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Outside contributer, not comunuty member.
Jun 1, 2009
:pointsRachael: Okay, what's up with you? You seem quite out there today.

pointsanna.gif What do you mean?

:pointsRachael: Well, every time I've seen you today, you kind of looked zoned out. Like you're not even paying attention. Hell I even flashed you to see if I could get a response from you.

blushanna.gif You did?

:dropRachael: Actually, I didn't. The fact that you even thought I did proves you're out of it. What the hell is going on? Got a bug in your system or something?

pointsanna.gif Tell me, have you ever looked into the mirror, and thought you were looking at someone else? Not per say a stranger in the mirror. I mean, more like... You know it's you, but at the same time, something inside you say it's not the real you. That's how I've been feeling recently.

:wutRachael: Uh... Okay..? That's really... deep.

pointsanna.gif I guess it's just me, but it's kind of bugging me.

:wutRachael: I don't think I'm the right person to help you with that.


Gallery Volunteer
Jun 5, 2013
beyond the dream

-A spotlight lights up an empty stage. The silhouette of a person walks on stage.-

:reptilefuryBoris: : YOU WANNA ROCK?!

:XDSunny: :gleeRachael: :musicHope: :gleeAngel: : Yeah!

:reptilefuryBoris: : I SAID YOU WANNA ROCK?!

:XDSunny: :gleeRachael: :musicHope: :gleeAngel: : YEAH!!!

:reptilefuryBoris: : Got Minos on da drums!


:reptilefuryBoris: : Got Paco on da bass!


:reptilefuryBoris: : Got pretty boy Johan on da guitar!


:reptilefuryBoris: : And we got me, da star!

-The lights go out. The is nothing but silence.-

:pointsMinos: -taps his drums, his silhouette low and subdued-

-A tune begins to pick up from Paco and Johan.-

:reptilefuryBoris: :
We're no strangers to love
You know the rules and so do I
A full commitment's what I'm thinking of
You wouldn't get this from any other guy

I just wanna tell you how I'm feeling
Gotta make you understand

Never gonna give you up
Never gonna let you down
Never gonna run around and desert you
Never gonna make you cry
Never gonna say goodbye
Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you

:confuzzledSunny: :blushRachael: :pointsHope: :pointsAngel:

:confuzzledSunny: : (I thought you guys said this was a metal band!)

:furyRachael: : You guys suck! Play some real music!

:gleeHope: : Come on, guys, its not that bad.

:furyAngel: : Can't believe I fell for some stupid shit like this...

-Angel walks away, grumbling about "rickrolled."-


:furyBoris: : You said this would work!

:ninjaDrake: : Did I? Funny, I don't remember actually ever being here to begin with.

-Drake fades away a mirage does as you get closer to it.-

:amazeBoris: : I'm going insane!

:facepalmMary: : Indeed you are, Watson.

:amazeBoris: : Mary, you can talk!

:amazeMary: : Watson, what is the matter with you? You've been behaving oddly as of late.

:cryCheng: : Mr. Holmes, please help! Someone stole my poor little Caroline's favorite Ocular Enhancement Tube! She is ever so distraught over it!

:confuzzledBoris: : What. The. Hell.


:amazeBoris: : Gah!
:confuzzledBoris: : Huh? I'm on board the Bubbles... This is my room...
:dropBoris: : Oh good, it was just a dream.

:furyMary: : Or was it? Muhahahahaha...

Captain Video

Frontier Psychiatrist
Gallery Volunteer
Sep 4, 2009
Partially Submerged Boat
Personal Text
"No man can eat fifty Faberge eggs!"
Mail-Order Falcon
Part 12: Ego and Id

-In the twilight sky above Las Lindas!-


:gleeId: Oh my God, every moment of this day is better than the last.
:heartId: I'm going to name you Perry!
:heartId: You like that? We're going to be best buds forever!

*behind him, Miles and Rachael walk out of one of the holes in the side of the house. They are holding jugs, saws and washboards.*

:gleeId: Oh hey, guys. Want to hang out with a guy who owns a falcon?
:gleeMiles: We'd love to, Idward, but Rachael and I have to get to the bar early so we can conspicuously not plug anything in.
:gleeRachael: We're bringing unplugstep to the masses!

*they load everything into the pickup truck and drive off*

:amazeId: They... they left.
:amazeId: After all we've been through, Perry, they still don't want to acknowledge how motherf****ing boss we are.
:furyId: You're goddamn right it is! Come on, we're going after them so we can shove our awesomeness in their stupid faces!

-In the barn!-

:heartId: That's right, I have my own car.
:dropId: Nobody notices because nobody pays attention to me.

*he pulls a tarp off of a mint condition late-'70s El Camino. Perry lands on his shoulder and cocks his head.*

:gleeId: Let me just get my driving gloves and we're all set.

*Perry flies into the cab, pops open the glove box, selects an eight-track tape and pushes it into the radio. Bachman-Turner Overdrive comes on*

:heartId: I love you, Perry.

*As Idward peels out of the barn, Minos walks through one of the holes in the wall and sort of surveys the scene, scratching his cheek idly*

:dropMinos: Wow. I overslept like, a lot.
:heartMora: Come back to bed, honey!
:pointsMinos: Mora, the house has been destroyed.
:confuzzledMora: Ah s***, again?

*she walks out to join him, dressed only in a towel that says PROPERTY OF GOSSAMER CITY POOL*

:sunnyAmaze: :amazeAlice: :amazeTila: :shadeMayte: :amazeSK:
:gleeMora: Oh, hey. Comatose people with faces frozen in silent screams.
:gleeMora: Haven't seen that before.
:confuzzledMinos: Mora? Digit seems unwell.
:pointsMora: Oh geeze, she's got some malware again.
:confuzzledMinos: Refresh my memory: How did we fix this the last time?
:gleeMora: One of us has to put on the virtual reality gear and fight the malware in PvP.
:amazeMora: I CALL NOT IT!


Katbox Guitar God and Soundtrack Specialist
Katbox Patreon
Chad's Birthday. Part 1 of 4

:gleeRon:Oh Boy! It's my Birthday! I love my birthday!
:gleeWT: That's great, Chad! I celebrate my birthdays every week!
:shySunny: Wait...Forumites have birthdays?
:amazeSarah: Uh, Sun...We're not supposed to be in this post!
:sunnyAmaze: Arf!

:gleeSK: Ha ha ha. Chad, why don't you open up your presents from our fellow forumites.
:linesSK: You don't wanna get them cold.
:gleeRon: Okay, Dad. I mean SoulKat. I mean (insert real name).
:XDWT: I'll go first!
:pointsSully: No I wanna go first!
:furySnowman: I'M THE BEST!
:gleeMihari: Now hold on, you're all gonna get your own turn. White Tiger, why do you give Chad his gift first?
:pointsSully: Aww...
:amazeWT: WAIT! I got this for you, Chad!
:XDRon: Oh boy! Oh, I can't wait to see what it is...
:gleeSK: Ha ha ha. Oh boys. It's Happy Birthday. Not Happy Earth Day!
:furyRon: What the fuck are you talking about? What does a whipped cream pie have to do with Earth Day? It doesn't make any sense!
:pointsSK: Chad, why don't you shut up for one freaking gosh dang second, an open that present from Omega Wolf.
:gleeRon: Gee, I love Omega-3! :dropOmega: Huh?
:gleeRon: *opens present revealing*
Yes, Chad. It's the Perfect Bacon Bowl! Perfect for Burgers, Salads, Eggs...and Lunch. Bonus Feature, there's an extra bowl included!
:gleeRon: This is great! I'll put them in my Kitchen!
:gleeSK: If only we gave you your own office at the Katbox!
:happySnowman: That's what I want for MY birthday!
:furyMihari: Too Bad!
:amazeRon: Hey! What did I get from Sully?
:gleeSully: You'll have to find out tomorrow. Or the day after that. When I give Chad his birthday gift!
:confuzzledCurran: What? I don't know what the fuck you people are talking about. What's going on?

Captain Video

Frontier Psychiatrist
Gallery Volunteer
Sep 4, 2009
Partially Submerged Boat
Personal Text
"No man can eat fifty Faberge eggs!"
Mail-Order Falcon
Part 13: Ready Player Two

-In a seldom-seen closet at Las Lindas!-

:gleeMora: Alright! This is suuuuuper easy.
:gleeMora: All you have to do is suit up, log into the farm intranet, and exorcise Digit.

*she digs through some junk and pulls out a VR headset and some haptic gloves*

:heartMora: Here you go!
:confuzzledMinos: "ColecoHoloVision"?
:gleeMora: I'm sure that's what all the kids are using these days.
:gleeMora: Now, let's just find you a power source...
:confuzzledMora: Oh hey, a VCR. What's that doing in here?

*she tosses it out over her shoulder. It shatters when it hits the ground.*

-Meanwhile, back at the bar!-

:gleeCheng: Ahrright. Ahhright. We... Parvani? We seriously gotta go now.
:gleeParvani: No, no. Stay.
:winkParvani: Have another drink!
:gleeCheng: Nah, yiz right. Ah'm slightly drunk.
:confuzzledParvani: Wellll.....
:gleeParvani: Have a Long Island Iced Tea, then!
:winkParvani: No alcohol in that.
:heartCheng: Thass a GREAT ahdeah. Thanksh.

*Parvani focuses in on herself. The sounds of the bar fade away*

:pointsParvani: Come on... I have to contact Perrin so he can bring the ship here.

-Idward's solipsistic bedroom!-

:dropRexley: Okay. Chicken soup schnapps are an even worse idea than buttered popcorn schnapps.
WoooOOOOOoooOOOOO! Perriiiiinnnnn!
:amazeRexley: Holy s***!
It is I, Parvani! I call to you across the void in my hour of need!
:furyRexley: Well, stop!
It's an emergency! Captain Cheng has-
:furyRexley: I know, I know! That phone call she made was actually to me.
It... was?
:dropRexley: Yes, and I tried to talk some reason into her, but that didn't work so I called Johan.
:gleeRexley: He's sending the ship over, and I'll come get you.
Can... can he actually FLY the ship?

-Outside, in the yard!-

:visorDigit: 70%. lOOok uPON MY FANtastiC SAVINGS, YE MIGHTY, AND DESPAIR.
:gleeMora: Alright, let me just connect the second jumper cable to the other side of the car battery, and--?
:gleeMinos: The visor is powering up. It says the gloves are next.

*with absolutely no warning, the Bubbles slams into the ground twenty feet away. Its thrusters continue to fire for five more seconds.*

:furyMinos: Ahhhhh! HOLY F***ING ***** ***** GODDAMN **** ****** **** BALLS!

*he yanks off the gloves and stomps up and down on them a few times*

:furyMinos: That was way too much haptic feedback, Mora!

*a hatch pops open and Johan Kissefello falls out onto the ground. He lies there for a few seconds before brandishing a sword.*

:happyKissefello: FEAR NOT!
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Outside contributer, not comunuty member.
Jun 1, 2009
:gleeNekoNekonny: Hey Anna, what are you doing here?

:pointsNekoNekonny: And... what's with the dress?

pointsanna.gif I was asking the High Prime a favor, and... well... Let's just say I have to do embarrassing things for any favor from her.

:pointsNekoNekonny: What kind of favor?

dropanna.gif Access to her camera systems around Las Lindas. More specifically, the one's in the bathrooms.

:dropNekoNekonny: Part of me wants to be surprised, but given the both of you, I'm not.

:XDNekoNekonny: Although that dress makes you look like you're trying out for the lead role of Annie.

pointsanna.gif Don't... say... "Annie". I'd rather not have to relive what I had to do.

:dropNekoNekonny: Okay then....

:pointsNekoNekonny: Still, why are you here?

blushanna.gif Let's just say it's not just my perversions that I needed the video feed for the showers at Las Lindas...



:dropId: Simmer down there, Cheshire Cat.

:XDMora: Nah, she looks more like a Twilight Sparkle.

*Back on the island*

dropanna.gif What Mora is paying me is just as worth it, but I still got to lay low for a while.
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Chad's Birthday Part 2 of 4

:gleeRon: Oh Boy! I can't believe it's my 27th birthday!
:confuzzledCurran: Wait. Didn't we celebrate it yesterday?
:gleeSK: Whoa whoa whoa, simmer down there, sport. There's plenty of your birthday to go around.
:gleeRon: I want a cameo on a comic!
:furyMihari: Too bad!
:cryRon: Awwwww....
:dropSully: Me next! Me next! Me next! Me next! Me next! Me next! Me next!
:heartSK: Ho ho ho ho ho ho. Well alright, Sully.
:gleeSully: I got this for you, Chad.
:gleeRon: Really?
:gleeSully: Yeah!
:pointsRon: Oh.
:confuzzledSully: Well?
:gleeSully: Take it.
:pointsRon: Oh, I knew it was my birthday.
:gleeRon: *opens present*
:gleeRon: Oh boy. Oh boy. Oh boy. It's A car.
:gleeSully: It's not just any car, Chad. Press the top and it makes a noise.
:gleeRon: Oh boy.
:furyMora: What the fuck is wrong with you? It's bad enough Rachael tried to kiss you, but now yuo tell me that you've slept with a scantly clad lizard whore and you say it's your cousin. Minos, I've told you all of my secrets and you didn't even bother sharing yours? Is there something else you're not telling me? Did you ever sleep with the High Prime, did you date Taffy behind my back? Did you really want to work for Alej before all of this happened? This is ridiculous. I can't take it anymore. We've never done something like this. When are you gonna lave your controls with me and not anyone else?
:pointsRon: Umm...It's cool?
:gleeSully: Chad! Don't stop now, there's more!
:amazeRon: *clicks it again*
:steamedSK: Stop playing with toys, Chad!
:cryRon: I'm sorry, SoulKat.
:cryRon: Oww...
:gleeSnowman: Whadjya get, Chad?
:gleeRon: *opens present*
...WWWWWDDDD! A collection of Sodas from! Included is...

Sweet Corn, Mud Pie, Cock Cola, John Lemonade, and Coffee. Extra stuff includes Bacon Chocolate Cocoa Mix and Bacon Cotton Candy! Can't wait to try the hot cocoa in fall, it'll be hot. Ow! Why did you touch that? Idiot.
:pointsRon: I don't think I want MrAmp's gift now...
:furySnowman: You're getting it!
:gleeSK: That's right, but you'll have to wait until your next birthday, or tomorrow, or the day after that.
:pointsRon: Okay with that.

Captain Video

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Sep 4, 2009
Partially Submerged Boat
Personal Text
"No man can eat fifty Faberge eggs!"
Mail-Order Falcon
Part 14: Wow, Part 14 Already?

*Rexley runs out of the Las Lindas house and over to the ship*

:amazeRexley: Good... uh, flying there, mate.
:gleeKissefello: My pleasure.
:happyKissefello: None of these people are virgins, by the way.

*Mora walks over and kicks him five or six times. Hard.*

:steamedKissefellow: It's not my fault!
:pointsRexley: I'm sorry, Johan has trouble with people.

:pointsMora: I think your weird friend should go.
:visorDigit: 79%. GeTREADY to SAAaaaVVE.
:amazeMora: We don't have time for this. Minos, put on the damn gloves and save Digit.
:furyMinos: I don't wanna!
:furyMora: I SAID DO IT!
:amazeKissefello: Wait! I can help you!
:gleeKissefello: Saving people is my specialty.

-Out on the highway!-

*Idward is singing along with his J. Geils Band cartridge and Perry is shrieking along.*


*they high-five while the end of song the plays out*

:gleeId: If you think this is good, just wait until we get to wherever it is I decide we're going!

*suddenly, the Bubbles, its windshield heavily caked in dirt, comes screaming up on them from behind and bounces off the roof of the El Camino, driving it off the road*

:amazeRexley: Damn! I think I hit something.
:dropRexley: No, no. Stay calm. I'm sure it was just a pothole.

*Idward finds himself coming up on a tree*

:amazeId: OH SHI--

*total darkness*

:blushId: Uh, hello?
I'm here, Idward.
:amazeId: Perry!?
:amazeId: Why do you sound like Morgan Freeman?
I am using the voice you most respect - that of Morgan Freeman.
:amazeId: Wow!
:blushId: But what if... the voice I actually most respect...
:heartId: Is Popeye!
Skibbudiyah! Skibbididward! 'Scut that out, uk uk uk!
:heartId: I'm sorry, I couldn't resist. You can be Morgan Freeman again.
Thank you. You've actually just been in a terrible accident.
:dropId: Rats.
Idward, when you microwaved my egg, you imbued me with psychic powers.
Sure, that checks out.
Now I must help you become the hero you always wanted to be. You've made many women angry in your life, Idward. I can see it in your heart. Now, I must show you how to make one happy again. Are you ready?
I... I think so.

*Idward wakes up. The front end of his El Camino is wrapped around a tree and smoking*

:gleeId: Puh... Perry?
Perry, if any of that was real, give me a sign.

*Perry lands on his shoulder and whistles part of the Popeye theme, then gives Idward a dirty look*

:blushId: Okay, okay. I'm ready to do this.
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Outside contributer, not comunuty member.
Jun 1, 2009
:furyRachael: Dammit Mora... Call ME "Twilight Sparkle"?! Oh, I'll get you back for that remark. Now where is that damn dragon...

dropanna.gif You rang?

:pointsRachael: How long were you there?

dropanna.gif Long enough. How much is revenge worth to you?

:pointsRachael: What are you demands?

:furyRachael: And no, kissing Miles, or anything along those lines is not negotiable.

pointsanna.gif Well.... I don't know....

:dropRachael: Fine, fine.... I'll kiss Miles, but that's it!

blushanna.gif Oh, is that all you're going to do?

:blushRachael: Don't push your damn luck. Are you going to get Mora for me or not?

dropanna.gif Well, seeing how Mora payed me off already...

:amazeRachael: Payed you off?


pointsanna.gif I am only the instrument. Match or surpass her offer to get her back.

:pointsRachael: And what did I ask did she pay you?

dropanna.gif $50

:pointsRachael: I'll make it $60. Do we have a deal?

blushanna.gif Kiss Miles as we originally agreed on top of it, and we do.

:furyRachael: Are you serious?!

pointsanna.gif Well, if you don't want to get Mora back....

:furyRachael: FINE! I'll do it.

:wutRachael: (What have I done?)
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Chad's Birthday Part 3 of 4

:gleeRon: Oh boy! It's my birthday again!
:gleeSnowman: It sure is, Chad
Is it my turn to give Chad his present yet?
:gleeSK: It is, Anna. But first, I think MrAmp should give Chad his gift.
:gleeRon: Wow. You really have a present for me MrAmp?
:pointsSnowman: No...

*tosses an empty box around the room*
*throws her sun hat at MrAmp*
:furySnowman: OKAY, FINE!
:XDRon: Oh my gosh!
:gleeRon:Oh Boy, I can't wait to see what it is!

:XDRon: It's Lucky Charms!
:pointsSnowman: No, Idiot! It's Marshmallow Minis.
:gleeSnowman: It's half the price and half the taste!
:XDRon: I can't wait to sink my teeth into this!
:gleeRon: *empties the box*
:pointsRon: *still emptying*
:pointsRon: *still emptying*
Save some for me!
:pointsRon: *still emptying*
:gleeSK: Now make sure you all share.
:pointsRon: I...don't think that's gonna be a problem.
It's enough for a box, but two if you're stingy.
:gleeRon: I guess you're right, Anna.
:furyMihari: Quit clowning around and get to Anna's present!
:gleeSK: Oh you're right, Mihari. How could I forget?
:pointsRon: Ummm...
*present drop*
:gleeRon: Oh, there it is.
Open it! Open it!
:amazeSnowman: Open it! Oh God! Open it!
:gleeRon: Oh I can't wait to see what's inside!
:amazeRon: Oh my god! It's...
The Classic You Don't Know Jack Bundle for PC and the Blacksad Graphic Novels! Ever wanted to play the classic jack games? Now you can! Do you know Jack? OF COURSE! And when you take a break from Jack, meet Blacksad and his four intense adventures! It's as good as it gets!
Hey, that's what I said about those comics!
:happySnowman: At least he didn't ask for commissions!
:steamedSK: Go to your room, Amp.
:squintSnowman: The hell do you mean? You said we didn't have offices.
:furyMihari: .....
:crySnowman: Y-yes Ma'am...
:confuzzledSully: Is that all, Chad? Did you get what you wanted?
:gleeRon: I believe so.
:gleeSK: Wait, Chad. Your birthday isn't over yet!
:amazeRon: What do you mean?
:heartMihari: You didn't open our gifts from me, SoulKat, and some of our comic stars!
:gleeRon: Oh, you're right! I guess I'll have to wait tomorrow to see what else I got!


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Apr 17, 2011
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Too much TMI...Too much TMI!!!
Time to continue Where's Mr. AMP (Part 3 of 5)

*After what seems to be days of searching, Sunny has finally found The High Prime Strip Club.*
:sunnyAmaze: Woof!!!
:XDSunny: I can't believe it took me a week to find this place.
:teaseSunny: And it was right across from Las Lindas.

*Sunny turns around to see that she is roughly five feet away from Las Lindas.*
:confuzzledSunny: Why is there even a strip club all the way out here anyway?
:gleeSunny: Now I just need to--

*Minos emerges from behind the doors with his arms crossed and staring down at Sunny.*
:sunnyAmaze: Minos!?
:confuzzledSunny: What are you doing here?
:dropMinos: I'm the bouncer.
:shySunny: *Whimper* Really? Why?
:confuzzledMinos: I need the money.
:gleeSunny: Oh...Does Mora know about this?
:shySunny: :pointsMinos:
Awkward silence...
:shySunny: So...could I get in please?
:dropMinos: Sorry, this--

*Minos notices that Sunny is holding Mr. AMP's pass.*
:gleeMinos: have a pass.

*Minos steps aside and holds the door open for her.*
:XDSunny: *Yipe* YEAH!!!

*Sunny runs on in.*
:confuzzledMinos: I had no idea she swing that way.

*Sunny rushes into the club in hopes of finding Mr. AMP.*
:XDSunny: HUR--
:sunnyAmaze: OMG!!!

*Sunny's gleefulness suddenly turned to horror as she realizes that she's in a strip club full of well endowed women in very tight bikinis.*
:shySunny: *Whimper* Maybe I should--

*At that moment, someone pushes Sunny into a private room. The door closes behind her.*
:confuzzledSunny: What the what!?
:confuzzledSunny: What's going on?
:confuzzledSunny: Why am I in here?
:teaseSunny: I--

*Sunny hears a voice from behind a set of curtains. A shadowy figure is seen walking/stretching.*
:blushAmbar: Don't worry my dear...
:confuzzledSunny: *Hum*

*Lady Ambar emerges from behind those curtains in incredibly tight white bikini.*
:heartAmbar: I will make all your fantasies come true.
:sunnyAmaze: LADY AMBAR!?!?
:shySunny: What are you doing here?
:confuzzledAmbar: I own this establishment my dear.
:dropAmbar: It's clearly stated in the name.
:confuzzledSunny: I thought that was just copyright--

*Lady Ambar starts to seductively move closer to Sunny as she continues to talk.*
:shySunny: *Whimper* What...what are you doing?
:blushAmbar: My dear, I'm giving you your lap dance.
:sunnyAmaze: WHAT!?
:gleeAmbar: You did give them Mr. AMP's card after all.
:blushAmbar: And on the last day before it expires too!

*Lady Ambar continues the lap dance as cheap strip club music is playing in the background.*
:shySunny: I don't...
:sunnyAmaze: Wait! Do you know where Mr. AMP is?
:teaseSunny: Mora wants me to--
:gleeAmbar: *Giggle* Of course I do sweetie. I have a clue right here.

*A piece of paper emerges from Ambar's cleavage.*

Can..can you just hand it to me?
:blushAmbar: Oh no my dear. You just have to reach in and grab it.
:shySunny: O...kay...

*Sunny reluctantly sticks her hand in Ambar's cleavage. She has to fiddle around; however, she finally gets the paper.*
:sunnyAmaze: Yes!!! Now I can--
:shySunny: Wait...this is only half a piece of paper.
:confuzzledSunny: Where's the other--

*At that point, Lady Ambar turns around and shoves her--*
:blushAmbar: Don't worry...
:heartAmbar: There's plenty of booty to search.


Katbox Guitar God and Soundtrack Specialist
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Chad's Birthday Part 4 of 4
See the first three if you haven't yet. 1 2 3

:furySnowman: I'm sick of this birthday!
:gleeWT: Wait MrAmp, you selfish dick, Chad didn't get his gifts from SoulKat, Mihari, and the artists!
:squintSnowman: Oh yeah.
:gleeQuick: Chad, we've put so much time, and effort, and love, and money into it...
:gleeRon: Oh, you guys shouldn't have...
:heartMihari: I can't believe you guys finally did something for your fans.
:pointsKess: The fuck is that supposed to mean?
:blushCheng: Yeah, why is it that so hard to believe?
:furyMihari: Don't sass me in front of the internet!
:gleeSK: Well, what did the three of you get for Chad?
:heartCheng: :gleeKess: :happyQuick: We did these for you!
:gleeRon:Oh boy! Oh boy!
:gleeRon: *opens the present*
:pointsRon: Is this a joke?
:dropKess: We didn't make you anything, because you didn't give us money.
:confuzzledQuick: Yeah. Seriously.
:furyCheng: And you did sign up on Patreon to become a supporter, so why don't you get up off your lazy ass and donate already?
:furyRon: I have had it up to...
...with you people! YOU'RE ALL FUCKING DEAD!
:gleeSK: Wait, Chad! At least open our presents from me and Mihari!
:heartMihari: I do concur!
:gleeRon: Well, okay...
:gleeRon:*opens presents*
:amazeRon: AH! OOH MY GOD! OH GOD! WHY?
It's not the sun, Chad. It's the first season of Whose Line is it Anyway on DVD, The Man, Can, and Plan Cookbooks, and two music CDs! Enjoy all of the laughter with Drew Carey, and while you're laughing cook something up using a microwave or grill with your new cookbooks, and don't forget to put up some nice tunes of NASCAR or a comic book shop franchise in New England. Be the envy of your friends and family, or take it a step further and murder them. (I...I'm just kidding. I would never condone murder. It's really messed up, man. I'm sorry I even joked about...
:cryRon: What am I gonna do? I'm blinded now!
:amazeSnowman: Quick! Raid his room and take all of his video games!
Way ahead of you!
:gleeSully: I'm way behind you!
:heartMiles: I'm on top of you!
:furyAlej: :furyDigit: :furyDin: :feralfuryGeecku: :furyJin: :furyId: :furyMinos: :furyMora: :furyRachael: :furyRandal: :furySarah: :teaseSunny: :furyTaffy: :pointsToots: GODDAMMIT, MILES!
:furyRon: When I get my sight back, you're all gonna get it!
:shockedQuick: We're getting presents?
:madKess: No Godai, he's gonna give us a fist across the face.
:amazeRon: What? Oh my god. Is that what you all think of me?
:blushCheng: What else would we think?
:cryRon: I'm sorry, you guys. I mean, I am upset I did get commissions, but that's because I never donated, but I'm still learning how that works. I still appreciate what you all did for me on my 27th birthday. It really means lot to me. It's about growing up, seeing your friends and family and what you've been through your whole life. It's not just about the video games, the Red Velvet Cherry cake, the taco salad, the iTunes gift cards, the gift money...
:pointsSK: Uh, Chad...
:gleeRon: Yeah?
:pointsSK: They're all dead.
:amazeRon: WHAT? Why? How did this happen? What happened? Who would do this to them? What this?
:pointsSK: I dunno. They're just...dead.
:pointsSK: *drinks coffee mug*

The End

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I like the way you die, boy.
When your cable isn't working, you get tense.

:furyMiles: *Miles is missing the season finale of The Walking Dead.*

When you get tense, you can't sleep.

:pointsMiles: *Sits at the dinner table all night with a glass of milk because he CAN'T F**KING SLEEP.*

When you can't sleep, you need to sleep.

:pointsMiles: *Miles is practically a zombie as he drives his truck towards Gossamer.*

When you need to sleep, you get stranded.

:dropMiles: *Miles drove his truck over a cliff and miraculously lived, but can't get a signal on his phone.*

When you get stranded, you have to survive.

:furyMiles: *Miles tries to start a fire by rubbing sticks together.*

When you have to survive, you eat wild berries.

:gleeMiles: *Eats a bunch of berries from a bush by the handful.*

when you eat wild berries, you chase imaginary butterflies into something highly illegal.

:heartMiles: *Miles is tripping BALLS now as he chases butterflies that only he can see. Right into the middle of a drug deal.*
:furyPierre: :furyGretta: :furyVelia:

Don't chase imaginary butterflies into something highly illegal.
Get rid of cable and upgrade to Nano-Zell TV.
Call 1-800-NANOZTV.


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Too much TMI...Too much TMI!!!
:happySnowman: And now it's time for Part 4 of--

:shySunny: *Whimper*
*Sunny is rocking back and forth in the fetal position.*

:squintSnowman: Sunny...are you okay?

*Sunny continues to rock back and forth in the fetal position.*
:shySunny: I need some time.
:shySunny: Her booty was so massive.
:heartAmbar: It is!

:pointsSnowman: Yeah...I'll just wait until tomorrow.

*Mr. AMP walks away.*
:crySnowman: Lucky girl...


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Jun 5, 2013
beyond the dream
Welp, this is/was difficult to make. Partly because Team Nekocat is all gray/grey. This may or may not have been inspired by a recent discussion. Anyway, I present to you...

Densetsu Sentai Nekoranger

:gleeKimi: as NekoRed
:gleeNekonny: as NekoBlue
:gleeTina: as NekoYellow
:gleeYuki: as NekoPink

:gleeMaya: as NekoSilver


The Missing Twins! Where are Mika and Muna?
Catch the latest episode of Densetsu Sentai Nekoranger this Sunday morning at 9 am EST.


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:dropShin: ... That Goddamn bully had it coming.
:amazeHope: Shin I still cant believed you punched someone.
:winkJoy: Shin that was awesome I bet he wont mess with you again
:pointsHope: Joy your not helping
:amazeKate: You punched someone at school shin have you been fighting ?
:dropShin: It was more like self defense mom I was jumped by that bully picking on me at school
:pointsKate: That doesn't matter Shin even when justified I still think violence is not the answer.
:dropShin: Mom I did the right thing in my mind that jackass had it coming.
:pointsKate: That's your father talking haven't I always said show me a man that depended solely on violence and I will show you man who ran out of good ideas
:gleeShin: You right mom I maybe I should have tried try reasoning with ...
:gleeKayin: Oh give me a break Kate your son did the right thing.
:amazeKate: Kayin what are you doing here ?
:confuzzledShin: Mr Ravenhurst ?
:gleeKayin: Hope and Joy told me about the fight at school good job standing up to that bully shin it's the only way they learn anything.
:gleeKayin: Nonsense Kate You're son like everyone else in this situation has the right to defined themselves.
:pointsKate: Um Kayin I don't think that's a good idea you and I know full well the fury and strength of shin's father.
:gleeKayin: Don't worry Kate ill be fine come on Shin give me on right in old bread basket
:confuzzledShin: What did you say ? Mom should I ?
:pointsKate: Okay but don't say I didn't warn you.
:furyKayin: Come on Shin hit me !
:confuzzledShin: What are you serious ?
:furyKayin: Yes now show me what you got nerd !
:pointsShin: Don't call me a nerd !
:furyKayin: Whats wrong is the baby gonna cry ?
:pointsShin: You wanna piece of me tough guy ! (Shin punches Kayin in the stomach )
:sadKayin: (drops to the ground) by the gods shin that punch took me back into yesterday !
:confuzzledShin: Mr Ravenhurst are you okay ?
:sadKayin: (Still on the ground) I'm fine but holy s**t you really do take after you're father.
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Too much TMI...Too much TMI!!!
And now it's the finale of Where's Mr. AMP?

*After less than three hours of therapy of exploring Lady Ambar's booty...*
:shySunny: *Whimper*
*...Sunny finally returns to the upper hallway where she is standing in front of an enormous pile of papers.*

:confuzzledSunny: What the...!?
:confuzzledSunny: How did I not notice this pile of papers before!?

*From out of nowhere, Sunny goes all commando with a dusting brush.*
:XDSunny: Time to clean up!!!

*Sunny speed-fully clears up one pile of papers to notice yet another pile.*
:teaseSunny: More power!!!

*Sunny cleans up that pile to notice yet another row.*

*Sunny finally cleans up all the piles to reveal a door.*
:gleeSunny: YEAH!!!
:gleeSunny: Mr. AMP must be--

*Sunny opens to door to see nothing but a pile of papers coming down on her.*
:sunnyAmaze: GAH!!!
:confuzzledSunny: How is this even possible!?

*After five hours worth of cleaning and moving papers, Sunny finally manages to clear out a small pathway that leads to a jittery and messy Mr. AMP scrambling through countless papers and files on a computer. Seriously, it's like he hasn't bathed or seen the light of day in about three months.*
:sunnyAmaze: MR. A--
:furySnowman: WHAT DO YOU WANT NOW!?

:shySunny: Sorry. We were just worried about you.
:confuzzledSunny: We haven't seen you in three and a half months.

:amazeSnowman: WAIT A MINUTE...
:handsomeSnowman: DID YOU SAY THAT YOU MISSED ME!?
:shySunny: We said we were worried about you,
:shySunny: Why are you still yelling?

:happySnowman: I HAVEN'T BATHED AT ALL!!!
:sunnyAmaze: GAH!!!

:shySunny: That's really sick.
:teaseSunny: No worries, I know exactly what to do.

:XDSunny: Digit!
:furyDigit: Nope...not going to happen.

:teaseSunny: Mora!
:furyMora: HELL NO!!!

:shySunny: Ambar...?
*Ambar disappears.*

:shySunny: I...I should call 911, shouldn't I?
:crySnowman: YES PLEASE!!!![DOUBLEPOST=1397710890,1397620597][/DOUBLEPOST]And now that tax season is finally over, it's time to start things off with an all new The Random Moment!!!
Featuring :squintSnowman: What's Bishi again? as Mr. AMP and everyone else as themselves.
In: Cyber Punch

Special thanks to Swashbuckled for the idea.

*Davin and Toby are holding each other on a beach in nothing but their swimwear.*
:gleeDavin: Toby...

:blushToby: Davin...
:blushToby: Kiss me like you kissed that fox...
:blushToby: And that rabbit...
:blushToby: And that lynx...
:blushToby: And that bear/guinea pig...
:pointsToby: You've kissed a lot of women.

:dropDavin: Toby...I...
:blushToby: doesn't matter.
:heartToby: Feel my love.
:heartDavin: :heartToby:

*Davin and Toby lean in and kiss one another, grabbing each other.*

:amazeAnn: :amazeAngel: :wutTiare: :amazeAmbar:
:heartAnn: :heartAngel: :blushTiare: :heartAmbar: SO BISHI!!!

:amazeSK: :amazeMihari:
:crySK: :cryMihari: Why...Just why...?

*Mr. AMP stops typing.*
:squintSnowman: Jeez...this isn't funny at all.*
:squintSnowman: I'm really out of practice.
:happySnowman: At least no one--

:squintSnowman: Hm...
:amazeSnowman: OH!
:handsomeSnowman: I just got an email.
:gleeSnowman: Lets see's from...
:squintSnowman: Dav--

*Unfortunately, Mr. AMP clicked on the email before he finished reading who it was sent from.*

*Davin's fist is seen coming out of the computer, launching Mr. AMP into the air.*
:amazeSnowman: We're blasting off...again!!!!


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Jun 1, 2009
gleeanna.gif Hey Mr AMP. Quick question. Are you planning to make your female self cannon?

:pointsSnowman: Why do you ask?

pointsanna.gif Well, N-Chan is a fan favorite running gag to the point of being almost cannon. And that's how I got my start as a character.

:squintSnowman: So... you were original a female version of Eradose?

dropanna.gif Well, that's how I was originally designed, more or less. But as I started to be developed as a character, I started to move far away from the original concept, and became a full fledged character in my own right. I barely even have any trace of the original concept left.

:pointsSnowman: You ability to break the fourth wall scares me.

pointsanna.gif I'm not the first. Nor will I be the last. But still, I don't even know key elements of the finalized backstory I was given after it was all said and done.

:pointsSnowman: So... you have things in your own backstory you don't have a clue about?

pointsanna.gif All I know is that there's something about a "G-Emulator", and the "E-001 weapon unit", tied to "Weapon Restriction Level Zero". I don't like the fact that there is stuff about me I'm not even allowed to know about.

:amazeSnowman: Dose it have anything to do with that incident of Tiare burning all of her research on you.

pointsanna.gif Probably. It may surprise you, but the fact that I may have... something inside me that I'm not aware of scares me.

:crySnowman: And that fact terrifies me.

:pointsSnowman: So... what were we talking about again?

dropanna.gif I think we were talking about your female nekocat copy?

:amazeSnowman: Oh, right!

:pointsSnowman: To be honest, I'm torn. Part of me likes the idea, but another part thinks I like the idea a little too much.

blushanna.gif As in you want to bang your clone?

:crySnowman: But she's so hot... But she's also like a sister to me... What do I do?

pointsanna.gif That's your problem, not mine.