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Jul 4, 2012
Personal Text
Half-frozen Sprite is the sweet nectar of life.
Hello, everyone!

In anticipation of the impending launch of the official Peter & Whitney comic series here on the Katbox, Whitney and I have launched the Peter & Whitney Patreon Campaign! This will be used not only to fund production of the series, but also will become a home for all kinds of timed-exclusive content for those who choose to pledge.

Here's what's being offered:

$5/month: Comic and Pin-Up Tier
- Early access to concept art, character sketches, finished character art, and all preliminary work related to the comic (both pre- and post-launch).
- Early access to finished comic page pencils and each full-color page before they go live on the Katbox site!
- Access to the "Ask A Character" feature on the Peter & Whitney Tumblr account. Only questions from Patreon pledgers will be eligible to be answered, and questions must be kept within the pin-up rating (i.e. nudity allowed, but nothing adult).
- Early exclusive access to all pin-up imagery, including the annual Whitney cosplay series.
- Access to exclusive 1080p wallpapers of the P&W cast, as they are completed.

$10/month: Adult Tier
- Access to all content included in the "Comic and Pin-Up Tier" listed above.
- Access to adult-rated pinups, sketches, image portfolios, and full-color adult comics centered around Peter and Whitney as a married couple, which will be posted exclusively to Patreon members first throughout each month. A guarantee of at least two new adult comic pages is offered for each month.
- Access to a Patreon-exclusive adult-rated "Ask the Characters" blog, which will allow for more "personal" questions to be asked of the characters. Responses will NOT be posted to the P&W Tumblr, but will be posted to FurAffinity.
- Access to special 1080p wallpaper-sized downloads of adult P&W images.
- Those who pledge more than the $10 minimum will have their names included in a special "Thank-You" box on the bottom of each finished page of Peter & Whitney once the comic is launched.

AN IMPORTANT NOTE: All of the above content across both tiers will remain Patreon-exclusive only for the duration of each month in which they are posted. On the first of the following month, all new artwork across both tiers will be uploaded uncensored on FurAffinity for everyone to enjoy. So this is NOT paywall-locked content; it's simply a timed exclusive.

So yes! If you'd like to support the upcoming sequel series and get some early access to some VERY fun bonus content, please consider pledging!

Oh, and also as a bonus: In honor of the Peter & Whitney campaign launching, I am reducing the monthly cost on the Peter & Company Patreon Campaign to just $5/month to match it from here on out. I don't like the idea of charging more for content, so I hope everyone who is currently pledging to the P&C one will enjoy the lower price tag!

The Peter & Whitney Patreon:
The Peter & Company Patreon:

Peter & Whitney on FurAffinity (NSFW):