Character Rules, Etiquette and FAQ: Character Forum

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Jan 19, 2010
Washington, USA
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In this forum, you can ask questions directly to the characters of Anthronauts!

The cast may choose not to respond. This can happen for a variety of reasons. Sometimes they're too busy. Sometimes the answer involves spoilers or is too personal. Don't take it personally.

Do not e-mail the cast. The cast's e-mails do not go anywhere or forward to anything.

Do not PM the cast. They do not have the capability to answer private messages.

How do I talk to characters here?
Make a new thread and, in the tag area, label the thread "Character." Decide who to talk to. If you want to address a specific character, start the thread title with their name. For example, "Capt. Cheng: What's your favorite color?... If you don't want to address a specific character, just give your thread a relevant title. "What's your favorite color?...

From that point on, it's like writing a short letter to the character. It's polite to start with a greeting. Then just speak your mind!

What kind of things do we discuss here?
Almost anything and everything! You can ask characters about their hobbies, likes and dislikes, love life, families, history, etcetera. You can talk to them about recent plot developments- "Boris, did you actually eat that redshirt?!... but bear in mind, if the answer involves spoilers, the characters will not respond.

Don't be rude or nitpick about scientific details. It's science fiction, emphasis on fiction- scientific impossibilities can and will occur.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why doesn't Boris just eat his own severed limbs?

Because that's not how mass, energy and digestion work. Healing and shape-shifting take energy, sometimes lots of it, just like getting exercise. Regenerating is a combination of healing and adding mass to the body, so that requires mass and energy. If Boris tried to eat his hand in order to regrow his hand, he'd have the mass back but not the energy, so he still needs extra food. Digestion also takes energy, and there's always some wasted mass when you eat something.
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