[Random Free open world roleplay] *The farmland*

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New Member
Mar 20, 2017
Somewhere far away from the mainland capital within the wild kingdom, lies a farmland surrounded by dense trees and a river nearby which curved along the land, a bridge of wood and cobblestone was built so that one can travel from one end to the other in order to visit the farm or follow the main road to whatever lies outside the city.
The farmland had been abandoned for quite some time due to a financial situation, leaving the farm house and it's small acer of lands, abandoned yet left-over wheat still grows in small patches here and their. Their's a saying, a farmer once heard the rounds of something roaring in the skies, one night when he was preparing to move for the morning, The skies lit up for a couple of seconds of orange and than a soft boom occurred and then.. silenced, He went outside to investigate but saw nothing and after investigating for a couple of minutes, he found nothing and retired to bed.

Days went by, Even weeks, a good solid 2 months perhaps..

Than one day, A furry male emerged from the forest.
This male had a short-haired fur of bright grey, and wore an old style of long brown/green like long pants, looking rather torn and burnt. and various pockets. A dense green Jacket and button up shirt, which also looked damaged and had a variety of pockets as well but a variety of straps, one going across his body which secured a satchel like messenger bag, And two going down over his shoulders which secured a backpack behind his back which was small but their was also some sort of cloth covering some sort of object that stuck out like a small antenna (which was not but close).
He also had a utility belt around his wasit with many pouches and little unique utilities, One of such was a leather box that housed a variety of glassware, Another was one that had a red cross symbol painted on a tin box, an odd cup and cup holder, and event a set of tools.
He also wore some sort of goggles, however both leans were cracked and damaged, and he also wore a beat up, iron helmet which were banged up in so many places that it kinda resembled that of an old bell, cracks were seen along the rim, and so many dents could be seen as if someone just bounded agienst it more than 20 times or so with a hammer.
(Also he had no shoes, Yet a cat's tail with various stripes curled up around his waist as he walked)

This male looked rather prepared, although he stumbled as he walked, and had signs of damage and wounds.

.... *He looked to his left, and right, and all around, inhaled and exhaled as he walked over a broken set of fences and across the various patches of crops which reached his leg level as he pondered*
".......where am i?....what am i.........
...What happened."

[ooc: Hi! Uh! i was amidst of doing homework but i kinda.. took a detour and read a couple of pages on here and well uh... Now im fully emerged into writing all of this, I uh.. im not too skilled in roleplaying but i have quite a lot of experiences, and i made this post just to free-style my roleplaying desires with anyone who wishes to join >-<. The theme here is Legit a huge spot of abandoned farmland surrounded by dense vegetation and forest's with a road going up along the side of the farmland/farmhouse, into an uknown area, and going down, across the bridge where the river flows. Do as you please with this idea or make up your own, i just wanna roleplay and have some fun a little >w<]
*totally not procrastinating or anything <-<;..*
[Also Im new here ;-; and i tend to use () and * in no order when roleplaying and [ ] when im ooc.]

Have fun! and nice to meet you all! nyah!