Discussion SilverBLaze's General updates and To Do List

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Artist/Writer - Itsy Bitsy Adventures
The Katbox
Dec 4, 2013
Nova Scotia, Canada
Personal Text
#Artistlife. True fact.
Welcome to the general news and information thread.

I'll be using this to post information and updates on minor things relating to my online presence and comics/projects I'm working on.

March -
  • The comments section for Itsy Bitsy Adventures is now fixed and you can now comment directly under the pages!
    - Thanks to Mihari for fixing that for me. :happyTaffy:
  • Monoprice drawing tablet arrived.
  • Laptop acquired and set up for streaming! Expect art streams and new pages of iba.

To Do:
  • New pages : (Always Priority)
  • IBA emoticons : (Low priority)
  • Character Bios : (High Prioity)
  • IBA Banners : (Medium Priority)
  • Social Media buttons : (Medium Priority)
  • . . .
[doublepost=1459290107,1458859917][/doublepost]HARDWARE UPDATE

My new drawing tablet has arrived!
It took a while, but it's here before April, so that's a bonus. The only thing is, I still can't use it. Not with the current laptop that I'm using anyway.

Tiger Direct needs more information from me before they can send my laptop, so I'm doing that in a few minutes.
Once they have what they need, it shouldn't be more than a few days for the laptop to arrive.

The time is almost here! I'm almost ready to pick up my pen and continue working on IBA!!!
[doublepost=1459910941][/doublepost]HARDWARE UPDATE

Finally got the chance to sort out my laptop situation. I had to call them during lunch time and they had me on hold for 50 minutes out of my hour lunch.
But anyway! My new computer should be arriving some time within the next few days!
[doublepost=1463491583][/doublepost]Update schedule and more

The current update schedule is every second weekend. That means the new page could go up on either the Saturday or Sunday.

The schedule will change over to every weekend once I’ve built a decent backlog and a good groove of 1+ pages per week in productivity.

In other news, I’m going to be working on a little side project as well. What it is exactly, you’ll have to wait and see. ;P
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