Super Smash Bros. Confirmed for the Switch

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The Katbox
Jan 19, 2010
Washington, USA
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Ort ort ort
The hype for Smash is pretty intense this time... But I dunno if we're gonna end up getting the game or not, since we have two kids who are VERY bad sports. I don't wanna give them another reason to start crying and hitting eachother when somebody loses a match.


Katbox Forum Member
Feb 29, 2012
I hope they keep the 3rd party presence strong in this game (it's nice to see the likes of Ryu, Mega Man, etc in the game).

I'd love to see another character from Mega Man join the roster, and there are lots of good options (Protoman and Zero would be obvious choices, but X, Volnutt, EXE, and Geo would be perfectly viable too since their movesets would all be different from good ol' Rock).

Jasae Bushae

Silly lovestruck nutter
Sep 24, 2013
Byako City
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Plushies are fun~! ^.^
Sakurai has revealed that hes actually been working on this game for a long time in secret. With unconfirmed sources claiming since 2015.
Gosh im looking forward to this game. Tragically Brawl in the Family is gone along with its forum so this shall be my sole community to speculate and squee and make my fan castings