Star Mazer DSP DMCA Controvery

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Yeah, we have yet another wave of DMCA claims on game footage. Surprisingly, this isn't being filed by some petty company wanting to censor criticism, but for even more selfish reasons....

Yep, this is the game's musician filing these DMCAs due to issues with her contract with the game company. Now, I don't really care what issues she may have had with her contract, because that is not the issue here. The issue is that she is filing DMCA takedowns on videos for the sole reason to put pressure on the company, and even putting bans on people on Twitch playing the game. This is not right. In fact, this will not play out the way she want....

Remember, a false DMCA could be seen as purgery, and this is strikes against videos still protected against fair use. Not to mention that this is to attack the game company, and these channels are being dragged down as a result. She's setting herself up for a legal shitstorm, as this is going to set up a civil lawsuit against her.

Thoughts on this?
I saw the video last night, and as I understand she is trying to force the Youtubers to go and harass the Dev and won't remove the DMCA unless they DO SO, until the dev summits to her demands? is that what I'm getting?.

Youtuber IAmPattyJack posted the video on the matter.

Total Biscuit has now jumped into the fray
[doublepost=1498346030,1498332075][/doublepost]Updates to the Alex Mauer story from SidAlpha and IAmPattyJack

From SidAlpha
"Alex Mauer has issued a cease and desist to Turner Broadcasting!?!? AND she's DMCA'ing videos of other games as well."

From IAmPattyJack

Here's the letter sent to Turner Broadcasting

and comment by one of the victim of Alex's false DMCA

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She's now selling the soundtrack for $1000? What the ACTUAL FUCK?!

Okay, the shock has passed a bit, and I have to say... She's totally fucked now. Sure, Youtubers are one thing, but she went after Turner Broadcasting. They are going to leave her a shattered and broken person when they take her to court over this.
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Jim Fucking Sterling Son has made comment on the matter. P.S.: This is a re-upload of the original video.
[doublepost=1498404000,1498399354][/doublepost]Leonard French to hold a Livestream on the Alex Mauer DMCA spreading at 1 PM today (maybe interview with her)
[doublepost=1498450626][/doublepost]Latest Update on the Alex Mauer Case - this Woman is Shit Ball Bunkers!!
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Jun 5, 2013
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This would all be on the silly side if she weren't in the process of ruining approximately 60 youtubers. It's kinda like SidAlpha has said in his videos on this; she lost any possible support she could have garnered for the original issue of her receiving payment. That she's clearly off her rocker isn't going to do her any favors.
TB expresses concern of Alex Mauer mental health.

This the Steam forum he is talking about, at this point 12 pages of Alex Mauer trying to find a moral high ground on the mess she made.

This seems to be confirm by a brief email interview with a person by the name of Musical Anti Hero

Musical Anti Hero's video on the matter

Also, for some reason, people were sending hate mail to the wrong people believing to be Alex Mauer (among them SidAlpha and to Imago Studios, the devs of Star Mazer DSP). At this point some people (a-holes) thinking they are trying to help (or just pour more fuel to the fire) are making the matters more complicated that they are.
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for a moment, I thought yuns were talking about Jack Hortheimer's Star Gazer

lol XD
[doublepost=1498530941,1498524797][/doublepost]SidAlpha has announced a new video on the Alex Mauer case so stay tuned

Also, it seems YT has lifted the DMCA on Adult Swim in regards to it Duck Game trailer and is back and from a little bit in the afternoon TB announced YTGaming is now looking at the DMCAs of Alex Mauer

Last minute Update - SidAlpha might not be able to make video do to Thunder Storm in the area, and from Musical Anti Hero, Youtuber Leonard French (The Copyright Attorney) is now representing Imago Studios in Alex Mauer case

SidAlpha's Video

Musical Anti Hero's video
[doublepost=1498597089][/doublepost]Alex Mauer has DMCA Musical Anti Hero in effort to silence him.

Also Leonard French has open a GoFundme campaign to begin the process to deal with Alex Mauer
She has cross the line this time with MAH, hope French and Imagos succeed.

P.S. if you scroll through the comment sections of MAH DMCA announcement video, TB is there present, and apparently he is asking MAH to email him the video that got DMCA so he can post it on his channel in a bit to see how far she is willing to take it, as she has hit exclusively smaller channels.
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Apr 26, 2007
I first heard about this when TotalBiscuit put up a video about it. I'm not familiar with the game, the studio that makes it, nor the agreement between them and Alex Mauer, but I think it goes without saying that Mauer's methods of protecting are ham-fisted and misguided. I have no stance on the question of Mauer's contract and the rights to the music because I think it is too complex to have a simple opinion. I respect an artist's rights to their works, but I also recognize that a hiring entity -- such as a game studio -- can claim ownership of said works on the grounds of contract labor.

That aside, this seems to simply be another case of someone using a system meant to protect intellectual property rights as a means to harass people. It sounds like YouTube's gaming department is looking into Mauer's abuse of the DMCA strike system, though, so maybe they'll be reversed.

The latest I've heard about all of this is that the GoFundMe page for Leonard French and Imagos Softworks has reached their $10k funding goal in roughly 24 hours, and Mauer is continuing to show signs of mental breakdown -- including changing her Twitter header to what appears to be a picture of her threatening to harm herself. Here's to hoping that someone that knows Mauer calls the authorities and requests an involuntary psychiatric hold on her. I know that, in California, you can do that (its often called Section 5150), and I'm sure it can be done in her state, too.
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Update from Sid and Leonard - Mauer will seek help, DMCAs to be lifted.

TB posted also e fact of Mauer having been taken into custody and explain on how she took this situation way out of hand.
[doublepost=1498861725,1498795549][/doublepost]From Leonard French The Copyright Attorney - Imagos Softworks vs Alex Mauer has been filed

Here's link to the PDFs for the Lawsuit (9Pgs) and the Imagos/Mauer Contract (4pgs).
[doublepost=1499096255][/doublepost]It's time to fave the music YouTube.
[doublepost=1499138940][/doublepost]So apparently the drama is NOT going to stop. Mauer is back and she has once again resend a seize and desist to Turner Broadcasting and has refile DMCA against the Duck Game commercial and filed a new false DMCA for a game trailer with NONE of her work, as well refiling the DMCAs on Videos that had been restored, plus new ones.
Apr 26, 2007
I watched a little bit of MAH's video update before checking Twitter to see what's been going on there. One of the YouTube content creators that were affected by this brought it up with TotalBiscuit, and it appears that he, SidAlpha, and Leonard French are aware of the situation, now. French appears to be trying to file a motion or injunction of some sort, and TB is saying he's going to notify his contact in YouTube's gaming department. However, both of them are skeptical about reaching anyone since tomorrow's Independence Day.

Mauer's also telling folks (via Twitter, as well) that she's going to be filing more strikes, soon. It also appears that the loved one that came forward and called the authorities on Mauer was a "vengeful ex-wife", in Mauer's own words. It appears that the authorities found her sound enough to send her home, after the involuntary medical hold, so we're back to square one.
Now Alex is trying to DMCA another game on Steam, and Valve is trying to stonewall this. So Alex is threatening to DMCA videos of THAT game.

I'm a bit more afraid of this situation. Because what will stop her from targeting the Star Mazer Kickstarter Backers like myself? Especially those who log into Kickstarter via their Facebook account?
[doublepost=1499264886,1499237012][/doublepost]Well someone decided to DMCA Alex's channel. Some would say "Karma is a Bitch" over this, but this is kind of a bad move on whoever took it on themselves to do this. Also, Alex has been served, so the court case is coming soon.
[doublepost=1499304903][/doublepost]News Cartridge tried to interview Alex, but... Well, you have to see this yourself.
Apr 26, 2007
Not sure if it's because she was served with the lawsuit or because she got tired of the public outcry, but it seems that she went and deleted her Twitter account.
Not sure if it's because she was served with the lawsuit or because she got tired of the public outcry, but it seems that she went and deleted her Twitter account.
There was this,_LLC_et_al_v_MAUER and
AFFIDAVIT of Service by Leonard French re: served Consent to service by email under FRCP 5(b)(2)(e) upon Alex Mauer by Electronic / Email on 7/3/2017(FRENCH, LEONARD)

And "another reason" ... and she may be in real legal trouble. So much so, I DO NOT have the courage to share it.
[doublepost=1499433778,1499317603][/doublepost]Mauer's twitter account is back and latest update from SidAlpha on her continuous string of false DMCAs and the Legal front.

P.S. - this thread is becoming too clutter with Video files and it's making it difficult to load - can the files be converted into conventional links for the time been? Cause I do see this thread to be active for the remainder of this case.


Mauer now threatening to take SidAlpha's Channel Down

After days of Mauer's Continuous grand standings, threats of more DMCAs and taking down Channels glee and pride, and Valve and YouTube having enough of her, she has FINALLY, began the process to lift the DMCAs. She announced before taking her Twitter down again.
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Apparently, the reports of Alex releasing her DMCA claims isn't entirely true. The notices that have been sent out of the DMCA Takedowns being released are being verified as genetic ones that Youtube sends out when one's account is disabled. Being that Youtube warned her about these DMCAs, it could be they disabled her account over these, or it could be those DMCA Takedowns someone sent her.