The downward spiral of Ninja Division.

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Outside contributer, not comunuty member.
Jun 1, 2009
This has been something that has been unfolding all year, and as now come to a head. A tabletop company I've been following for a long time, Ninja Division, has been having a lot of issues this year, and it's seems that the company has dug itself into a hole that it may never get out of.

Back in February, I did a short video about the outrage that was going on, trying to be an impartial as possible on the matter. This will give you an idea about what was going on at the time.

I'll try to cliff note this as best I can.

  • Robotech RPG Tactics has 65% of it's content canceled due to Harmony Gold pulling the license after several delays
  • Rail Raiders releases were shipped out to stores outside of the US before Kickstarter Backers outside the US got them
  • Miniature releases for Way of the Fighter, Pathfinder, and Starfinder have been delayed
  • Relic Knights 2nd Edition has been delayed for unknown reasons
  • Super Dungeon Legends has been overdue 2 years, and no updates have been posted in months
  • All Super Dungeon expansions have been on hold until Legends comes out.
  • Ninja Division was releasing limited run resin minis as preorders out of the blue
And this was all in February. The limited run "Resin Masterclass" miniature was a bit of a sore spot for a lot of people, as it seemed like a cash grab, suggesting that funds were drying up. However, these Resin miniatures became less limited run, and were more frequent up until August, when they stopped making new releases for this "Masterclass" series (and some of the miniatures that were not limited run have yet to restock).

At about the same time, Ninja Division announce suddenly that one of their games, Ninja All Stars, was discontinued. No warning or anything. If fact, the game hasn't even been out for two years yet, and yet they just dropped the game, canceled all expansions, and are now repackaging all the miniatures from it into Super Dungeon Explore. Some people are seeing this as them desperately trying to keep the flagship game relevant. Currently, only two sets and a handful of single minis have been repackaged (along with compatibility card packs for those who already own the originals), but no news as to when, or if, the rest of the series will be converted to Super Dungeon.

As for the delays in miniatures, they did say they changed factories back in 2017, but that seems to be a mistake. Reports from people who backed the Starfinder miniatures campaign said that an update reported that the miniatures shipped from the factory were not properly cured as they should have been, meaning that the miniatures arrived at their warehouse FUSED TOGETHER! While this is not a report I can verify, this story was making the rounds in the fan groups, and people were wondering if this is also causing the delays in the other projects as well.

Ninja Division's fan page on Facebook also took a bit of a hit due to "Restructuring". Basically, they forbid anyone to post anything other than game demo notices, that is until they relaunched as several smaller regional community pages. Again, it wasn't well communicated as to why this was happening.

As for what little the 2nd Edition of Relic Knights got in updates, while it seems the majority of contents were ready since summer of this year, there has yet to be any sign as to when this game will come out.

And then there was the transfer of accounts from Soda Pop Miniature's website to the Ninja Division website. This was not a quick conversion, with many people wondering if their reward points will transfer over (which they didn't) or if any of their preorders will be carried over (which they assured us they did, but we have yet to see confirmation of this).

Needless to say, rumors have been making the rounds as to them running out of money, possibly even just outright canceling Super Dungeon Legends without telling anyone. While these rumors have no facts behind them, as of today, this document from the Washington state AG (this was posted on Kickstarter, and is public record) has recently turned up.

While I would like someone familiar with law look over this, this document is painting a very grim picture for the company. And with those who backed Super Dungeon Legends, it looks like whatever money they put into the project (some up to $300) is gone, and they may not see anything for it. What are your thoughts on this whole thing?


Outside contributer, not comunuty member.
Jun 1, 2009
This is sadly something I have to clarify, as there have been articles popping up (such as this one here) that have been spelling doom for the company, and some fans are going into a panic (I can't tell you how many people are just selling off their collections on Facebook and eBay for dirt cheap now after this). First, the needed funds are only for Super Dungeon Legends, and does not apply to their other project (at least from what's in the official AG response). In fact, there is no evidence to suggest that funds from other Kickstarters have been funnled to this. Second, Ninja Division has been hired by IDW Games to sculpt miniatures for the MIB/Ghostbusters crossover game. They will not be releasing it, but they will have some funding coming in for that. Third, Ninja Division is looking into outside funding, possibly having another company buy the Super Dungeon license, in order to get the game out, and fulfill promises to backers. This still is a very bad situation, but there are people saying that the Company is going under, and everything will fall through, meaning that every project will be canceled over this. Again, this is over reaction and fear mongering with no basis in fact. Until we have actual evidence to suggest that everything is suffering over this, we shouldn't just jump to conclusions.

Edit: The company that produces the resin miniatures for them just came out today saying that Ninja Division was behind on payments for resin miniature production. So yes, this is now affecting all other projects.
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Outside contributer, not comunuty member.
Jun 1, 2009
I'm not going to be updating this topic anymore. The toxicity that has been coming from this has been getting to the point where you don't know what's the truth, and what's just being said to stoke more fires. It's being suggested that the recent post about how the resin company isn't being paid for any of their miniatures from Ninja Division was lacking the proper context. Remember in my first post that this is the same company that delivered the first shipment of Starfinder minis that were fused together, so it could be that the other projects were having funding withheld until they can assure QC. Not to mention this company made this claim of Ninja Division not paying them on one of their own Kickstarter, on a completely unrelated topic, suggesting this is just them trying to throw Ninja Division under the bus.

The negativity has gotten to the point where you can't post about anything remotely related to any Ninja Division product without at least several people commenting how the company should go bankrupt, be sued, or that they're just terrible people (serious, I've posted about game demos I've run, and was forced to take them down because they devolved into total flame wars over the company themselves).

I'll be asking for the admins to lock this topic to prevent this flood of toxic behavior from coming here as well.