Anthronauts The Anthronauts Radio Project

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With Nixie's blessing the officially unofficial Anthronauts Radio Project is born! Though not literally on the radio, these radio projects are available typically as mp3s so people can download them and follow along with the comic. The Anthronauts Radio Project is a free, fan-made collaboration. Under no circumstance are these works to be sold, it's an insult to the owner and the fine people who help put this together.

We could still use more volunteers. Though the main characters have been chosen, we could use more voice actors to try for the other roles. We can also use people for music, sound effects, and scripts. If anyone is ambitious enough, they can find other ways to help as well.

Voice acting tips!

We have logansryche who volunteered as our audio engineer and myself if things go south.

Demo files

Archive of preliminary demos

Maxwell Gadsby as Ensign Mort:
Zeikier as miscellaneous roles:
Seaglass as Narrator:


Name and first seen
Narrator/credits person

Character/actor/first seen
Captain Mandy Cheng - Melissa Johnson - comic 1
Sir Boris Wimble - StrikeLightning - comic 1
Mr. Perrin Rexley - Zeikier - comic 1
Calimary - comic 5

Xenophobes (assorted) - comic 6
Terran pirate - comic 22
Avian pirate - comic 22
Octo pirate - comic 23
Fur pirate - comic 23
Captain Bob - comic 30
Blue haired officer - comic 30
Female officer - comic 30
Black haired officer - comic 33
Parvani - comic 38
Spike head - comic 38
Fairy merchant - comic 42
Burly merchant - comic 42
Plant merchant - comic 42
Greek merchant - comic 42
Red shirt alien - comic 46
Billy - comic 46
Other employee - comic 46


Katbox Forum Member
Mar 5, 2008
Los Angeles, California
Was wondering, do you think we'd need to follow those accents? Because I can fake a 'fake' British accent, but not really an Irish one... actually, I don't think I've ever heard an Irish accent before.
Was wondering, do you think we'd need to follow those accents? Because I can fake a 'fake' British accent, but not really an Irish one... actually, I don't think I've ever heard an Irish accent before.
It would be handy, but I honestly don't know what we can expect. It would be nice to hope for though.

[quote author=Chad Hodgeson (Terrific21) link=topic=7346.msg178877#msg178877 date=1302492218]
I could give it a try. A sample will have to wait until tomorrow I'm afraid. I'm working a shift until one, then I have to find some new tires for my car.

Should I send them to you via email or youtube?
[/quote]e-mail or any file storage site you can link the file too. I guess I should put up my contact info so people can send stuff. I'll be updating my profile then.


Hmm... not sure if it will let you e-mail me from there or not so I'll just put it here jamesstarrunner(at)

Captain Video

Frontier Psychiatrist
Gallery Volunteer
Sep 4, 2009
Partially Submerged Boat
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"No man can eat fifty Faberge eggs!"
I would't be able to participate in this do to too many previous committments, but I just want you to know it sounds cool. I have mused in the past about the viability (or lack thereof) of a Las Lindas radio drama.

If you're looking for some reference on how it's done, try the archive for the old CBS radio program "Escape," which was a serial drama:

Gives you a pretty good idea of how to employ narration, sound effects, etc.
Voice acting hints

First and foremost, you don't want to be using windows sound recorder. If you don't already have a good recording program, I suggest Audacity. It's a free program that you can download and has far better quality than windows sound recorder and even several paid for programs. You can find the download page here:

Second, if you want to export your submissions as mp3's, you will need the LAME encoder. You'll find it on the same download page along with audacity. Save it somewhere safe where you will remember and extract it. Then when you use audacity and try to export as an mp3, it'll ask you where the LAME file is. Once you point out where it is, it won't be asking again and you can freely export mp3's whenever you wish.

For some actual voice recording hints, whenever you do lines, make sure it's in a quiet environment. And when you use your microphone, don't touch it or bump it. When speaking, talk across it and not into it. This should help with limiting the severity of pops from 'B', 'P', and 'T' sounds among other things.

Make sure you speak loud and clear. This doesn't mean shouting into the microphone. Sit up straight to get good air flow and use your diaphragm. When doing shouting lines, make sure your mic sensitivity is turned down. This will make sure your lines don't 'clip'. You can see this as the sound waves in the display go beyond the box. This is bad. This causes nasty artifacts. Turning down your mic sensitivity will also make sure you don't get as much machine noise like your cooling fans from the Ming Dynasty. Sure, you may be attached to them, but they're old and nasty. There's been issues with hearing fish tanks too, so make sure outside interference is at a minimum.

Don't be afraid to do more than one take. Even the pros do it. Do a line a few times and listen to it. Do you hear any unwanted noise? Is it clear enough? Does it clip? Are there popping sounds? Does the emotion fit the situation? There was a time where I've had to do a line over and over until my voice was raw, but now it's a gem that I'm proud to put in my demo reel.

If you have a nylon and a wire hanger, you make make your own pop filter. Just bend the hanger and set it in front of the mic with the nylon stretched over it. This is surprisingly about as good as the real thing and it works.

Make sure you understand your character. Look at their face and try to emulate it in your recordings. It's really distracting when a voice is giggly and amused when the character is obviously distraught (and yes, it has happened).

Practice is the best teacher. Take time to listen to yourself after. Play your lines over and over again. You can put them on an mp3 player as you take transit or whatever. Figure out ways to make it better. Don't be discouraged if you find flaws. Learn from them and continue on.

A good warm-up is the pencil exercise. Put a pencil in your mouth and hold it in place with your teeth. Now try to say some lines. You'll find it harder to pronounce things. Try to over pronounce everything you say and you find it will give your mouth a workout before long. When you take the pencil out later, your words should be more crisp and clear.

If you're looking for some reference on how it's done, try the archive for the old CBS radio program "Escape," which was a serial drama: [Thanks to Captain Video for this input]

The Jack

New Member
Nov 10, 2010
Heh. This looks fun ^^ I could have a try at it once I get some spare time (read: next week), if I bother downloading the program.

However, I am completely useless at accents and stuff; I'm pretty much incapable of changing my accent to anything but a crappy norwegian one (as in, I can do my normal voice, and a crappy norwegian "for the lulz" one). I have heard that my normal english speech leans toward a slight british accent though. *shrug*

And I don't have a mic either. But my comp is fitted with one, which works excellently when I talk over mumble and vent and the likes, so I'm guessing I'll be okay.

Again, don't count on me; I'll just try this for fun if I can find the time and will to do so. :P


The Dragon Planeswalker
Jan 3, 2011
The Multiverse
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Let's have a walk among the planes...
I can work as an extra too, I would love to make a british accent, but since im a Latino, I can make a funny latino accent if u guys ever need that xDD
Hey Karl! Ya, I'm trying to get more active again. I'll be having the semester off so I'll have some time on my hands. Off course it won't stop me from designing my own games for a change, but it would be neat to see what would come of this. Since the comic isn't that far along yet, this should be easy to maintain.

Oh, and for those who want to store their sound files on line and link them, I just tried mediafire (since I don't have my own site anymore). It seems to work just fine. Just in case, I'll leave an mp3 for you guys to try to download:
I took the liberty of making the file a bit smaller by taking out the pauses and such. It's now about half the size, so it should be faster to download for others to listen. Ok guys, this was done on a camera, so the quality isn't the greatest, but I tried to clean it up a bit. Here's Chad's demo:

Of course first thing would be to get a half decent microphone. Any input from the others?


New Member
Jan 2, 2011
Amazing. I can't say I see any of those as particularly Boris or Rexley though. These are like British India military voices of a century ago, very formal and stoic. I imagine Boris more child-like, mischievious, and enthralled, and Rexley more gruff, both way more casual. The recording has a bit of an underwater rather than fresh quality to it. Still, it's way better than I expected.
This wasn't all in one take was it? Yeah the sound quality could be better. My throat will strangle me for faking an accent for prolonged time periods, I'm so gonna be an extra. @_@
Ya, all one go.

Heh... Extras are just fine. Trust me. You'd be surprised how hard it can be to keep some actors. And if you don't can't handle a lead role, its best to admit it right off the bat rather than give up halfway though. It gives directors nightmares.
I might toy around with some lines near the end of this week. I never seemed to get ahold of the stocking/wire hanger combo despite wanting to get it, so I guess I'll make due with what I have.
Ya, I don't even use a pop filter. I've got a great mic and I've learned how to use it well enough so that it doesn't pop. But ya, I don't wait to hear what you come up with!