Art Teor Sketch Dump

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Hello everyone! I will use this thread to show some sketches and images i have made that are related to The Eye.

You will notice differences about the characters, since they have evolved with time. Thanks for reading! And enjoy the show!

EDIT: This will be a heavy traffic thread. ^^U

For those curious about Velia's looks. This particular sketch shows quite some of her anatomy and character design. =3

On this particular one, you can see her body with more detail. She does have emotions.

On this sketch you can see her becoming gradually more similar to what she is now in the comics. ^^

Always liked Gretta, she has a cheery side in the way i planned her... kind of happy go lucky. So far in the comic we have only seen her rough/angry side.

She also loves her beer.

The Trio

This is old! But is a very clear view of the whole concept of Pierre. An early example of Velia. And a random creature! XD

An image that is more up to date. I really like Gretta and Velia! ^^
Mira: Haha, i appreciate the compliment. I like to try making differen species... but i have to admit my total defeat at fish people... i just can't get good looking fish girls. I remember SK thinking it was weird (i think his actual words were "scary") when i told him i was adding a bug lady.

This is the original design for Zaira that i did long ago. I just wanted to do a random black dragon girl. As you might have noticed, the version of Zaira that shows up in the comic is no longer dark green but dark blue. She is also way younger and less developed as to how she appears on this illustration. Those birds i considered to be the desert mounts at one poing... but i am already fed up with Chocobos and Hawkstriders... @_@

This is Zaira some weeks ago. I was trying to work her original design into the comic. As you can see she is now not as curvy as the first version and i made her face younger looking. Her "father" was also being designed at this point. Also an early version of the Khunfus. The nasty grub on the left is a Khunfus larva. I wanted to put them in the comic for a joke regarding the horrible fanged babies that Zaira would hand over to Ron or Ben and he would freak out. But decided to go forward with the story instead and sacrificed that little bit. ^^


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Oct 8, 2007
Hamburg, Germany
Holy hell. Even with the somewhat masculine looking legs and arms, Zaira is still extremely hot in that first pic.
Seconded ^^
I also love the way she looks at the chocobos (btw me is fed up with those too *nod* *nod*)

Even though we haven't seen much of her yet, she's already become one of my favorite TEoR characters.
and that's why I really appreciate every single pic or sketch of her
Jun 9, 2008
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Ahhhhh Art, How we can escape life to thee
Okay, I have to ask... "Old Yeller" and "Adam West"?
Thats got me thinking to, somthing qouted from family guy perhaps? Or the old batman series?

As for the pics of Zaria, very nice, I like the mugshots in the 2nd one.
Haha, well when i am sketching i like to take notes of whatever comes to my head to later do some research in places like Wikipedia. And yeah, that particular time i was watching some episodes of Family Guy where Adam West showed up, and i was intrigue since it seems that every place he makes a cameo he is deranged (Family Guy, Fairly Oddparents, Johnny Bravo, etc) so i wanted to know about that. And well the same about Old Yeller, besides there was that particular episode of Animaniacs where Slappy's nephew saw that movie at the end and cries, also that episode of Friends where Phoebe is terrified because she had never seen the end of the movie before. :gleeRon:

This is the oldest scanned sketch of Marianne i am able to post because there are no spoilers on it. You can see her hairdo is quite different to what she uses right now. By the way, the girl on the right is Avigail... looking more mature and serious than how she appeared in the comic. I personaly prefer Avi how she showed up in the comic.

Marianne sporting some beachware. I just did this one because i wanted to. By this time, Marianne had an smaller bust size and didn't have a slightly "whiter" belly and chest. I kind of added that during the progress of the comic. If you notice, Ron also got a clearer chest while in the older pages he is the same color all around.

By this point Marianne looks a lot more like she looks right now. I was also starting to get into her loose and comfty clothe style she is going to use for the most of time in the comic. And the blouse and small shorts she wears while relaxing at her department. And her having her morning coffee! :XDRon:

Marianne is a painter and i played with the idea a bit on this one. So far she hasn't had much of a develoment in the comic and she is just the cute girl at work. Later she will show her true color and we will see what she does, remember she went to work with a blue smudge of paint on her face.
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Still more of Marianne

More ideas for what Marianne wears casually. I like this sketch a lot for some reason, yet it never went to become more than just a sketch.

My first idea for Marianne was for her to be the eyecatcher or the sex bomb for the comic. She still kind of is, but that role i guess will be shared with another character that is very close to appear (hint: the main cast will now be completed). I just wanted to show a sexy version of what could happen when she paints... little clothing and paint stains... oh god... >_>U

Someone once comented that "Marianne is showing off the goods" that made me laugh. And going along the lines of her being the the sexy symbol at once point, i decided to make this image of her that made it as one of the banners on top of the comic.

It has been in her concept that Marianne would be the equivalent of a canadian girl. And as stereotypes go, she likes hockey and that part will be shown in the future. It was neat to think of her wearing a loose jersey not made for her size. ;3
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Jun 9, 2008
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Ahhhhh Art, How we can escape life to thee
So does that mean Marianne is gona get to see some good O'l fashioned "eh" in her lines now? I think that be cool if she really is gona have a Canadian background(Crazy Canuck's or Canuck for short as you Yanks call us).