Comic The Bermuda Triangle

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Darth Dies

The Guardian
Feb 25, 2016
And I'll be the first to comment

Glad that the Debunkers are back finally.
Now for the most important part...Mihari cameo!

And is Avi gay or bi? That eludes me now...

So Nixie and Avi went into the Bermuda triangle...and didn't bother to wave back at me...There's a reason why ships dissapear there!

Zoie Falcona

Wild Kingdoms Dungeon Mistress
May 29, 2008
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Support ALS research
Welcome back, Nixie!

Don't worry, your two kiddos were just fine during your vacation! They had nice paranormal adventures of their own : D

Seriously, the cuteness of Nixie is back and greater than ever :D


No. 1 Fun Guy
Apr 17, 2011
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Too much TMI...Too much TMI!!!
OH! So Debunkers is back after all. That's a nice surprise.

And ah snap! I see a Mihari, Mislakane, and Rexley's hot sister cameo. Super nice. And I must say that I dig the extended vacation joke there.


AKA Squeaky
Dec 14, 2013
R'lyeh's waiting room
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*wilhelm scream*
Yay! Nixie & Debunkers are back!

Lol @ sneaky Molly. Looks like the only thing that vanished in the Bermuda Triangle cruise was Avi's wallet (pirates gonna pirate). xD