Event SilverBlaze is going to CanFURence!

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Artist/Writer - Itsy Bitsy Adventures
The Katbox
Dec 4, 2013
Nova Scotia, Canada
Personal Text
#Artistlife. True fact.
So, I'm getting ready to fly down on the 10th of November to Ottawa Ontario for the first CanFURence convention. I may not be a vendor this time, but If you're planning to attend and you want to say hi, hang out, or even get a signed copy of Itsy Bitsy Adventures Vol. 1, let me know!

I'll be tweeting and making videos throughout the con, so you'll be able to stick with me from start to finish!
Be sure you follow my feeds so you don't miss out.

As for the rest of the katbox members, I'll be asking some of the staff about different opportunities for mutual advertising and/or secured priority vending positions for the years to come. If the convention turns out to be big enough, I think it could be quite a good option for me as well. Since I would be able to make it down without having to cross the entire country.

On a side note. It would probably have been a good idea if I had taken a bunch of the Katbox pins with me at the end of the Calgary Expo... They would have come in handy here.
Oh well... There's always next year.