Resident Evil 2 Remake Confirmed

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Katbox Forum Member
Oct 24, 2014
So to those Resident Evil fans, CAPCOM has officially announced that they are doing a Resident Evil 2 remake.

So any thoughts or hopes for what they do with this?


Katbox Forum Member
Sep 21, 2007
Any thoughts? I'm cautiously optimistic.

REmake was a very solid game, yes… but it was also extremely identifiable as what amounted to an overhaul / remaster of the original (and the recent Resident Evil HD was just a minor graphical & performance boost over that). It worked in part because the pieces were already in place and they were polishing around the edges. They weren't remaking Resident Evil so much as giving it a facelift.

From what I've been reading and watching about REmake 2, that is not going to be the case: It's going to be an in-depth overhaul of not only the graphics, but the gameplay and story as well.

This… is slight reason to be cautious. Well, possibly: If you're a fan of the Survival-Horror gameplay experience of games like The Evil Within or the latest Resident Evil games currently out on the market, it's probably safe to guess that REmake 2 is going to lead to something similar in performance (if not at least in quality). The same goes for if you liked the thematic changes made to the Resident Evil 2 timeline in Darkside Chronicles. But if you want a gameplay experience comparable to the original few Resident Evil games, or enjoyed Resident Evil 2's story much more than Darkside Chronicles'? It'd probably be wise to go from "[Hype Intensifies]" to "[Hype Simmers]". For bigger, A- through AAA-title companies, Horror games have noticeably shifted from "Survival-Horror" to "Action-Horror" (see prior given examples).

Also, while not technically REmake 2 related, it's on a similar vein (talking about Resident Evil HD and Resident Evil 0 HD): I can't help but find it funny that games that were originally Nintendo exclusives are now exclusively non-Nintendo. If someone told me six years ago that we'd be seeing Bayonetta 2 a Nintendo-exclusive and a Resident Evil 0 remake on every non-Nintendo console (including PC), I'd probably have laughed. How times change.

Merrick Rose

Katbox Forum Member
Apr 20, 2007
Tuscaloosa, AL
Personal Text
I like the way you die, boy.
Honestly, I'm not too thrilled by some of the decisions they've been making or the way they've been treating Mega Man. Mega Man 3 was probably the first video game I ever played, and to see where the franchise is at now kind of breaks my heart. For example, they made this really awesome and detailed figure of X. Except it's gray.

Dammit, Capcom. You had ONE JOB.