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The Katbox
Jan 19, 2010
Washington, USA
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Ort ort ort
Okay, I totally made this thread so I could show off my new cat. :dropJoy: But this is also an invitation to the rest of you guys! What kinds of pets do you have? How many real cats are affiliated with the Katbox?

To start things off, here's my new kitten, Savannah. Tenjen said this cat is not a kitten, that this cat is huge. I disagree.

Wait, what the heck?! It's an optical illusion! That cat is NOT big enough to fill a whole chair like that! Let's try this again.

... I'm a fairly small person.

It's true! The camera adds ten pounds! :cryCheng: She probably weighs about four pounds, and her head is about 2/3 the size of my fist. She was probably born in July.



Well, I don't technically own a pet, but there is a stray cat that I leave out food and a bed for. It rewards me with entertainment, by finding the most hilarious poses to sleep in:



New Member
Jun 6, 2008
These kitties are so adorable. :heartMora: Then again, I've never seen a cat that wasn't beautiful. I'll have to post up some pics of my own cat. :XDPichi:
So dis is Stella.

And George.

And Stella and George.


They're both dudes; it's a long story. Stella is 3, I acquired him in early 2008 from my college roommates who no longer wanted him cause he wasn't a kitten. George's age is unknown but believed to be between 4 and 6 by the vet. I got him from the local Humane Society in late 2008 cause Stella needed a friend.

I also had a dog growing up, but we had to put her down in 2007 after 18 years. Don't think I have any pictures of her uploaded to any non-Facebook source; she's a mixed-breed mutt we got from the pound. There's also a second dog we got in 1997, who will be 14 in December, but he lives with my mom. I don't have any pics, but he's a bichon frise.


New Member
Jun 10, 2010
Here's my youngest cat, Cloud. She...

Hey! Up here, Cloud!

D'awww! Lookit those two-toned eyes! :heartRachael:
She is very skittish around people, but she lurves people she knows (namely my sis and I).

Next is my older cat Leo, who managed to outlive my old boxer and is about 11 years old. Hard to tell if he's showing his age yet, as he's pretty much been a lazy mush forever.

Finally is our new dog, Dexter.

Leo has raised his paw to Dex several times, but I think he's calmed down about it a tad. Dex will do everything in his power to play with you, and he's more addicted to laser pointers than Cloud is. The best part is he knows where the lights come from, so he'll stare at whatever gave off the light for hours waiting for it to turn back on.

True story: he was outside with us for the 4th of July, and while the fireworks were going on right behind him, they didn't even get a glance from him; all he cared about was my friend's laser pointer.


New Member
Jun 6, 2008
Instead of pics, I took a video of my Misty. :XDSarah:
She'll be eighteen in December. Quite nimble for her age, eh? :happyToots:


Instead of pics, I took a video of my Misty. :XDSarah:
She'll be eighteen in December. Quite nimble for her age, eh? :happyToots:
Wow, your cat is energetic. I'd love to see it around some catnip.


New Member
Mar 2, 2009
I had a lot of pets over the years, but I only started taking pictures of them recently. :cryMora: Curse me and my lack of a proper camera! :furyMora: I had a lot of cats when I was a kid, mostly strays who'd come to the house looking for food. We'd give them food and then they decided "Hey, we like it here." and hung around. I remember naming one Garfield. Outnumbered as she may be (there are a lot of cat people on here), I present...

Cherry! :heartMora: This little darling is not technically *my* pet, but I love her anyway. She's tiny but thinks she's as big as a Yellow Lab. It's a long story but we had to give her away. :cryMora: She's a mini-schnauzer and loves being carried. ^____^


Katbox Forum Member
Apr 27, 2007
Oologah, OK

Miles will follow me all over the yard when I'm outside even if he has to jump the fence to do so.