Comic TEoR #204: The Matchmaker

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No. 1 Fun Guy
Apr 17, 2011
Personal Text
Too much TMI...Too much TMI!!!

Yeah…is it just me or is the whole universe against Ron at the moment. I can’t help but feel that eventually someone will discover that those papers are in fact forged and the Queen is going to open a royal can of you know what.

Also, I have to give the Queen props for potentially trying to quell the issue and repopulate Mayte’s species with a potential mate there. It’s killing two birds with one stone.


Gallery Volunteer
Jun 5, 2013
beyond the dream
Yay, Jane got involved~ Less political intrigue than I was hoping for, though.

Jane's face on the last panel makes up for it though. (And I think I prefer the Ben x Mayte ship anyway)
Likes: happyguy1
Mayte still need to meet Ghassan. I wonder how she will react to a fellow serpent. From what we know she always been with her family and is not really accustomed to the modern culture of her native country. I bet he will notice that something is wrong and will become more suspicious of Ron. After all, Mayte is doomed to tell him how the team lead to the destruction of the temple, her home and how he bring her here. I am not sure he will like that.

La destruction de lieux saints est toujours mal vue.