Peter & Company P&C #272: Intro to Foreign Language

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Couldn't avoid Xhianil's fangs
Apr 22, 2009
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

"In 9th grade, my friend Kevin and I took Spanish together, and proceeded to just act like total jackasses the entire time. And yet, despite us being obvious troublemakers in her class, our teacher never once organized a seating chart that didn’t put the two of us sitting immediately next to each other.

I still to this day figure that she secretly thought we were more endearing than annoying."
Jul 4, 2012
Personal Text
Half-frozen Sprite is the sweet nectar of life.
I wonder about the perspective of that last panel. Is it getting implied that... she cheats....?
In an earlier story arc, she tried to get Peter in trouble by claiming he didn't do any work in a group project, and it completely backfired on her, causing her to get a failing grade and get accused of making up fake research for a report.