RTD: The Grand Adventure (Rules & Interest Check)

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Gallery Volunteer
Jun 5, 2013
beyond the dream
So, once upon a time, when I was only slightly younger (ie 5 years ago), I played an online RP that functioned a like a really simplified, yet over the top, Dungeons and Dragons. This game is called Roll to Die. It's rather simple. For each action a player would take, I roll a six-sided dice. On a 1, you have a critical failure, the same as in D&D. On a 6, you have a critical success, where you do too well; whether or not that's a good thing can vary. 2-5 function as you would expect.

With that in mind, the game would be a little sporadic in activity, as I would have to wait for each player to decide on an action to take and then I would need to post the results of the actions. When I played it, we had an active group of four players and we would post a character actions one night and then the next night the GM would post the results. Death comes frequently in Roll to Die, as you might expect from the name, so characters come and go from the party and sometimes the entire party ceases to be.

I have a world already built and in mind should there be enough interest in this. For the sake of keeping things at a decent pace, 3-5 players would be about what we would need to start. If we get a group going, we can discuss in here how often we would want to have for everyone to post actions and how quickly I should post the results of said actions. Additionally, I'm more than happy to answer any questions.