Strange dream

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Fuzzy Old Guy
Sep 2, 2013
Northern Illinois
Personal Text
"Growing OLD is mandatory, but growing UP is entirely optional."
I just woke up while in the middle of a strange dream. I want to try and write it down before I forget it.

I was boating with a close friend and his family. I think some other people I didn't know were also there. There was some sort of accident and somehow, 4 of us were swept over a large waterfall. In the dream I helped my friend pull 2 of his family members away from the waterfall at the last second, the both of us struggling hard to get them to safety. Then while my friend and his family were hugging each other, we were looking out over the river where rescue crews were trying to save the 4 that went over... and that's when I realized... my friend, nor anyone around him, were looking at ME... as if I wasn't there. And as I watched my friends family, they started crying, because they could see the rescue crews were putting bodies into body bags. I was getting a bit confused then, as we watched. It wasn't until the crews came ashore and the body bags were being loaded into an ambulance that it dawned on me... one of the bodies in those bags was MINE. That was why no one was talking to me, and acting like they couldn't see me... because I wasn't really there. I was a ghost.

As we watched the ambulance drive away, I remember feeling so amazingly sad and frustrated that I wasn't able to tell my friends and family that it was okay, and that I loved them and I screamed... only it sounded really garbled and muffled and suddenly it was really hard to move my arms and then it was dark and I could see nothing, but I heard the sound of a zipper, followed by surprised shouts. I could feel myself being carried somewhere, but otherwise everything felt numb.

I'm starting to forget the dream now... but I remember waking up in a hospital, like a recovery room. Several nurses were there, maybe a doctor, too. One was fitting some sort of prosthetic thing on my face. It seemed to be part of my lower jaw. I was able to indicate thru gestures that I wanted to see my face, because I couldn't seem to speak at all. I also noticed my right hand was badly deformed, tho still usable. The nurse asked me if I was sure about wanting to see my face and said something about me being really brave, and then finally held up a mirror. My face had been smashed so badly I could not recognize it. My lower jaw was partly missing, which was what the prosthetic thing was going to replace. Also, both of my eyes were gone and there was some cybernetic kind of replacements for them, as well, which was why I could see. I was fascinated by the cybernetic eyes, and not frightened at all by my appearance. I was alive, so it was fine. By gestures again, I asked for pen and paper so I could ask questions, since I couldn't speak. But then I found I couldn't write, either. I remember how strange it felt that I was thinking I was writing normally, yet everything on the paper was just odd scribbles. My sister was in the room just then and watching me try to write, so I tried really hard... and then my sis started crying because she could make out the words "love sis" in the bad scribbles.

...and that's about it, because I can't remember anything clearly anymore. There's a LOT that I can ALMOST remember, though... which is frustrating.

Geez, dreams can be SO weird....