Scorp's Art Thread

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The Thread Ender
Mar 4, 2011
Personal Text
I like it. She seems more on the petite side than some of your other works. Very '80s outfit, off the shoulder bangles and high socks.
That's because she's in her early teens. Adult Cani'zala is helluva lot more curvy :P[DOUBLEPOST=1373515295,1373331595][/DOUBLEPOST]
The Goo Specialist - a tiger girl character I created, the star of a minicomic on Tumblr/FA that I may or may not finish...

Paladin Adala Silverblade - A character belonging to a person I've been friends with since the days of Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy (which funny enough is the ONLY remaining person on my friendslist from prior to joining the Katbox, everyone else left me in the dirt XD)


The Dragon Planeswalker
Jan 3, 2011
The Multiverse
Personal Text
Let's have a walk among the planes...
Pretty good designs, Young Cani'zala doesn't have curves (yet) but she's adorable! the other two are great too and I love the glowing effect of Adala's sword.