.)
  16. Darth Dies

    Darth Dies The Guardian

    Feb 25, 2016
    Well atleast Death will relieve you of your burden...
    Mora!...prepare my Executoner!

    --- Double Post Merged, Oct 28, 2016, Original Post Date: Oct 28, 2016 ---
    :pointsSnowman: what's a random baby doing here?

    :musicNekoNekonny: I don't know. But he a cute one!

    :gleeSnowman: Yeeah..I guess you're-


    :amazeSnowman: :amazeNekoNekonny: EEEEEEEEEEE!!!

    Nixie and Zoie run down the hall.

    :amazeSnowman: Right!

    Nixie and Zoie seperate and the beast goes after Zoie. Zoie runs into Fennec listening to more tapes.

    :amazeNekoNekonny: closethedoorclosethedoorclosethedoor!!



    Zoie and Fen close the door quickly.


    what in the fuck!? What is that thing?

    I don't know! It just jumped from the cielling!
    :pointsNekoNekonny: what are you even doing he-


    :amazeNekoNekonny: Eee!

    yeeah...he keeps doing that...


    Mr. Mothman!

    Fen shines his light at the moth just like the first time. The Moth flies around attracted to the light.


  17. fennec

    fennec The Reclining Viking Katbox Patreon

    Oct 11, 2013
    Personal Text:
    I regret nothing
    I've grown an odd fondness for Mr. Mothman.
  18. Darth Dies

    Darth Dies The Guardian

    Feb 25, 2016
    :pointsKBNekonny: soooo you've been here all this time listening to audio-tape recordings of a madman scientist doing cross-breed experiments?

    that pretty much sums it up. Here. I'm about to listen to this one...they're rather short...most lasting only up to 17 seconds.

    *Tape #21*

    "Subject 21. Also known as Sir Boris Dale Wimble. I want to see how this will effect a chinchilla. Hopefully something new will come up..."

    :pointsKBNekonny: that voice sounds awefully familiar...

    I know right?
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  19. Nixie

    Nixie Seal of Approval Staff Member Katbox Comic Artist

    Jan 19, 2010
    Washington, USA
    Home Page:
    Personal Text:
    Ort ort ort
    Hahaha... Mad scientist obviously bit off more than he can chew.
  20. Darth Dies

    Darth Dies The Guardian

    Feb 25, 2016
    While Zoie and Fen disscus the mad scientist Nixie is scouting for anything paranormal.

    She enters a room with a few old chests. She attempts to look inside one but as she does a bat flies out!

    :amazeSnowman: eeek!

    She turns around and the light from her flashlight reveals Darth behind her.

    :amazeSnowman: EEEE!
    :squintSnowman: I don't know what's creeper: this place or you sneaking up on me so easily..

    Darth places his flashlight bellow his chin and turns it on.

    :ninjaDrake: Boo!

    haa haa...very fun-
    :amazeSnowman: Yyyyyyyy....

    well I'm that terrifying!

    Darth realises that Nixie is looking at something behind. So he slowly turns around.


    The beast lunges,both Darth and Nixie avoiding the attack letting the beast hit the chest knocking itself out.

    --- Double Post Merged, Nov 9, 2016, Original Post Date: Nov 3, 2016 ---
    -Id's Rage-

    :shadesSnowman: I am....ashamed...that my word...as king of KB...meant nothing...to some of you...that you organised this....this catastrophe!...among yourselves!...That you took it upon yourselves-

    :furySnowman: to violate...a treaty! That I had signed!? IN GOOD FAITH!!

    God knows what the Northemen will think of these terrible events!...

    :furySnowman: My name and my word as King of KB will mean Nothing to them!!

    :squintSnowman: ...
    :pointsSnowman: but It cannot be...It can not be...I can not allow and I cannot tolerite treason..

    :furySnowman: Guards!! Arrest this man!-

    :amazeNekoNekonny: my lord!

    :furySnowman: this man!-

    :amazeWT: my lord!

    :furySnowman: Him!-

    :amazeSK: my lord!

    :furySnowman: and him!-

    :amazeCurran: my lord!

    :furySnowman: all for treason!
    :squintSnowman: aaand my dear! Lord Amp!...Arrest him also!
    :amazeSnowman: but seire!

    :squintSnowman: I have show him...nothing...nothing but love!


    :crySnowman: and this..this-this treachery is my reward?....
    :furySnowman: OUT OF MY SITES!!

    and Mihari! You think you'll escape so lightly?!

    :pointsMihari: ...

    :furySnowman: All of you!!... Leeavve!! I need to speak alone with our mascot!

  21. happyguy1

    happyguy1 Katbox Forum Member

    Jan 22, 2010
    Maryland, United States
    I blame baby blues for this.

    :gleeJoy: :gleeKayin: (are watching a football game together )
    (tweet tweet tweeeeet!)
    :confuzzledJoy: Dad whats with the little yellow cloth ?
    :gleeKayin: Thats a penalty flag Joy somebody must have done something wrong.
    :confuzzledJoy: So when somebody makes a mistake Mr.Stripey-shirt throws that cloth in the air ?
    :gleeKayin: He's called a referee but yeah. Now the referee will announce what happened, and tell us who did it.
    :furyWT: holding offense number 53!
    :confuzzledJoy: So football is about public shaming ?
    :gleeKayin: Are you caught up in your studies ?
    Last edited: Nov 13, 2016
  22. Eradose

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    Jun 1, 2009
    Containment Protocol active
    Home Page:
    Eraku emote.png So this is the farm you had to work at while you waited for license renewal?

    pointsLilith.gif Yeah, so? I got some people I know here.

    :gleeRachael: Hey Lilith.

    :heartRachael: And who is that totally ripped guy next to you?

    Eraku emote.png ....And yet again, I have to deal with this.

    gleeLilith.gif This is Eraku James. Works on my bounty hunting crew as the mage.

    :pointsRachael: And does he know your.... you know?

    dropLilith.gif (Don't say anything. Don't say anything...)

    Eraku emote.png I know Lilith's royal lineage. And I know better than to talk about it in public. I also know about the Amazon's Village.

    :confuzzledRachael: "Amazon's Village"?

    pointsLilith.gif Eraku, I haven't told her about that place yet.

    Eraku emote.png Oh... Sorry.

    :dropRachael: So what is the "Amazon's Village"?

    dropLilith.gif It's a hobby shop and bar... with nightly entertainment.

    :pointsRachael: What kind of entertainment?

    Eraku emote.png Imagine guys dressed like extra from 300, using prop weapons, and fighting it out in a mud pit to the cheers of many female onlookers.

    :wutRachael: ...Okay.

    Eraku emote.png Change of subject. You seem to work out. How much can you lift? 130? 150?

    :pointsRachael: Let's see... HEY MILES!

    :dropMiles: What?

    :gleeRachael: How much did you weigh yesterday?

    :pointsMiles: How the hell should I know?

    confuzzledLilith.gif So you seriously bench pressed Miles?

    :pointsRachael: Why would I bench press him? I just lifted him over my head is all.

    :dropMiles: All because I tried to kiss her that one time.

    pointsLilith.gif Miles, you should know better by now not to bring up last Christmas.

    :pointsMiles: Hey, it wasn't my fault that I brought that up. Anna totally caught us with that mistletoe last year.

    Eraku emote.png So Anna's mischief even reaches here I see.

    :pointsRachael: Since you're with Lilith, I'm not surprised you know of Anna.

    :pointsMiles: So are you like Lilith's boyfriend or something?

    furyLilith.gif NO FUCKING WAY!

    Eraku emote.png I just work with Lilith on bounty hunting gigs. Besides, I'm into guys.

    :wutRachael: (Dammit. Why do all the good ones have to be taken or gay?)

    Eraku emote.png Anyway, you said you can lift him?

    :confuzzledRachael: Yeah. So?

    Eraku emote.png Challenge accepted. I'll bench press him.

    :amazeMiles: Wait... WHAT?!

    (To be continued...)
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  23. Darth Dies

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    Feb 25, 2016
    Ha! Subtle Vine refference!

    Love the intro to the new char. Also It'll be Christmas again soon...wonder what'll Anna do...again...
  24. Eradose

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    Jun 1, 2009
    Containment Protocol active
    Home Page:
    I wasn't really referencing anything. I thought bench pressing someone was a common joke. And I have no idea what Anna will do. Mora already went with an artificial tree in last year's skit because of the constant medical bills for Miles every year they cut one down.
  25. Darth Dies

    Darth Dies The Guardian

    Feb 25, 2016

    Reminded me of this...

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