Pony and brony thread.

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Chaos Sepher

Gallery Volunteer
Mar 2, 2008
New Jersey
Aye very sweet episode. Surprised we got the Hearths Warming Eve ep before Nightmare Night. Figure they must have fudged the order for us to get it on Halloween.

@White Tiger Agreed, really like Marble too. Also totally think her and Big Mac are cute together. :heartDigit:
Apr 26, 2007
I’ve been on the road and out of town for the last few days, but I managed to sit down and watch the season finale.

As always, I’ll put my insight in a spoiler tag for those who haven’t seen it, yet.

Up until the end of the two episodes, the writing in this finale was pretty awesome.

I like how the episode started with Twilight Sparkle essentially giving a watered down and simplified version of the butterfly effect theory before the action started because of how relevant it became later on. I also thought it was interesting how they used Starlight Glimmer’s focus on time magic as a way of showing what would happen if each of the series’ villains had succeeded.

The one thing I am on the fence about is how Twilight eventually reached out to persuade Glimmer to cease using the spell.

The method she used was very suiting for the show, given that it is a kids’ show and all, but it just seemed too light-handed given how catastrophic things could’ve gotten. After all, Twilight showed Glimmer firsthand that abusing the time travel magic would eventually, well…destroy the world as they knew it. Even after they delve into Glimmer’s past and reveal why she’s desperate enough to abuse time travel magic in order to destroy any friendship Twilight had with the Mane Six, it doesn’t really make sense.

Glimmer already revealed she was aware of the Elements of Harmony, so that should have answered the question she had in the second episode about why Twilight’s friends were so important. Despite the fact that Twilight’s friendship played a vital role in the realm’s ‘balance’ and the fact that Twilight explained how dangerous time travel is (see: The Butterfly Effect movie), Glimmer was still willing to go so far as to risk the world just to hinder the friendship *one* pony had with five others.

All in all, a pretty awesome episode. I found the ending to be iffy, but it was a neat finale, nonetheless.


Lynx Ram
May 19, 2008
Personal Text
half-bah maow's*
awesome images

Time for Sunset and Twilight

But then it gets complicated

Moondancer thought she could get twilight without things getting complicated but then BOOM. Alternate Twilight for her affections who's even more bookish and a lot like her.

This is getting really really complicated

[doublepost=1451982190,1451754143][/doublepost]Behold the first meme of 2016

Likes: SilverBlaze


Outside contributer, not comunuty member.
Jun 1, 2009

Is Bruticus a softy here, or is Aria such a badass as to keep somebot this powerful under her thumb?

Guess that answers that question.

Of course, Sunset doesn't take kindly to this nonsense.


Lynx Ram
May 19, 2008
Personal Text
half-bah maow's*
thats some well done work.

Hmmm. I have that phobia. The poor bastard.

its not usually just any holes. it usually refers to specific stuff resembling beehives or wasp hives or apples with worm holes. Imagine your skin or flesh being like that. GACK.

That one corpse in the Dishonored 2 trailer? that triggered me

Google the phobia and you'll get plenty of related images about what triggers people like me have. (dont do this seriously.)

The sisters Pie.