The Inn of the Lost Heroes just outside the city of Joomla (Wild Kingdoms RP)(Open)

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Galactic Traveller
May 16, 2016
Personal Text
((Where is BadxAsh?....the coming soon msg was a dissapointement. Our cast is just stuck in time and we now have a new member...))
[doublepost=1486675717,1484487155][/doublepost](("Scarrn!" Yelled Vlad as he slapped the drunk badger to wake up. He moved to the friar who is holding Hazel to keep her warm
"....I'll let them sleep a few more minutes.."

Saying this he moved to Wren,picks her up and shakes her
"Wake uup!"
He drops her down and moves to Kalin,he grabs his gun and pokes his head with it. After Kalin started to wake up Vlad points the gun at him.


AKA Squeaky
Dec 14, 2013
R'lyeh's waiting room
Personal Text
*wilhelm scream*
((While Scarrn happily dreams of ale and amazons, Darth Vlad flies into Scarrn causing double damage and a loud badger curse-word. xD ))
[doublepost=1486797661,1486794057][/doublepost]((*grumble* Ya tried ta wake up the weasel, didn't ya, boy?))
Apr 2, 2008
((Ben just shoves a waffle into Wren's maw and pats her,"easy there kiddo... no one needs to have their tally's whacked off today"))
[doublepost=1493489086,1487042110][/doublepost]Ben just plays twiddle as he waits about with everyone


Social Media I mean Butterfly
The Katbox
May 29, 2008
Kalispell, MT
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You're no bunny til some bunny loves you.
....are...are we ever gonna move?
If @BadXAsh wanted to quit he could've atleast done it formally...
Stories are never really finished... Just put down for a time awaiting the moment to be picked back up and continued...

Yes we will continue. *Picks the book up adjusts his glasses and thumbs through the pages.* Now where were we... Ah yes...