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Katbox Comic Character
Apr 17, 2007
This forum is unique from all the others in a very special way. When you post topics here to discuss, you are creating them with the purpose of having cast members from Las Lindas the Katbox comics see them! And if you are lucky, the cast member(s) may respond to you in their own unique way of doing so. Cast members delight in responding to their fans, but like any other forum member they must be online and then choose to respond to your question. They are not obligated to be here, and may choose not to respond even if they are. But as you can see from other threads, the cast does respond often.

The rules here are very strict, as we do not wish to discourage the cast from responding to your questions. If they are not having fun, then why would they come here? :confuzzledAmbar:

The cast may choose not to respond. You must understand this. And if they do not and you become upset, it makes you look bad under Rule #1 of the entire forum. We consider it a nasty lack of character when members explode over not getting enough special attention.

Do not e-mail the cast. The cast's e-mails do not go anywhere or forward to anything.

Do not PM the cast. They do not have the capability to answer private messages.

So you would like to ask a cast member a question, but you're not sure how to go about it? Well it's a good thing you checked this rules posting first! For the rest of you already well versed in how to ask the cast questions, please try to educate people who do not follow the rules by directing them to this post.

All you have to do is state the cast member's name and your question in the subject line of the new thread you are creating. As an example : "I love your hair, Taffy! Do you ever braid it?" This is a very friendly and welcoming topic to our humble little maid. She'd glow at the praise and probably come running to answer it. She sees her name in the subject, so the question must definitely be for her. And then after reading a more detailed version of the question inside, she may choose to answer. A bad example would be "A question for Taffy." With that example, Taffy knows the question is for her, but has no idea what to expect. She may miss it all together. Of course, lacking the character's name outright is just silly. The cast will miss the question you have for them for sure!

Here are some examples of good subject lines when asking the cast a question :

"Miles! How could you? Don't you already have a girlfriend?" :dropMiles:
"Greetings, High Prime! Can we discuss your taste in clothes?" :heartAmbar:
"To the cats on the farm, do you like fish more than anything?" :crySarah:

Notice that one of them does not have a specific cast member mentioned. You are allowed to nominate many cast members at once for a question. Such as "Minos and Rachael, I need workout tips." But if you ask something to the entire cast, prepare for disappointment. Questions to the entire cast are purposefully ignored.

Now, while I respect the nature of a forum is to discuss ideas. Please be helpful if you feel a topic has already been discussed. If a new forum member asks a question to a cast member, allow the cast member to decide if they want to respond again. If you insist on trying to be helpful, provide links to topics where the question had already been asked. But do not under any circumstance discourage the member from asking again because you have already discussed it. This is very rude. :furyAmbar:

The cast loves to form personal relationships with their fans. Please ask them questions and feel free to express how much you love or hate them. Miles has already gotten a few women on the board to sing his praises in his absence and keep him company when he is around. Taffy simply adores her #1 Fan and tries to answer everything he asks. Etc. If you have a question, feel free to ask. The cast will probably love to hear from you.

What is the #1 Fan, you ask? Well a long time ago, we came up with a system of asking to become a cast member's #1 Fan. This is a decorative title and the only way to obtain it is to ask an administrator for it! Easy. :gleeAmbar: Cast members will try to answer their #1 fans whenever possible, but they may still choose to not respond. What do you do if someone else already has your desired title? Well... if that user has been inactive for a while, you could just snatch it away! Ask your local administrator.
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