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Galactic Traveller
May 16, 2016
Personal Text
OMAKE: The Porter
(At the castle door, earlier)
:dropRexley: Well, don't just stand there, AMP! Help me with the bags!
:gleeSnowman: Certainly! You take the brunette and I'll take the one in the labcoat!
*He lunges at Caroline, nipping playfully at her neck*
:amazeCaroline: *Whacking him over the head with a bag*
:furyCaroline: OFF!
:amazeRexley: I meant the LUGGAGE!
Yes, master.
*The two women go inside, leaving Rexley and AMP to carry the luggage*
:happySnowman: *Walking to the door with a bag* It's going to be a long night-- if you need any help with the girls....
:furyRexley: *Grabbing him and shoving him through the door roughly* Getinthere! Get-in-there....
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Outside contributer, not comunuty member.
Jun 1, 2009
OMAKE: The Porter
(At the castle door, earlier)
:dropRexley: Well, don't just stand there, AMP! Help me with the bags!
:gleeSnowman: Certainly! You take the brunette and I'll take the one in the labcoat!
*He lunges at Caroline, nipping playfully at her neck*
:amazeCaroline: *Whacking him over the head with a bag*
:furyCaroline: OFF!
:amazeRexley: I meant the LUGGAGE!
Yes, master.
*The two women go inside, leaving Rexley and AMP to carry the luggage*
:happySnowman: *Walking to the door with a bag* It's going to be a long night-- if you need any help with the girls....
:furyRexley: *Grabbing him and shoving him through the door roughly* Getinthere! Get-in-there....
The real irony of this is this mirrors how I plan to add AMP to this story.


Outside contributer, not comunuty member.
Jun 1, 2009
So Anna isn't going to be the I-gor stand-in? :confuzzledCurran:
You noticed how the fioncee hasn't shown up? I changed it to "that one guy who can't take no for an answer".
[doublepost=1472683406,1472676148][/doublepost]Part 4

*Caroline and Anna walk down the secret passage behind the bookcase, before they are startled by a crash.*

:dropRexley: Ow….

:confuzzledCaroline: Rexley, what are you doing down here?

:dropRexley: Was looking for some booze, and I heard something coming from the dumb waiter. Look in, and slipped. Nothing broken.

:pointsCaroline: Pretty sure your head is was broken before.


pointsanna.gif Well, Rexley must have heard the same thing we did, so there must be someone else down here.

:amazeCaroline: …And there is the only other door. Follow me.

*The three of them make their way to the other side of the room, and open the door.*

:pointsCaroline: Dammit, I can’t see a thing down here.

:gleeRexley: Well, there’s a set of switches over here, and I’m not touching them.

pointsanna.gif Me neither.

:pointsCaroline: Fine, you big babies.

*Caroline pulls the first one, and a bunch of sparks fly out.*


:furyCaroline: Damn your eye.

:gleeRexley: Too late there.

*Caroline pulls the second one, and the lights switch on.*

:amazeCaroline: So… this is father’s secret lab…

:pointsRexley: Damn, this place is a mess.

gleeanna.gif I don’t know. A little paint, some throw pillows…


pointsanna.gif I was being sarcastic.

:pointsCaroline: Well, it seems out mysterious violin player has…


confuzzledanna.gif Has what?

:amazeCaroline: Look. There’s a light coming from that door.

*The three of them open the door.*

:pointsCaroline: We must have just missed whoever it was.

pointsanna.gif This violin is still warm. This must have been where the music was coming from.

:confuzzledRexley: And whoever it was barely had time to put out their cigar.

:amazeCaroline: I don’t believe it… It’s my father’s private library. I knew it was here somewhere.

gleeanna.gif Look. There’s a book on the table. Looks like a journal.

:gleeCaroline: Indeed it is…

*Caroline reads over the journal…*

:pointsCaroline: “…Until, from this darkness, a sudden light broke in upon me. A light so brilliant and wondrous, and yet so simple. Change the poles from plus to minus, and from minus to plus. I alone discover the secret of bestowing life. Nay, even more, I myself became capable of bestowing animation upon lifeless mater.”

:killerCaroline: IT… COULD… WORK!!!!

*Later that morning, during breakfast…*

:gleeRexley: More coffee.

pointsanna.gif I’m good.

:gleeCaroline: Listen to this. “As the minuteness of the parts form a great hindrance to my speed, I resolve to make the creature of a large stature.”

:amazeCaroline: Of course, that would make things easier.

gleeanna.gif That would me veins, organs, and other internal factors would have to be large than normal.

:gleeCaroline: Of course.

xdanna.gif And if you’re making a woman instead of a man, that would mean her tits would be enormous.

:pointsCaroline: …That went without saying, Anna. You didn’t have to point it out.

:confuzzledRexley: Gonna be quite popular.

:gleeCaroline: So, what we’re looking for is a female form roughly… 6 or more feet in height… with all features either congenitally or artificially proportionate in size.

gleeanna.gif Something like this?

*Anna shows the drawing she was working on.*

:gleeCaroline: Hello. I think you’re on to something there. Crude, yes. Primitive, yes. Perhaps even overly voluptuous. But something tells me… this is our girl.

[doublepost=1472706086][/doublepost]Part 5

*Later that evening, Anna and Caroline make their way to the graveyard, and start digging up bodies.*

:pointsCaroline: What a filthy job.

gleeanna.gif Could be worse.

:confuzzledCaroline: How?

gleeanna.gif Could be raining.

*As if on cue, it begins to rain.*


:pointsCaroline: …I am tempted to strangle you right now.

*After some time, they load up the body parts onto a cart and wheel it out of the graveyard, and through the streets of town. Suddenly, the cart rolls down a hill, and spills out it’s gruesome cargo.*

:amazeCaroline: Hurry, pick them up before someone sees us!

amazeanna.gif Too late.

*The sound of footsteps can be heard as Anna puts what she can into the cart.*

:gleeBen: Need a hand.

:pointsCaroline: Uh, no thanks. Have one already.

*Caroline has one of the arms they “harvested” tucked under her own, making it look like her own arm.*

:confuzzledBen: Just a moment, madam. I know everyone in this village, but I can’t say I have seen you around before. Can you account for yourself?

:gleeCaroline: Why yes. I am Doctor Caroline Frankensteen. Newly arrived from America.

:gleeBen: Oh yes, I was told you were here. I’m Constable Ben. Pleased to meet you.

*Ben puts his hand out, and Anna motions the dead arm under Caroline’s to shake his.*

:amazeBen: You’re chilled to the bone, madam.

:pointsCaroline: Yeah, got caught out in the rain. Was just on my way home.

:gleeBen: Well, I won’t keep you. Good night then.

*Ben leaves*

:amazeCaroline: I can’t believe that worked.

dropanna.gif Me neither.

*Some time later, Caroline has the being assembled upon the slab in the laboratory, stitched together with the parts taken from the graveyard.*

:killerCaroline: Oh what a brilliant night this is. Just a perfect specimen. All we need now is a magnificent brain.

:gleeCaroline: You know what to do?

pointsanna.gif Yeah, I know.

:confuzzledCaroline: Have the name I gave you.

gleeanna.gif I have it written down. “H. Delbruck”

:gleeCaroline: Helga Delbruck.

*Later, at the brain depository. Anna manages to slip her arm into the deposit slot, and open the door.*

dropanna.gif Dammit, security here is horrible. Looks like anyone can waltz in here and do whatever.

*She goes over to the shelf to grab the brain. But as she leaves, she trips over the rug, and the jar smashes on the ground.*

amazeanna.gif SHIT! Dammit, I’m in for it now!

pointsanna.gif Okay, I better just grab one, and run.

*Anna grabs the abnormal brain, and gets out of there.*

dropanna.gif Who knows… Maybe she won’t notice?

*Much later, at the lab…*

gleeanna.gif Well, she’s quite the looker.

:killerCaroline: Yes, and she’s mine.

pointsanna.gif Okay… That was all sorts of creepy there.

:gleeCaroline: Hurry now. We’re fighting time and the elements. Is it ready?

:confuzzledRexley: Are you sure this is how they did it?

:gleeCaroline: Yes, it’s all in the instructions, but hurry back. There’s a chance for electrocution.

:gleeCaroline: I said there is a chance for electrocution. Do you understand?

:dropRexley: I understand. You don’t have to shout.

*Caroline turns to see that somehow, Rexley has gotten off the roof, and is standing next to her.*

:amazeCaroline: How did you..? Did you tie the line off?

:pointsRexley: Yes.

:gleeCaroline: Good. Anna, check the generator.

gleeanna.gif Yes Caroline.

:gleeCaroline: Once your done, release the safety valve on the main generator.

gleeanna.gif Yes Caroline.

:gleeCaroline: Rexley, raise the platform.

:gleeRexley: Roger that.

*The two get in position as Caroline readies herself.*

:killerCaroline: From that fateful day when stinking bits first crawled from the sea and shouted to the cold stars, “I AM LIFE!”, our greatest dread has been the knowledge of our own mortality. But tonight, we shall hurl the gauntlet of science into the frightful face of death itself!

*Rexley and Anna use the crank to raise the platform.*

:killerCaroline: Tonight, we shall ascend into the heavens! We shall mock the earthquake! We shall command the thunder! And penetrate into the very womb of impervious nature herself!

pointsanna.gif And if it was a guy saying that, that line would be ripe for innuendo.

:gleeCaroline: When I give the word, throw the first switch!

*Anna runs into position.*

:gleeCaroline: Get ready… Get set…

:killerCaroline: NOW!

*Anna throws the first switch, and electricity crackles into the construct.*

:killerCaroline: Throw the second switch!

*Anna throws the second switch, and the energy increases.*

:killerCaroline: Throw the third switch!

amazeanna.gif Not.. the third switch!

:killerCaroline: THROW IT I SAY! THROW IT!

*Anna throws the third switch, and the machine goes out of control.*


*Electricity flows through the construct at a rapid pace. Only the sound of thunder and live electricity can be heard for what seemed like eternity.*

:gleeCaroline: Turn everything off and bring me down!

*Anna throws off the switches, and she then helps Rexley with lowering the platform. They then walk over to Caroline, who is checking her construct for signs of life.*

:confuzzledCaroline: …Nothing.

:dropRexley: I’m sorry…

:pointsCaroline: No, no. If science teaches us anything, it teaches us to accept our failures, as well as out successes, with quiet dignity and grace.

gleeanna.gif That was beautiful.



:amazeRexley: Stop it! Stop it doctor! You'll kill her.

pointsanna.gif Technically, she's not even alive...


*Rexley and Anna drag Caroline away from the body, and restrain her temper tantrum.*

pointsanna.gif Quiet dignity and grace? Yeah right…

:pointsCaroline: OH MAMA!

To be continued...


He who loves Succubi and Anthros.
*In a random dungeon, a lone adventurer ends up being caught by a horde of Succubi. The young man is then taken before the queen and her daughters.*
:gleeKyoko: I see that we have a guest.
:pointsMihari: My queen, this adventurer was caught raiding the first few floors of our sacred home.
:pointsKyoko: is that so? What do you have to say for yourself, young man?
:dropMiles: comment?
:XDKyoko: By the goddess, are you for real?
:pointsMiles: look, your Majesty... I thought I was raiding a regular dungeon.
:heartMiles: If I had known it was filled with only succubi, I would have just surrendered myself upon enter the dungeon.
:gleeKyoko: ok, I'll take that as an apology. However...
:heartsKyoko: I don't suppose you would be interested in dating one of my daughters?
:amazeJazmin: M-mom!
:heartReiko: hey, he's a cutie, sis. Give him a break.
:dropMiles: I'll have to think it over.
:heartMiles: (not to mention that there are a bunch of other succubi around here)
*A bit of giggling can be heard in the throne room*
:dropKyoko: apparently, no one told you that us succubi have psionic abilities...
:pointsMiles: ah *bleep*

(Edit note: I know Eradose is currently on his take of Young Frankenstein, but I wonder if he could have done one "succubi dungeon" segment better than this segment of mine)
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Outside contributer, not comunuty member.
Jun 1, 2009
(Edit note: I know Eradose is currently on his take of Young Frankenstein, but I wonder if he could have done one "succubi dungeon" segment better than this segment of mine)
Well, I do have a succubus Mihari emote. SuccuMihari emote.png

And speaking of... Does anyone know where I can find that picture where Tootsie fused together the rest of the female cast into a single being? Or any other kind of similar picture?
[doublepost=1473140893,1472936346][/doublepost]Part 6

*Meanwhile, at the town hall….*

:furyBen: Come now, she’s not like her father. If you only spent five minutes with her, you’ll see that!

:furySnowman: But she’s a Frankenstein! It’s in her blood! These scientists, they’re all alike. They say they’re trying to help us, but what they really want is to rule the world!

:pointsYuki: Who let the guy with the tin foil hat into the town meeting?

:furyAlice: That’s enough now! This is not a free-for-all!

:pointsTaco: These are serious charges your making, especially for us, your elders. Because we still have nightmares from five times before.

:gleeTaco: Now, we still haven’t heard from the man most qualified to judge the situation fairly. Inspector Kissafello, if you would talk to us, please?

*The inspector adjusts his artificial arm, sticking the finger into the fire, using it to light his cigar, then putting it out in a bowl of water.*

:gleeKissefello: A riot is an ugly thing. Und, once you get one started, there is little chance of stopping it, short of bloodshed. I think, before we go around killing people, we had better make damn sure of our evidence.

:steamedKissefellow: Und, we had better confim the fact that young Frankenstein is indeed following in her father’s footschtops!

:pointsSnowman: :pointsSnowman: :pointsSnowman: :pointsSnowman: :pointsSnowman: :pointsSnowman: :pointsSnowman: :pointsSnowman: WHAT?!

:furyKissefello: Following in her father’s footschops. Footschtops! Footschtops!

:gleeSnowman: Oh! Footsteps!

:gleeKissefello: I think, what is in order if for me to pay a little visit on the good doctor. Und have a nice, quiet chat.

*Back at the castle…*

:pointsCaroline: Reputation… In the toilet…

:pointsRexley: Doc, stop beating yourself up over this. So you screwed up? So what? It’s not the end of the world. Beside you haven’t touched your food yet.

*Caroline sticks her hands on her plate.*

:furyCaroline: There! Now I touched it! Happy?!


:pointsCaroline: Oh, maybe it’s better this way… The poor, lifeless thing. Maybe she’s better off dead.

*Just then, a groan can be heard from below.*

:gleeRexley: Well, someone is enjoying it at least.

confuzzledanna.gif What are you talking about?

:confuzzledRexley: Didn’t you just…

*Another groan comes from below.*

:amazeCaroline: :amazeRexley: :amazeMihari: amazeanna.gif

*The group rushes down to the lab to see the that the creature is awake.*

:killerCaroline: Alive… It’s Alive! IT’S ALIVE!!!

Chimera emote.png

:gleeCaroline: Stand back.

*Caroline walks up to the monster.*

:gleeCaroline: Hello there. I’m going to set you free.

Chimera emote.png

:pointsCaroline: It’s the sedative ready?

:pointsMihari: Yes, doctor.

*Caroline release the restraints on the creature.*

:gleeCaroline: I want you… to sit up.

*Slowly the creature sits up on the slap.*

:gleeCaroline: Stand… on your feet.

Chimera emote.png

:gleeCaroline: You can do it.

*The creature gets off the slab, and stands up.*

:gleeCaroline: Now… walk!

*The creature takes a few awkward steps forward.*

:gleeCaroline: Good. Good.

:pointsRexley: Dammit, need to calm my nerves here…

*Rexley puts a cigarette in his mouth, lights a match, and the creature freaks out.*

Chimera emote.png !!!

:amazeCaroline: What it it?! What’s the matter?!

*The creature attacks Caroline.*

:amazeCaroline: Quick! Give her the- Give her the-

:confuzzledRexley: Give her the what?!


*Caroline taps three fingers on her arm.*

:confuzzledRexley: Three syllables…

confuzzledanna.gif First syllable… sounds like…

:confuzzledRexley: Head! Sound like head!

confuzzledanna.gif Bed… Uh… Sed-

:amazeRexley: Sed!

confuzzledanna.gif Next is…

:pointsRexley: Little word…

amazeanna.gif A!

:confuzzledRexley: Sed-A…

amazeanna.gif Dirty word! She said a dirty word!

:amazeRexley: Oh… Sounds like…

confuzzledanna.gif To give…

:confuzzledRexley: Sed-A-Give.

amazeanna.gif Give her a Sedagive!


:amazeRexley: TIV! Oh! Sedative!

amazeanna.gif On the nosey!

*They inject the creature with the sedative, and it passes out.*

:furyCaroline: SEDAGIVE?!

:confuzzledRexley: Uh, you okay there?

:pointsCaroline: For now… Excuse me for one moment, Rexley.

:dropRexley: Okay?

:pointsCaroline: Anna, may I speak to you for a moment?

dropanna.gif Okay?

:pointsCaroline: Now… That brain that you gave me. Was it… Helga Delbruck’s?

dropanna.gif Uh… no.

:pointsCaroline: Ah! Good. Uh, would you mind telling me… who’s brain… I did put in.

confuzzledanna.gif And you won’t be angry?

:pointsCaroline: I will NOT be angry.

dropanna.gif “Abby” someone.

:pointsCaroline: “Abby someone”? Abby who?

dropanna.gif Abby... Normal.

:pointsCaroline: “Abby Normal”?

dropanna.gif …I think that was the name.

:pointsCaroline: Are you saying that I put an abnormal brain inside a 6 foot long… 40 inch sized…

amazeanna.gif URK!


*Caroline starts strangling Anna.*

amazeanna.gif Quick! Quick! Give her the-

:amazeRexley: What?


:confuzzledRexley: Three syllables, yes?

*Suddenly, there is a pounding on the main door.*

:amazeCaroline: I wonder who that could be at this hour?

*Pounding continues.*

:amazeCaroline: Mihari, quick! See who that is.

:furyCaroline: Anna, you put that thing back on the slab, and strap it down tightly!

pointsanna.gif …I know you’re expecting me to make a bondage joke, but it’s not the time for it.

:confuzzledRexley: Where are you going?

:pointsCaroline: To wash up. I’ve got to look normal. We ALL got to act normally.

To be continued...

[doublepost=1473182758][/doublepost]Part 7

:killerCaroline: Ha! Monsters!

*Caroline is throwing darts at a dartboard.*

:gleeKissefello: Excellent shot.

:pointsCaroline: This is the 21st century. Monsters are passe, like ghouls and ghosts.

:gleeKissefello: Not to the people of the village, herr doctor. To them, es a very real thing.

*The inspector pulls the darts out of the board and mounts them on his artificial arm.*

:gleeKissefello: Especially when there is a Frankenstein residing in this house.

*When Caroline isn’t looking, he puts the darts in the middle of the board, and pretend to throw them.*

:amazeCaroline: …Nice grouping.

*Caroline pulls the darts from the board*

:pointsCaroline: I wouldn’t think an intellectual man like you would fall for this superstition rot.

:gleeKissefello: It is not superstition that concerns me, herr doctor, but genes, und CHROMOSOMES!

*Yelling that line makes the dart go off target.*

:pointsCaroline: Rubbish.

:gleeKissefello: Well, you might say, but you are a FRANKENSTEIN!

*Another dart goes off target.*

:gleeKissefello: You seem to be very upset over this line of discussion.

:pointsCaroline: No, it’s more about you yelling in my ear after every sentence. Well, this was “fun”, and if you don’t mind, I’m a bit tired.

:gleeKissefello: Well, I can give the villagers your complete assurance that you have no interest whatsoever in carrying on your father’s work?

*A groan comes from downstairs*

:amazeKissefello: May I take that for a yes?

:pointsCaroline: Mmmmm.

:gleeKissefello: Very well.

:pointsCaroline: I think you can find the way out by yourself, can’t you?

:gleeKissefello: Of course. Until we meet again herr doctor.

:pointsCaroline: Yes, drop by any time. We’re always open.

*As the inspector leaves, Caroline watches him. He gets in a car, which has two flat tires due to the misplaced darts, and drives off.*

:pointsCaroline: Strange man that is.

*Meanwhile, Mihari goes through the secret passage back to the lab.*

:gleeMihari: I’m going to set you free. Would you like that?

Chimera emote.png

*Mihari release the straps.*

:pointsCaroline: Well, I’m glad that’s over with-

:amazeCaroline: Mihari!

*Horse whinny*

:amazeCaroline: What the hell are you doing?!

:gleeMihari: I’m setting her free.

:furyCaroline: Are you insane?! You saw what she could do!

Chimera emote.png !!!

*The monster jumps up off the table.*

:amazeCaroline: Stand back!

:furyMihari: I’m not afraid. I know what she likes.

*Mihari plays the violin.*

Chimera emote.png

*The music seems to calm the monster down.*

:confuzzledCaroline: That music…

:gleeMihari: Yes. It’s in your blood. It’s in the blood of all Frankensteins. It reaches the soul when words are useless. Your father use to play it to the creature he was making.

:amazeCaroline: Then it was you the whole time.

:gleeMihari: Yes.

:amazeCaroline: You played that music in the middle of the night.

:gleeMihari: Yes!

:amazeCaroline: To get us into the laboratory.

:gleeMihari: Yes!

:amazeCaroline: That was your cigar smoldering in the ashtray!

:gleeMihari: Yes!

:amazeCaroline: And it was you who left my father’s journal for me to find!

:gleeMihari: YES!

:amazeCaroline: So that I would…

:gleeMihari: YES!

:amazeCaroline: But, does that mean you were dating my father?!

:pointsMihari: …What do I look like to you? Your step-mom? I was just an assistant.

Chimera emote.png

*The monster touches a piece of equipment, and sparks fly out, scaring it.*

Chimera emote.png !!!

:amazeCaroline: Come back! Come back!

*The group runs after the monster, leaving Mihari in the room.*

:furyMihari: You’ll never catch her now! She’s free! Do you hear? FREE!

*The group tries to chase the monster down, but looses track of it.*

:amazeCaroline: Gone! We got to find her, do you understand?! Before she kills someone! What have I done?!

To be continued...


Outside contributer, not comunuty member.
Jun 1, 2009
Part 8

*The next day…*

:gleeSarah: Oh, I love my pretty little flower… Oh, I love my pretty little flower… Oh, I love my flower…

Chimera emote.png

:amazeSarah: !!!

*Back at a farm house.*

:pointsMiles: When a monster is on the loose, boards must be tight.

:gleeMiles: There! Done!

:pointsRachael: Hey jerkface, where’s my sister?

:dropMiles: What the hell are you asking me for? I learned my lesson the first, and might I add, the ONLY time.

:pointsRachael: Well, why isn’t she in her room?

*Back outside.*

:gleeSarah: Now throw a kiss and say bye-bye.

Chimera emote.png ???

:pointsSarah: Oh dear, nothing left. Now what will we throw in the well?

Chimera emote.png

*Back inside.*

:pointsMiles: Maybe she was in the bathroom when you checked?

:pointsRachael: Checked there already. And trust me, I would like to unsee what I saw.

:confuzzledMiles: What?

:dropRachael: Do not ask. All I can say is that Taffy and Randal are accounted for.

:dropMiles: I see…

:confuzzledMiles: Maybe she’s in the attic again.

*Back outside, on a see-saw.*

:gleeSarah: Sit down.

Chimera emote.png

:furySarah: Sit down!

*The monster does so, and Sarah is launched into the air, through an open window, and into the attic.*

:pointsSarah: Well, that happened.

:confuzzledRachael: Oh, there you are. Where the hell have you been?

:pointsSarah: You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.

*Later that night, the monster is wandering the streets, when it hears a violin.*

Chimera emote.png

*The monster begins to walk up to the person playing it.*

:amazeCaroline: NOW!

*Caroline steps away as a net falls on the creature.*

Chimera emote.png !!!

:amazeCaroline: Hurry, get the sedative!

*Anna injects the creature with the sedative, and it passes out, right on top of Rexley.*

:gleeCaroline: She’s out.

:dropRexley: I.. know…

*Back at the lab, Caroline has the creature locked away in a room by itself, and chained up.*

:gleeCaroline: I’m going in there. Bring me that candle.

amazeanna.gif No!

:furyMihari: Yes!

*Rexly gets the candle for Caroline.*

:gleeCaroline: Love is the one thing that can save this poor creature. I am going to convince her that she is loved… even at the cost of my own life. No matter what you hear in there… No matter how cruelly I beg you… No matter how terribly I scream… Do NOT open this door, or you will undo everything I’ve worked for. Do you understand? Do not open this door!

:pointsMihari: Yes.

:dropRexley: Your funeral.

dropanna.gif Nice working with you.

*Caroline walks into the room, with the door locked behind her. The creature still lies there for a moment. But as Caroline approaches, the monster springs up.*

Chimera emote.png !!!


*Caroline bolts for the door.*

:pointsCaroline: Let me out. Let me out. Get me the hell out of here.

Chimera emote.png

:amazeCaroline: What’s the matter with you people?! I was joking! Don’t you know a joke when you hear one?!

:furyCaroline: DAMMIT! GET ME OUT OF HERE!

*Anna reaches for the door, but Mihari stops her.*


:amazeCaroline: MOMMY!

:furyMihari: NO!

*The monster breaks it’s chains.*

Chimera emote.png


:confuzzledCaroline: Uh, hello there beautiful…

Chimera emote.png ???

:confuzzledCaroline: You’re a good looking lady, do you know that? People laugh at you. People hate you. And do you know why?

Chimera emote.png ???

:gleeCaroline: Because they are jealous!

Chimera emote.png

:gleeCaroline: Look at that beautiful face. Look at those bountiful breasts. You want to talk the perfect ideal woman? You are a goddess!

Chimera emote.png !!!

:gleeCaroline: And listen to me. You are not evil. You are good!

Chimera emote.png

:gleeCaroline: Ohhh. This is a nice girl. This is a mother’s angel. And I want the world to know, once and for all, and without any shame, that we love her!

Chimera emote.png

:gleeCaroline: Ohhh, I’m going to teach you. I am going to show you how to walk, how to speak, how to move, how to think.

:killerCaroline: And together, you and I… are going to make the single greatest contribution to science since the discovery of fire!

amazeanna.gif Doctor Frankensteen, are you okay in there?

:killerCaroline: MY NAME… IS FRANKENSTEIN!

Chimera emote.png ???

To be continued...


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Jun 1, 2009
Part 9

*Some time later, at a packed theater…*

:gleeTiare: Distinguished colleagues. Ladies and Gentleman. Tonight, it is my great privilege to introduce you to a woman whose family name was once both famous and infamous. And now, may I present to you Dr. Caroline Rosalind Von Frankenstein.

*The announcer claps, but the audience dose not applaud.*

:pointsTiare: …Tough room.

*Caroline then walks onto the stage.*

:gleeCaroline: My fellow scien-

:furyCurran: HISSSS!

:pointsCaroline: …Scientists and Neurosurgeons. Ladies and Gentlemen.

:gleeCaroline: A few short weeks ago, coming from a background, believe me, as conservative and traditionally grounded in scientific fact as any of you, I began an experiment in… Incredulous as it sounds, the reanimation of dead tissue.

*The audience laughs at her.*

:gleeCaroline: What I have to offer you might possibly be the gateway to immortality. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you, for your intellectual and philosophical pleasure…

:killerCaroline: The creature!

*The creature walks out on the stage, dressed in a surgical gown.*

Chimera emote.png

*The audience screams.*

:amazeCaroline: Please! Remain in your seats! We are not children here! We are scientists!

:gleeCaroline: I assure you, there is nothing to fear.

*The audience calms down.*

:gleeCaroline: First, may I offer for your consideration, a neurological demonstration of the primary cerebellar functions of balance and coordination.

Chimera emote.png

:gleeCaroline: Walk heal-to-toe.

*The creature dose so, and the audience applauds.*

:killerCaroline: Backwards!

*The creature dose so, and after finishing, Caroline give the creature a piece of candy.*

:gleeCaroline: Ladies and Gentlemen, up until now you’ve seen the creature perform the simple mechanics of motor activity. But for what you’re about to see next, we must enter quietly into the realm of genius.

*The audience murmurs in awe.*

:gleeCaroline: Ladies and Gentlemen, from what was once an inarticulate mass of lifeless tissues, may I now present a cultured, sophisticated, lady about town.

*The lights dim for a few moments.*

:killerCaroline: Hit it!

*The lights go back on, and Caroline and the creature are dressed in cocktail bunny suits. And then the big band music cues up.*

:gleeCaroline: If you’re blue and you don’t know where to go to. Why don’t you go to where fashion sits.

Chimera emote.png Putting on the ritz.

:gleeCaroline: Different types who wear a day coat, pants with stripes, or cutaway coat. Perfect fits.

Chimera emote.png Putting on the ritz.

:gleeCaroline: Dressed up like a million dollar trooper. Trying mighty hard to look like Gary Cooper.

Chimera emote.png Super Dooper.

:gleeCaroline: Come let’s mix where rockefellers walk with sticks or umbrellers in their mitts.

Chimera emote.png Putting on the ritz.

*Caroline and the creature being to tap dance to the applauds of the audience. Everything goes well until one of the lights burn out suddenly, with a flash of sparks.*

Chimera emote.png !!!

:amazeCaroline: Don’t panic. It’s alright. A five… six… seven… eight…

*Caroline tries to salvage the show, but the audience boos and throws tomatoes at the stage.*

:amazeCaroline: Please, I beg you! For safety’s sake, don’t humiliate her!

*The audience continues, and the creature goes on a rampage, requiring police intervention to place the creature in chains.*

pointsanna.gif Well, that didn’t work out as planned.

:pointsRexley: Oh, shut up…

*Hours later, the creature is chained and locked away in the prison, while Caroline is back at the castle…*

:pointsCaroline: Chained… Chained like a beast in a cage.

:pointsRexley: Eh… I guess you did your best.

:pointsCaroline: There’s only one answer. If I can find a way to equalize the imbalance in her cerebral spinal fluid, why, she’d be as right as rain. But how? How, before it’s too late?

:pointsRexley: I say cut your losses and run.

:furyCaroline: Are you saying I should give up on my creation?

:dropRexley: Well, it’s been nothing but trouble, has it not?

:furyCaroline: Why you ignorant drunken slob!

:furyRexley: Short sited loony!

:pointsCaroline: ...


:pointsCaroline: …How did you know I get turned on by arguing?

:confuzzledRexley: …I thought I was the only one who was.

*A little while later…*

:gleeMihari: Doctor, I have…

:confuzzledMihari: Doctor?

*Mihari is about to leave the room…*

:confuzzledCaroline: What is it?

:confuzzledMihari: Doctor, where are you?

*The platform lowers, revealing Rexlet and Caroline lying down on it, with nothing but a bedsheet covering them, and Rexley with a cigarette in his mouth.*


:pointsMihari: I am sorry, but this message came for you while you were gone.

:pointsCaroline: I thought I told you never to interrupt me while I’m working.

:pointsMihari: Working what? The streets?

:furyCaroline: You’re not my mother!

:pointsMihari: As we already established. However, this message is from a man calling himself your fiancee. He’ll be arriving any moment now.

:furyCaroline: Oh, son of a bitch! Not Mr. AMP. I thought I got rid of him ages ago.

:confuzzledRexley: Ex-boyfriend?

:pointsCaroline: Oh, he wishes. Maybe I should finally get around to killing him to get him off my back once and for all.

:pointsMihari: Regardless, I suggest you put on a dress.

To be continued…
[doublepost=1473490262,1473401006][/doublepost]Part 10

*That evening, a car drives up to the castle, and a well dressed man steps out of it.*

:handsomeSnowman: Darling!

:pointsCaroline: …Oh, shit.

:gleeSnowman: Missed me?

:pointsCaroline: Like a bad rash.

:happySnowman: Oh, you kidder you.

:pointsCaroline: Well, I was just about to turn in, so if you don’t mind…

:handsomeSnowman: Oh, let me just get ready for bed, and I’ll join you…

:furyCaroline: NO!

:pointsCaroline: We have a room for you already. Anna, show him the way.

gleeanna.gif Yes, Caroline.

:killerCaroline: And when you reach the room, follow my instructions that I have written here.

*She hands Anna a slip of paper.*

confuzzledanna.gif Just… lock the door? That’s it?

:pointsCaroline: I’ll deal with him soon enough. Just make sure he doesn’t start wandering around.

gleeanna.gif Got it.

*Meanwhile, in the prison.*

:gleeBriella: You settle down now. Cause we’re going to be pals for the next few hours. Right?

Chimera emote.png

:gleeBriella: Nice and cozy, just like old friends.

Chimera emote.png

*The guard lights a cigarette, and the creature is startled by the fire.*

Chimera emote.png !!!

:dropBriella: What’s the matter? You afraid of this little fire?

Chimera emote.png

:gleeBriella: This can’t hurt you. See!

*The guard shoves the match in the face of the creature.*

Chimera emote.png !!!

:gleeBriella: Oh, some monster you are. Mama was right, little ones aren’t supposed to play with fire.

*The guard lights another match, and holds it up to the creature’s face.*

Chimera emote.png !!!

:gleeBriella: No, they’re not. Or they might get hurt!

*The creature jumps up, and attacks the guard.*

:shockedBriella: !!!

*Once the guard passes out, the creature breaks free of it’s bonds.*

Chimera emote.png

*A little time later, in the town’s square, the villages are holding torches and pitchforks.*

:furyKissefello: HALT!

:gleeKissefello: A riot is an ugly thing.

:steamedKissefellow: Und, I THINK IT’S ABOUT TIME WE HAD ONE!

*The mob cheers.*

:furyKess: Kill the monster!

:steamedKissefellow: As Heaven as my witness, she will curse the day that she was born a Frankenstein.

:squintSnowman: :squintSnowman: :squintSnowman: :squintSnowman: :squintSnowman: What?!

:gleeKissefello: I said, she will curse the day that she was born a Frankenstein.

*The mob cheers again.*

:furyKissefello: LET’S GO!

*Back at the castle…*

:amazeCaroline: Loose! She’s broken loose! Do you know what that means?!

dropanna.gif Uh, we’re all screwed?

:killerCaroline: No, I have a way to off AMP once and for all.

pointsanna.gif You are cold.

:gleeCaroline: You left his patio door unlocked?

pointsanna.gif You only told me to lock the door to his room. Didn’t lock that one.

:gleeCaroline: Good. Good. If we keep the rest of the doors locked, the creature should deal with AMP any moment now…

*Suddenly, screams can be heard from AMP’s room.*

:gleeCaroline: And… problem solved.

pointsanna.gif Are you sure the creature killed him, and not just carried him off like some horror movie cliche?


*The two check AMP’s room, and both he and the creature are gone.*

:furyCaroline: Dammit!

pointsanna.gif Told you.

:pointsCaroline: Okay, Plan B. Regardless of what the creature does with Mr AMP, we still need to recover her. You know what to do.

*Meanwhile, the creature has carried off Mr AMP to an abandoned barn, where he finally comes to.*

:pointsSnowman: Where am I?

Chimera emote.png

:amazeSnowman: Uh, who are you? What do you want of me?

Chimera emote.png

:squintSnowman: Uh, I’m not afraid of you, and if you think you’re going to try anyth-

*The creature strips down, presenting her naked form to Mr AMP.*


:handsomeSnowman: Hell, I’ll try anything once.

To be continued…


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Jun 1, 2009
Part 11

*A little time later…*

:gleeSnowman: Ten rounds… Never thought I’d meet a girl who could go on that long.

Chimera emote.png

:gleeSnowman: That was perhaps the most earth shattering sex I’ve had since…

:shadesSnowman: Actually, I can’t remember the last time I has sex that good.

Chimera emote.png !!!

:pointsSnowman: Huh? What’s wrong?

Chimera emote.png

:pointsSnowman: Is it that music? It’s probably just some guy playing a violin.

Chimera emote.png ...

*The monster goes off to follow the music.*

:crySnowman: Call me!

*Back at the castle, Caroline is playing the violin over a loudspeaker system.*

:amazeRexley: Look! Here she comes!

amazeanna.gif Keep playing! It’s working!

*Caroline continues to play, and the creature makes it’s way to the wall, and starts to climb it.*

:killerCaroline: Come on! You can do it!

*The creature makes it’s way to the top of the wall. But growl at anyone why tries to help it.*

:killerCaroline: Don’t help her! She wants to do it by herself!

Chimera emote.png

:killerCaroline: You can do it! Please, my creation!

Chimera emote.png

*The creature struggles for a moment before climbing over the wall.*

:amazeCaroline: Quick! Catch her!

*Anna and Rexley grab the creature as it collapses from exhaustion.*

:pointsCaroline: Have all the preparation been made for the transference?

pointsanna.gif Yes, doctor.

:dropRexley: Are you sure you want to go through with this?

:pointsCaroline: It’s the only thing that can save her now.

pointsanna.gif You realize you’re risking BOTH your lives?

*The violin stops abruptly.*

:pointsCaroline: …I know.

*A little while later, Caroline and the creature are hooked into a strange machine, with Rexley and Anna looking over the equipment.*

gleeanna.gif Switching off!

*Anna switches off the main machine.*

:confuzzledRexley: How will we know when they are done?

pointsanna.gif The doctor said to allow 15 minutes. Not one second more or less.

*A few minutes later, the mob has reached the main doors to the castle.*

:confuzzledRexley: How much longer now?

pointsanna.gif Two more minutes.

*The mob picks up Kissafello, and use him as a battering ram.*

:furyKissefello: Ein, zwei, drei! Ein, zwei, drei! Ein, zwei, drei!

*Eventually, the mob breaks through the front door.*

:amazeRexley: What’s that noise?!

amazeanna.gif I think it’s the villagers…

:amazeRexley: How much time?

pointsanna.gif Almost time.

*The villagers storm the castle, and break into the lab.*

:amazeRexley: No! Just seven more seconds!

*The villagers bust the machinery up just as time runs out, and grab Caroline.*

Chimera emote.png Put that lady down!

:amazeTinaW: It’s the monster!

:pointsRaven: No, it can’t be…

Chimera emote.png I said put that lady down!

*The villagers do as the creature says and Anna releases her from the table. The villages back off as the creature gets up to confront them.*

:furyKissefello: Und just who do you think you are that you order there people about!

Chimera emote.png I am the monster!

:amazeKissefello: ..Fair enough.

Chimera emote.png As long as I can remember, people have hated me. In my loneliness, I decided that if I could not inspire love, which was my deepest hope, I would instead cause fear!


Chimera emote.png I live, because this poor half-crazed genius has given me life. She alone held an image of me as something beautiful. And then, when it would have been easy enough to stay out of danger, she used her own body as a guinea pig to give me a calmer brain, and a somewhat more sophisticated way of expressing myself.

:gleeKissefello: Well, this is, of course, an entirely different situation. As the leader of this community, may I be the first to offer you my hand in friendship?

Chimera emote.png Thank you.

:gleeKissefello: You are entirely welcome. Und now, let’s us all go back to my house for a little sponge cake, und a little wine, und…

*His arm pops off.*

:amazeKissefello: Shit.

:furyKissefello: To the lumberyard!

*The mob takes it’s leave while Anna, Rexley, and the creature check on Caroline.*

gleeanna.gif She’s still alive.

Chimera emote.png Good.

*Some time later…*

:gleeCaroline: Well, now that the creature has run off with AMP, I can officially say that I am glad to be rid of him.

:gleeRexley: I think they’re good for each other.

:gleeCaroline: Like how you’re good for me?

:gleeRexley: If you say so. Now come to bed, so we can finish what we started a few days ago.

:gleeCaroline: Gladly.

*Caroline jumps into bed next to Rexley.*

:confuzzledRexley: You know, there’s something I always wondered about that operation. The creature got part of your intelligence, but what did you ever get from her?



The end


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Apr 17, 2011
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Too much TMI...Too much TMI!!!
OMGG @Eradose ! That was a stellar emoticon series thread. I laughed so hard. Thanks so much for including my OC in this one.


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May 16, 2016
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And now, in honor of Eradose's finely crafted classic-movie homage and in a bid to rinse out some of the foul taste the most recent movie might have left, it gives me great pleasure to present:


(The Scene: The New York Public Library, Autumn 1984. A young librarian peruses a title from the stacks, humming softly to himself.)
:XDRandal: ...
(Behind him books begin to levitate off the shelves, quietly rearranging themselves into new locations. The last one lands with a mild 'thump.')

:confuzzledRandal:(Turns around to find the source of the noise. Seeing nothing, he shrugs and returns to his book as he wanders the maze of shelves.)
:pointsSunJi: ...

(The young librarian sets his hand on a cabinet full of filing cards, only to pull his hand away when he touches something unexpectedly sticky and viscous.)
:pointsRandal: Yuck!
:happySunJi: ...
(Filing cards shoot out of the cabinet as drawers slam themselves open and shut. Startled and out of his depth, the librarian backs away into a wider corridor between shelves. He notices a glow on his shoulder, and turns.)
:amazeRandal: (A bright light illuminates his face, and a blast of air pushes his hair and fur back as if in a storm.)

(The building is filled with distinctly unmasculine screaming. Cut to the famous theme music as the camera pans over a sizable college campus, before resting on a smaller, more unkempt outbuilding. The sign on the door says Department of Parapsychological Studies. Cut to interior.)

:amazeMiles: OW!
:gleeMora: Now, just relax. You're bound to get one eventually.
:pointsMora: *Holds up a card* Now, tell me what's on this one?
:pointsDavin: A circle?
:amazeMora: Exactly!
:gleeMora: Now, Miles, could you tell me what's on this one?
:dropMiles: A triangle under a short line?
:pointsMora: *Looking down at the card, which contains only a triangle* Nope. * She pushes a button on the control panel, and Miles recieves a mild electric shock*
:amazeMiles: OW!
:gleeMora: Now, Davin. Could you tell me what's on this one?
:confuzzledDavin: A rectangle? With two wavy lines inside?
*Mora looks down at the card, which neither of her two 'test subjects' can see. It bears the image of a diamond with a single dot inside*
:amazeMora: Remarkable! That's twenty for twenty!
:pointsMora: Last one, Miles, make it count. What've I got?
:pointsMiles: Besides a sadistic streak a mile wide? I'm going to go with three parallel lines?
*Mora looks down at the card. It is indeed three parallel lines, running horizontally.
:gleeMora: I'm sorry, Miles, but that's still incorrect. *She zaps him*
:furyMiles: THIS IS BULLSHIT! *He tears the wires off his arm and storm out*
:dropDavin: Um, Doctor Linda? Are you sure about the results of this experiment?
:heartMora: Absolutely! You, my fine bush-tailed student, are a genuine phenomena!
:heartDavin: You really think so?
:gleeMora: I'd stake my career on it. Tell you what, let's grab dinner together- I know this great little Italian place a few blocks away, wonderful wine list...
*She'd interrupted by her colleague bursting in. The younger scientist begins frantically grabbing at gear and stuffing it in a bag.*
:sunnyAmaze: Mora, stop! We've got something!
:pointsMora: *To Davin* Could you excuse me for one moment?
:heartDavin: Well, I never pegged them as being like that! This is definitely worth the two hours I spent!
:furyMora: What are you doing?! I had him eating out of my hand!
:confuzzledSunny: But Tiare's got something! Down at the NY Library! She says the readings are stronger than anything else we've ever seen!
:gleeSunny: And the eyewitness is solid this time!
*She bolts for the door*
:pointsMora: ...I'll give you a call.
:gleeMora: Until then...
*She swishes her tail suggestively as she follows the excited canine out the door.*
:amazeDavin: :heartDavin: *Pinching his bleeding nose* BEST! RESEARCH! PROJECT! EVER!

...To Be Continued...
...Or not. Probably not.
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Feb 25, 2016
A knock can be heard on Nixies door.

:pointsSnowman: who could that be?..

Nixies opens the door...

:gleeNekoNekonny: I am here for the "Help Wanted" add for Debunkers!!

:squintSnowman: do you know what time it is Nekony?...

:XDNekoNekonny: the perfect time for an interview!!

:pointsSnowman: .....

:squintSnowman: fiine...

:heartNekoNekonny: you will not regreat this!

:squintSnowman: I already am...

A brief interview later.

:gleeSnowman: alright ai see n-

*knock knock knock*

:squintSnowman: excuse me will you...

:gleeNekoNekonny: sure go ahead.

Nixie opens the door.

:ninjaDrake: ...

:squintSnowman: Darth...Dies is it?...

:ninjaDrake: hi Nixie!

:squintSnowman: what are you doing here?...

:ninjaDrake: I'm here about the Debunkers assistant add!

:squintSnowman: look Darth. I can't just take anyone that shows up at my you have an-

:ninjaDrake: I have a vast understanding about Demonology!

:squintSnowman: that...
:pointsSnowman: could actually prove usefull...
:squintSnowman: and what about aliens?...

:ninjaDrake: do you really expect me to have a random book about aliens?

:pointsSnowman: well no I-

:ninjaDrake: you are very correct!

:gleeSnowman: come right in!

Another short interview later.

:gleeSnowman: ok now I have 2 assistants!

*knock knock knock*

:squintSnowman: who is it now?...

Again at the door.

:pointsSnowman: Fennec and Cervelet...

:pointsNekoNekonny: Nixie...we need to know....

: ): who won our little Hair-Do contest?!

:pointsSnowman: ....Neither of you...

:amazeNekoNekonny: wait what?!
0_0!: Wait what?!

:squintSnowman: you heard me...
:pointsSnowman: neither of you won!

:pointsNekoNekonny: can we atleast audition for you assistant?

come on in!

-To be continued-
Likes: Nixie


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Jun 1, 2009
:furyRachael: ANNA!!!!!!

dropanna.gif And nice to see you too...

:furyRachael: What the HELL is THIS?!

pointsanna.gif Oh, that. Not my deal.

:furyRachael: Don't bullshit me! This is some sick plot of yours to have us fight each other in your "strip fighting" game for your perverted amusement!

pointsanna.gif Rachael, let me level with you. Every time, and I mean, EVERY TIME, I was part of one of these tournaments, I participated. The rules clearly state that only one representative of each Katbox universe can participate. And since I'm not part of the Katbox in any official sense, I am barred from participating.

dropanna.gif Besides, I'd make it a tag tournament, and have you and Mora on a team.

:dropRachael: So if it wasn't you, who is running this thing?

pointsanna.gif Maybe the "queen"?

:confuzzledRachael: ...What the hell are you talking about?

pointsanna.gif Allow me to explain. The story of the Queen's Blade tournament, at least in the fiction, is that it's a tournament to choose the strongest and most beautiful queen. The former queen is the one who hosts the tournament, and acts as the final challenger.

:pointsRachael: So what you're saying is that whoever is behind this crap...

dropanna.gif Probably thinks herself as the "queen" of the Katbox.

:dropRachael: ...Oh shit. That means it must be...

pointsanna.gif Just because Mihari is the mascot of the Katbox, I doubt she's crazy enough to pull this off.

dropanna.gif Besides, it's not like you're going to fight. For all we know, Mora could represent Chalo in the tournament.

:furyRachael: Well, maybe we need a "qualifying round" to see about that.

pointsanna.gif Okay, first you didn't want to have anything to do with this, now you want to fight Mora for a spot?

:furyRachael: I don't care. I just want to punch whoever is behind this in the face!

dropanna.gif Not the motivation I was expecting, but if you end up representing Las Lindas, that's good enough motivation.


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Apr 17, 2011
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Too much TMI...Too much TMI!!!
Oh snap! Did the universe just pull a reverse psychology on Rachael? Either that or she’s just crazy. XD

Darth Dies

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Feb 25, 2016
:pointsSnowman: team consists of a Cat..


:pointsSnowman: a priest..

:ninjaDrake: ...

a viking..


and Cervelet.


*knock knock knock*

:pointsSnowman: who is ot now?...

At the door. Nixie opens her front foor and to her suprise sees Zoie!

:happySnowman: Zoie!

:musicNekoNekonny: Hi Nixie!

Friend-Sister hug!

:gleeSnowman: what are you doing here

:musicNekoNekonny: to audition for your assistant in Debunkers!

:pointsSnowman: oh....

:handsomeSnowman: well...I can't say no to you Zoie...come on in!

:musicNekoNekonny: thank you!

After One last short interview later everyone is enjoying a Tuna pizza.

:gleeSnowman: 5 assistants...and tomorow I'll put the to the test!...

:squintSnowman: they better save some of that pizza for me...



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Jun 1, 2009
:dropYuki: So this so called "Katbox Queen" is making us do another fanservice filled fighting tournament again...

:dropTina: What I'd like to know is, who is this "Katbox Queen"?

:pointsNekoNekonny: The fact that the notice said that even I can participate as N-chan concerns me.

:pointsMaya: Sounds like someone is trying to get some perverted thrills.

:gleeMiles: Oh, hi there.

:amazeNekoNekonny: Uh, Miles? When did you have boobs?

:gleeMiles: Oh, I see your confusing me for my dear brother.

:pointsYuki: I heard about you. You're that succubus that looks like Miles.

:dropTina: What the hell are you doing here?

:gleeMiles: Photoshoot. Getting ready for some Halloween themed photos for my modeling agency. Now, don't you worry too much about that tournament. Only worry about which one of you is going to be participating.

*The succubus walks off.*

:confuzzledTina: How did she know about the tournament?

:pointsNekoNekonny: Since she's not an official Katbox character, she shouldn't be eligible to participate, right?

:pointsYuki: Well, if N-chan is allowed to participate...

:furyMaya: Or maybe she's the one who's setting this whole thing up!

:amazeTina: You're right. She could be the "Katbox Queen".

:pointsYuki: If she is, I'm sure Mihari would want a word with her.

:pointsNekoNekonny: Now that you mention it... I haven't heard from Mihari in a while, and she usually like the N-chan bit. "Katbox Queen" sounds a lot like a title she'd give herself.

:dropYuki: But, Mihari isn't that perverted... is she?

:pointsNekoNekonny: I wouldn't entirely put it past her, especially if it's for the Katbox Enlarging Project.

:pointsTina: Still, what about the succubus? She could be trying this.

:amazeMaya: Hey! I just thought of something! What about Nina? She was the former Katbox mascot before Mihari took over.

:dropYuki: And we haven't seen her in a good long time. She's also kind of sneaky too.

:pointsNekoNekonny: Hell, maybe this is all Mr AMP's thing.

:confuzzledTina: But isn't Mr AMP a guy?

:pointsMaya: Uh, what about his female clone?

:dropYuki: You got a point there.

:pointsNekoNekonny: :pointsTina: :pointsYuki: :pointsMaya:

:pointsNekoNekonny: Let's face it. We're trying to jump to conclusions here.

:dropYuki: Still, we need to figure out who the "Katbox Queen" is.

:pointsMaya: And the only way is to play along...

:confuzzledKimi: Play along with what?

Darth Dies

The Guardian
Feb 25, 2016
:happySnowman: listen up team!
:gleeSnowman: there's an abandoned KatBox building a few miles off. We'll go at the dead of dark so we could have the highest chance to catch a ghost!

:ninjaDrake: ...Why?...

so we could uncover the supernatural mystery behind it!

:gleeSnowman: now who's with me!

:heartNekoNekonny: Me!

I joined for a reason!

I'm in.

^^: Don't forget about me!

:XDNekoNekonny: I was at your door the first and I will leave the last!

:crySnowman: Thank you guys!

The next night. A cricket can be heard in the background.

:gleeSnowman: everyone got their flashlights?

:musicNekoNekonny: :pointsNekoNekonny: :gleeNekoNekonny: ^^ :ninjaDrake::

my night vision camera!
:happySnowman: check!

:gleeSnowman: alright! Lets move in!

After breaking the lock everyone moves in. The long hall way has several doors on the side.

:gleeSnowman: ok. So. Zoie,your with me. Fennec and Celveret and Nekony and Darth. Choose which ever door you want!

Nixie and Zoie go their way.

:gleeNekoNekonny: DD and I will go this way!

:ninjaDrake: ok.

The two go downstairs into a storage room. Meanwhile Fennec and Cervelet are at odds.

T.T: We'
ll go this way.

nooo,we'll go this way!

-.-: No. We're going this way!

:pointsNekoNekonny: : I said we're going this way!!
[doublepost=1474654322,1474464042][/doublepost]:heartNekoNekonny: and that my friend is the story of Carribean Blue!

:ninjaDrake: wow...

:pointsNekoNekonny: whats with these boxes tho?...

no idea...

:dropKBNekonny: well if any ghost chases us down you can just hide among the black cloth covering the boxes!

:ninjaDrake: might be onto something...hold up..

Nekonny waits as Darth puts on his hood and presses himself face first againts the black cloth.


:gleeKBNekonny: blend in perfectly!

Meanwhile! Nixie and Zoie are walking down their own path.

:gleeSnowman: ...well I'm glad to know everything's alright!


Zoie starts hearing a distant baby cry.


-To be continued-

[doublepost=1474803894][/doublepost]Fennec and Cervelet have finally decided where to go.

:pointsKBNekonny: it was a stupid game anyway...

^^: not my fault you suck at it!

so...what are we looking for exatcly?...

>3: any Taur ghosts or ghouls!!


As the two go through what appears to be a wine cellar,Fennec sees something at the corner of his eye.

what the-?

He shines his flashlight at the dirrection. Nothing to be seen.


0.0?: what is it?...


The two hear bottles breaking and barrels falling in a room.


As the two rush to the source of the noise they find broken wine bottles and broken barrels.

Meanwhile in the storage room. Nekonny and Darth are lost among the boxes.

I can't believe this!...

hey don't look at me!...that mouse had it coming anyway!

They both hear boxes fall and break beside them. Daerth shines his light only to see-

:confuzzledBoris: meep!

oh...its just a-

-insert grotesque transformation here-

:amazeKBNekonny: Not a chinchilla!!

Deffinetly Not a chinchilla!!

:reptilefuryBoris: *RAAAAWR!!*

:ninjaDrake: :amazeKBNekonny:
[doublepost=1474923473][/doublepost]Nekonny runs off while the beast chases after Darth.

:ninjaDrake: Cats are much more tender than me!!


why am I going first!

:pointsSnowman: because!
:squintSnowman: I can't hear the baby cries that you apparently do...

:amazeNekoNekonny: I don't think this is such a good Id-

come oon!

Nixie pushes Zoie forward. She lays her Camera on Zoies shoulder.

:gleeSnowman: I'll be right behind you!

I don't-

Nixie pushes Zoie towards the noise.

(-Due to ongoing strugles with life (stress,late hours,political duties) I am unable to continue. Do sorry for the VERY short continuation but bare with me!))



Outside contributer, not comunuty member.
Jun 1, 2009
:pointsMinos: Lady Ambar, we need to talk.

:gleeAmbar: Well, Minos. I have some time right now. What do you need to know?

:pointsAmbar: Of course, since we're talking in person here, and given current events, there are some topics we cannot talk about.

:pointsMinos: What do you know of this so called "Katbox Queen"?

:confuzzledAmbar: Pardon?

:dropMinos: Please don't do this. I know you heard about it. I also know you're not the Katbox Queen, since you can't participate in your current condition.

:pointsAmbar: So what makes you think I know about her?

:pointsMinos: The invites to the tournament were on your stationary.

:pointsAmbar: Minos, you've known me for how long?

:dropMinos: Long enough to know that, if you're not participating, you would at least be sponsoring it.


:pointsAmbar: Well Minos, I'm afraid our time is up. Pretty sure Mora is wondering where you are right now. We'll have to continue this another time.

:pointsMinos: You're avoiding the question.

:pointsAmbar: And here's your answer. If I did know who she was, which I don't, I wouldn't be able to tell you.

:pointsMinos: I see... Good day then.

*Ambar waits for Minos to leave, and then makes a call.*

:pointsAmbar: Yes, it's me. They're already beginning to suspect who you are. Minos caught the stationary, and it's only a matter of time before they figure it out.

:gleeAmbar: So I see. You're making the final preparations? Good. Make sure to inform me when the live video feed starts.

:blushAmbar: Oh, don't worry about my little dragon, Annie. She'll play ball when it's time. Use that video I gave you for leverage.

:gleeAmbar: Oh, no. Thank you.